Catch a Break in New Mexico at Apache Nugget Travel Center and Casino

Scenic View of Apache Nugget Travel Center Casino

Check out the Apache Nugget Travel Center and Casino when you’re looking to catch a break during your travels through New Mexico. Now, since this is a travel center, it’s a small gaming venue. But given the presence of gaming machines plus a dining option, it’s well worth venturing here when you need to break.

Today, we will detail all of what Apache Nugget Travel Center and Casino brings to the table. Again, it’s not much, so we will do little more than an overview before we check out accommodations, plus other hot things to do in the area from both a gaming and non-gaming standpoint.

Are you ready to discover all the goods of the Apache Nugget Travel Center and Casino plus fun things surrounding it? Keep reading for more.

Overview of Apache Nugget Travel Center and Casino

Head over to Junction 537-US, US-550 in Cuba, New Mexico, and you will find what might just be the ultimate rest stop in the area.

This is not a 24/7 gaming venue, however, with hours spanning between 10 am and Midnight Sunday through Wednesday, and between 10 am and 1 am from Thursday through Saturday.

According to one source, they have 110 gaming machines, but others state they have as much as 130, so expect something within the range. They offer classic themes along with a few modern games, video poker machines, along with a bingo hall and tent.

One source implied Apache Nugget Travel Center and Casino provides multiple denominations, which gives you a little more variety when you’re looking for higher-stakes betting.

You will find a few dining options here, one of which is the multinational chain, Subway. They also have another option open per one source from Wednesday through Sunday called Tse Grill. Tse has a reputation for providing a comfortable atmosphere, which is a great way to unwind after traveling.

Like many travel centers, they have a reputable convenience store featuring Cocono fuel pumps. It’s a good place to catch a wider variety of snacks and other quick bites guaranteed to get you back on the road or to return you to your favorite game in record time.

There are several hot casinos within a 60- to 90-minute drive from Apache Nugget Travel Center if you’re looking for more on the gaming and dining end. In fact, both Santa Fe and Albuquerque are within striking distance, and you can kick off a cool casino tour in both cities after a warmup at the travel center.

This is ideal if you’re looking to hang around town and venture within the Cuba corporation limits. You will find the small town in Sandoval County undergoing construction for new hotels, dining, and even retail outlets. It’s great if you’re not into the big city and still looking for small-town things to do.

Accommodations Near Apache Nugget Travel Center and Casino

If you’re looking for accommodations near Apache Nugget Travel Center and Casino, look no further than in Sandoval County than Santa Ana Star Casino.

You’re getting an affordable option here at Santa Ana Star, and it features over 200 non-smoking rooms, so they almost always have something available for you. And as with many hotels in your resort-style casino outlets, you can go short with a room or if you’d like to, long with a suite.

Regardless of what you choose, you’re getting access to complimentary Wi-Fi, coffeemakers, plus a refrigerator besides the breathtaking views from those floor-to-ceiling windows.

Black Mesa Casino also has its accommodations near Apache Nugget Travel Center and Casino. They’re ideal if you’re looking for a place to park the rec vehicle, given their 44 pull-through RV park featuring 50, 30, and 20-amp hookups.

Hotel Room

You’re also near their 24-hour convenience station packed with essentials like quick snacks, beverages, gasoline and diesel fuel, personal items that you may have forgotten, and more. So, as with Apache Nugget Casino, Black Mesa also features a travel center.

Would you like more information on both of these gaming venues? Check out the section below for an overview of each.

Gaming Destinations Nearby

We talked a little about Santa Ana Star Casino in the above section. However, this gaming destination near Apache Nugget Travel Center and Casino features a plethora of slot machines with low and high-limit gaming, video poker, plus classic reels and modern videos.

They have a high-limit room for more options, along with table games, and they’re home to New Mexico’s first sportsbook. And for more ways to win, check out their numerous promotions and make sure you join their players club to maximize them.

Oh, and for a thrilling game that doesn’t include wagering, check out their bowling alley.

You will find three dining options at Santa Ana Star Casino, including Juniper Steakhouse if you’re looking for something high-end, Choices Food Court for a potluck, and Lounge 54 if you’d like a place to unwind for the night.

The fun begins at 54 Jemez Canyon Dam Road in Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico. Or you can head over to 25 Hagen Road in Algodones, New Mexico, and check out Black Mesa Casino. Before their rebranding as Black Mesa, they were known as San Felipe Casino and before that, Casino Hollywood, so they have quite a history.

Anyway, you’re getting a solid mixture of slot machines and live dealer table games, including 600 gaming devices featuring classic reels, modern-day videos, and a few surprises in between. They also offer multiple denominations ranging from pennies, nickels, quarters, dollars, and $5 denominations.

They have two dining options, including an all-you-can-eat buffet if you’re in the mood for a potluck or to fill up during the lunch hour or following a long day of casino gaming. And for the greatest comfort food in the area, check out the Pueblo Grill, serving the best hot dogs, nachos, burgers, and wings, among others.

Black Mesa also has several promotions you can immerse yourself in, along with a reputable players club to take advantage of the promos and to earn redeemable loyalty points to exchange for exciting perks and benefits.

And since you’re so close to Santa Fe and Albuquerque, you can venture into either city and find a plethora of not only cool gaming venues, but things to do. However, if you’re looking to stay local and within Sandoval County, there are a few cool non-gaming attractions scattered about the area.

Let’s check them out in the following section.

Nearby Attractions

As mentioned in the overview, Cuba may be a small town, but it’s located in a budding area. In fact, for our top attraction, you don’t even need to leave your car. Check out Scenic Highway 126 and brace yourself to treat the eyes to what might just be the most breathtaking scenery in the area.

It’s a great attraction to visit if you plan on spending an extended stay at Clear Creek Campground, considering its proximity to the location. Along the route, you will find more hiking trails, picnicking opportunities, campgrounds, places to fish and snap a few photos.

Mesa de Cuba Badlands is another hot option in the area, and you will find it at Cubita Road 110 in Cuba. It’s a popular stop along the drive from Santa Fe, so if you’re heading to Cuba from the New Mexican State Capital, check out some of the most breathtaking geological formations in the Southwest.

San Pedro Parks Wilderness

Some reviews state that these places are so picturesque they resemble paintings from a long and, in some cases, even a short distance.

San Pedro Parks Wilderness is another hot spot in the area, and you will find quite a different landscape here featuring green grass, evergreens, and even deciduous (aspen) trees scattered about the landscape.

Sitting on an elevation of 10,000 feet, it’s one of the highest points in the nation, complete with illustrious forested trails whose scenery comes straight from Middle Earth, if you’re looking for a comparison, foamy streams, and dark, majestic forested land throughout.

There is also a nearby lake surrounded by droves of black forested landscape which provide perfect opportunities to catch the sunset if you’re here during the evening hours.

Above, these are just a few of many cool things to do in the area. Venture into Cuba if you’re looking for things more on the retail and shopping side, or if you’d like to go long, head over to Santa Fe or Albuquerque.

However, if the outdoorsy and scenic life is your thing, you’re all set to add the examples above to your vacation itinerary.

Our Final Thoughts on Apache Nugget

As you can see from today’s post, Apache Nugget Travel Center and Casino is not your biggest gaming venue in the area. In fact, it’s the smallest, but it’s a great place to catch a much-needed break from your travels when you’re driving through the area.

So, whether you’re on your way to New Mexico’s largest metropolitans, or just looking to visit the casinos in Sandoval County, you have plenty of cool ways to have fun and pass the time.

Have you ever been to Apache Nugget Travel Center and Casino? Have you visited any of the other attractions we listed? Share your stories in the comments below.