Casinos With the Most Slot Machines on the Planet

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Slots enthusiasts are a surprising hardcore bunch of casino gamblers. Many of those who are mostly unaware of the scene inside of a casino mistakenly picture octogenarians with a cigarette in one hand and a walker in the other.

This may not be entirely off the mark in some instances, but one thing is for sure: Real money slots players are a dedicated and crafty lot.

Knowing where to play can sometimes be the difference between winning big and heading home with empty pockets. Here are 10 casinos with the most slot machines on the planet.

WinStar World Casino (Thackerville, OK)

WinStar World Casino has evolved from a small bingo hall on the Oklahoma prairie to one of the world’s largest casinos. The transformation certainly wasn’t overnight, nor is the journey complete.

WinStar has countless amenities, entertainment options, and casino games to fill all guests’ days and nights.

It’s the slot machines that stand out as a clear front runner on the gaming floor. How many slot machines does it take to sit atop the list of most slot machines on the planet?

Casino Floor of the Winstar World Casino

Try a whopping 7,500 plus of the one-arm bandits! That’s so many different games that you could play everyday for over 20 years and 6 months without ever playing the same machine twice.

If you can’t get enough of the slot machines, get to Oklahoma as quickly as possible. In addition to being the biggest casino on Earth, it’s also one of the most entertaining properties in the United States.

City of Dreams Casino (Macau, China)

Macau has become the casino gaming capital of the world. The former Portuguese colony has become a mecca for not only casino gamblers in China but also in Asia and worldwide.

Now, it would be a stretch to say that you should make the trip across the Pacific Ocean to play the same slot machines you’ll find in any domestic casino.

City of Dreams on its own is more than enough reason to make the trip. The over 1,700 slot machines are merely the frosting on the cupcake.

The premier gambling establishment also offers a great high roller slots area where players may gamble over $10,000 per spin.

Crown Melbourne (Melbourne, Australia)

Australia’s largest casino, the Crown Melbourne, caters to gamblers of all skill levels and gaming habits.

The Crown Melbourne Resort is enormous and accommodates large crowds seven days a week. Guests can choose from over 3,000 slot machines.

Electronic gaming doesn’t stop with the slot machines at Crown Melbourne. The casino offers several fully-automated table games.

Crown Casino Fire Show

These electronic table games are digital versions of popular casino table games. Still, some slot players may enjoy the transition from slots to table games without the crowd.

Crown Melbourne Casino is also the most popular casino in Australia. The slot machine enthusiasts Down Under flood the casino to take a crack at the large progressive jackpots.

MGM Grand (Las Vegas, NV)

The MGM Grand is one of the most iconic casinos in the world. Still, the massive casino may not get enough credit.

The MGM Grand remains the largest single structure casino in Las Vegas. It has long been a staple in television and film and is a famous pop culture reference. The Las Vegas icon has everything that the hardcore slots player could hope for in a casino gaming experience.

Players may choose from nearly 3,000 slot machines. These games start at the penny slots and go up to $100 in the high-limit area.

Casino patrons take their crack at the multi-million dollar progressives on the latest titles to hit the scene. Heidi’s BeerHaus, Frogger: Get Hoppin’, and Cannonbeard’s Treasure are a few of the new releases that provide players a crack at taking home a small fortune.

Foxwoods Resort Casino (Ledyard, CT)

For years, the Foxwoods Resort Casino reigned as the largest casino on the planet. The rapid expansion of gaming facilities in Macau and the even faster growth of WinStar World Casino knocked Foxwoods from the top spot.

However, being a top-five casino in size is nothing to shake a stick at these days. Foxwoods has continued to expand and update its luxury property. It’s on most people’s shortlist of top casinos on the planet.

Exterior of Foxwoods Resort and Casino

The casino has over 3,450 slot machines. On busy weekends, players may need to spend some time exploring the property before finding an available device.

Foxwoods keeps players entertained and engaged by offering a daily slots tournament. Players can compete for huge prizes and gifts, including complimentary stays, meal comps, and other bonuses.

Rio Casino (South Africa)

Rio Casino sits just outside of Johannesburg, South Africa. Rio Casino doesn’t have the massive gaming floor you’ll find in many of the casinos you’ll find in Las Vegas or Macau.

When it comes to casinos south of the equator, Rio Casino weighs in as a heavy hitter. The casino provides guests with a surprisingly small 300 slot machines. Having 300 slot machines wouldn’t sniff the top 10 Las Vegas casinos in the number of the one-arm bandits.

When you look at the casinos in the southern hemisphere, it ranks near the top of the pile. Still, this casino isn’t experiencing the daily foot traffic that Bellagio or WinStar see.

So, having only 300 machines accommodates the casino’s crowds relatively easily.

The Venetian (Macau, China)

The Venetian in Macau is among the most opulent and visually stunning casinos in the world. No detail has been overlooked, nor has any expense been spared.

Venetian Macau is the sister property to the beautiful Venetian Resort Casino in Las Vegas. It’s the younger sister, but much more extensive than its Las Vegas counterpart.

Venetian Macau offers an incredible 3,000 luxury rooms for guests to stay and play. Amazingly, the casino has more slot machines than hotel rooms.

Venetian Macau Casino Floor

This brilliant casino gives players a choice from over 3,500 slot machines. These games range from the lowest denomination to the highest.

Players won’t have any trouble finding their favorite titles. In Macau, baccarat is far more popular than slot machines.

Because of this fact, far more players will gravitate to one of the 800 table games, thus, leaving plenty of space for slot enthusiasts to find a machine that’s available for play.

Mohegan Sun Casino Resort (Uncasville, CT)

Mohegan Sun is one of the most beautiful casino properties in the United States. The luxurious casino features a 55-foot indoor waterfall to welcome guests into the main foyer.

It’s not all visually stunning features to keep you distracted, though. The casino stands out as a gamer’s paradise, and the games prove that Mohegan Sun means business.

The casino staff understands that entertainment is the name of the game at Mohegan Sun. They believe that a happy gambler is sure to spend more money than an unhappy one.

So, the casino goes to extraordinary lengths to keep players engaged and thrilled with the total experience.

Mohegan Sun has slot machines everywhere you look. Over 5,000 electronic gaming machines are sprinkled around the behemoth casino floor.

These machines all have extremely fair return to player, and most are connected to some sort of progressive jackpot.

Slot players will have no trouble finding the right game in the right denomination for their bankroll.

Ponte 16 Casino (Macau, China)

Located within the Inner Harbor area of Macau, Ponte 16 Casino is one of the region’s preferred casinos.

The casino floor consumes over 270,000 square feet of space, making Ponte 16 one of the largest casinos ever built.

Ponte 16 Casino

It’s Macau, so the table games rule supreme, and players seemingly can’t get enough baccarat. Still, the casino management understands the importance of offering a healthy selection of slot machines.

The 310 electronic gaming machines don’t sound that impressive. However, this is more than enough games to accommodate the demand.

Players will find all of the most popular classics and new favorites at Ponte 16 Casino.

Seminole Hard Rock Casino (Tampa, FL)

When the ardent slots player starts thinking about where to take their next casino gambling vacation, Tampa, FL probably doesn’t top the list.

That may be changing over the next few years. The Seminole Hard Rock Casino has everything casino gamblers crave plus more.

This massive casino offers guests over 5,000 slot machines to play. These games come in every different size and shape you could imagine.

Some of you are likely surprised to learn that Seminole Hard Rock is the fourth largest casino in the United States. The combination of having so many slot machines and near-perfect weather 365 days a year makes Tampa an excellent choice for anybody planning a casino getaway.

Visit the Best Casinos for Slots Players

Slot machine players have a nearly infinite number of choices regarding where they sit down to their favorite casino game.

These 10 casinos with the most slot machines on the planet offer the perfect games for everyone. You can pick from just about anywhere in the world, and the games will be there waiting.