Casino Gambler’s Toolkit for Waiting out COVID-19

Man Looking at Watch With a Casino and COVID-19 Background

The coronavirus has definitely soured the land-based gaming market. COVID-19 has forced many casinos to enact social distancing policies or simply remain closed.

That said, you may feel as if the coronavirus is wrecking your gambling fun. However, you can wait out the pandemic and still get your gaming entertainment with the right approach.

This guide discusses more on how COVID-19 is impacting the gaming industry. It also covers exactly what do you need to enjoy gambling in the meantime.

Current Situation With Land Based Casinos

The coronavirus outbreak occurred in China in December 2019. Ever since then, countries have slowly been being affected by this pandemic.

Many industries were quickly hit by COVID-19. Casino gaming has especially been impacted by this virus to a great degree.

Gambling establishments in most parts of the world shut down for a few months. Many have since reopen, only with certain restrictions in place.

First off, casinos are enacting measures to automatically social distance gamblers from each other. One common policy includes requiring that slots players keep at least one machine worth of space between them.

Casino Dealer With a Mask and Barriers

Of course, gamblers must also wear a mask when they’re inside of casinos. Being forced to wear mask is nothing uncommon, considering that people must wear them at workplaces and in businesses.

However, the same people don’t particularly enjoy wearing a mask when they’re trying to have fun in the casino. This is especially true if they’re gambling for quite a while.

What Are Your Options for Casino Gaming Now?

Your options for casino gambling haven’t completely changed just because of the virus. But as you’ll see below, the brick-and-mortar gaming landscape has definitely changed.

Wear a Mask at Casinos

COVID-19 initially forced many casinos to close around the world. Some of these same gaming venues are open again—albeit with some restrictions in place.

First off, you need to wear a face mask when gambling in casinos. Wearing a mask can be bothersome if you plan on long gaming sessions. Secondly, casinos now enforce social distancing measures. For example, some table games require players to be at least one seat apart.

The good news is that you can play at land-based casinos in many countries once again. However, you may not like how the scene has changed.

Play Traditional Online Casino Games

Real money online casinos have been around since the mid-1990s. But they’ve definitely received an uptick in business in light of the current brick-and-mortar gambling situation.

Internet casinos give you the opportunity to enjoy slots and table games just like their land-based counterparts. The key difference, though, is that you can play through a smartphone, tablet, or computer, rather than having to visit somewhere.

Of course, the online gaming experience doesn’t quite replace the social atmosphere available in land-based casinos. However, it at least gives you an outlet to play casino games from your home or anywhere else.

Play at Live Dealer Casinos

Live dealer casinos are part of traditional online gaming sites. But they feature their own section and offer a much different experience than standard virtual table games.

A live casino features a real dealer, table, cards, and chips. You get to interact with the dealer through a chat box. This aspect gives you social interaction that’s simply not available with regular online casino games.

Live Dealer Online Blackjack

The only downside is that you’re looking at all of this action through a screen. Nevertheless, live gaming is the best substitute if you can’t or don’t want to visit a land-based casino.

Everything You Need for a Great Gaming Experience

Perhaps you’re still fine with playing at brick-and-mortar casinos despite all of the new measures in place. Then again, you may be looking for a new experience in the COVID-19 era.

You should be able to find this experience through live dealer and/or traditional online gaming. The following checklist will ensure that you have everything needed for a great gambling experience while the pandemic persists.

A Quality Smartphone

Up until the 2010s, many people played internet casino games through their desktop or laptop computer. These days, though, the large majority of gamblers rely on their smartphones.

A smartphone offers the most convenient way to enjoy internet gaming. It’s portable and allows you to essentially keep a casino in your pocket.

Of course, not all smartphones are created the same. They can differ in terms of their screen sizes and processing units.

Everything regarding a great mobile online gambling experience begins with the quality of your phone. That said, you should get a newer model of an iPhone, Samsung, or other top-notch product.

I’m not suggesting that you have to drop $1,000 on a phone. But you should at least ensure you have one of the better models.

Deposit Money

One great thing about online casinos is that they let you play games for free. You simply need to register for an account to get started.

Of course, you’re probably not playing casino games for free entertainment. Instead, you’ll likely to feel like betting at some point.

Therefore, you will need some money to make a deposit. Luckily, most casinos only require you to fund an account with between $10 and $20.

You can always deposit more money if you feel like playing for mid or high stakes. Again, though, you don’t need much cash to try real money gaming.

Welcome Bonus

You should always check out any available online casino welcome bonuses before officially making your first deposit at a new gaming site. A welcome bonus gives you an opportunity to earn extra money on the side.

These deals typically include a bonus that’s worth a match percentage of your first deposit. They may also throw in free spins too.

Here’s an example of a welcome bonus:

  • A casino offers a 100% match bonus worth up to $200 + 50 free spins.
  • You deposit $100.
  • You now qualify for a $100 bonus + 50 free spins.
  • The $100 is credited to your account immediately.
  • The free spins will be giving out 10 at a time over the next five days.

You’ll be able to cash out the entire $100 upon meeting terms and conditions. Meanwhile, you can withdraw winnings from free spins after satisfying T&Cs.

I definitely suggest reading the terms prior to placing your deposit. This way, you can ensure that a bonus deal is fair.

Online Casino Games

The whole point of going through this checklist is so that you can eventually play internet casino games. Most casinos offer a wide selection that includes hundreds of slots and dozens of table games.

List of Online Casino Slots

Gaming sites differ from land-based casinos when it comes to betting stakes. For example, you can often play many slots for $0.20 per spin and table games for $1 per round. If you’re a low roller, you should definitely appreciate this aspect.

Of course, you can also play for higher stakes if you like betting big. Slots and table game stakes generally go up to $100 and $500, respectively.

Live Dealer Games

You may long for the days of mask-free, land-based casino play. As it stands now, though, nobody really knows when these days will be back again.

The next-best option is currently live dealer gaming. This type of gambling gives you an opportunity to enjoy live baccarat, blackjack, Caribbean stud, roulette, three-card poker, and more.

As explained before, you can chat with the dealer at live casinos. You also get to see regular brick-and-mortar gambling action streamed to your phone or PC.

If you play at a live casino, don’t forget to check if any free bets are available. A free bet gives you an opportunity to win back losses from your first wager.


You still have the ability to gamble in land-based casinos throughout most of the world. But you also need to wear a mask and practice social distancing at brick-and-mortar venues.

Ultimately, you may not feel like dealing with these measures and are simply waiting for the pandemic to slow down. In this case, you can wait out COVID-19 by ensuring that you have all of the essentials.

A quality smartphone, deposit funds, a large bonus, online casino games, and live-dealer gaming are all you need to enjoy gaming now. These factors will help you satisfy your gambling itch until land-based casinos are running at full capacity again.