Casino de Monte-Carlo Enters New Era With Digital French Roulette

Roulette Table and the Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco

Casino de Monte-Carlo is one of the world’s most historic gambling establishments. Built in the mid-19th century, it has hosted royalty and numerous celebrities over the years.

This casino perfectly lives up to the elegance that Monte Carlo has become known for. It features lavish decor, chandeliers, and beautiful artwork.

However, even Casino de Monte-Carlo must keep up with the times. Their latest step in this mission involves moving electronic French Roulette games onto their gambling floor.

Digital roulette tables seem like an odd fit for a casino that’s known for traditional table games. But as I’ll explain below, this move figures to help Casino de Monte-Carlo in the long run.

What Is the New French Roulette Game Like?

This gambling establishment has installed several electronic French Roulette terminals right across from regular real money roulette tables. The terminals allow gamblers to bet on the live wheel that spins.

Therefore, players can feel like they’re part of the action at the regular table. But they get to sit back in the distance and make all of their wagers electronically.

Each terminal includes a touchscreen with different betting options. Players can risk as little as €1 per bet. A display shows the results of every round for each available wheel.

In addition to being able to wager on the French version, players can also make bets on nearby live European Roulette games.

Ultimate Purpose Is to Draw Casual Players

According to the Monaco Tribune, Casino de Monte-Carlo hopes that their electronic French Roulette tables will eventually draw players to the traditional tables.

Specifically, they want to interest gamblers aged from 18 to 35 who are used to using screens. Boris Donskoff, the director of the casino, explains the logic behind this decision:

“A player who would be intimidated to sit at a roulette table can enjoy the experience a few meters away, in front of a screen, betting with tickets. He learns, he watches. And the purpose of this specific offer is to one day bring him to the table.”

Of course, the electronic terminals can increase the amount of overall betting action that takes place in the casino. But this opulent gambling venue isn’t trying to survive on €1 bets.

Instead, Casino de Monte-Carlo merely wants to open younger gamblers up to the idea of traditional table games. They appear to be on the right track with their new digital setup.

Why Is Electronic Roulette Such a Big Deal in Monte Carlo?

Casino de Monte-Carlo is far from the first gambling establishment to set up electronic roulette machines. Even smaller regional casinos use these terminals to encourage more gambling action.

However, Casino de Monte-Carlo‘s move into digital table games carries more significance. After all, this is the casino where elite high rollers come to gamble.

Interior of Casino de Monte Carlo

It has relied on traditional gaming for over a century and a half. But now, it’s willing to enter a more-modern gambling era.

“The French Roulette, DNA of the Casino de Monte-Carlo, has made its reputation and its signature for over 150 years and today a revolution,” the casino notes through a press release.

Does Digital French Roulette Cheapen This Casino?

This historic gambling establishment didn’t make the decision to add electronic terminals lightly. Instead, it had to weigh the pros and cons of doing so.

Casino de Monte-Carlo isn’t going to turn into some mom and pop’s slots parlor. It’s a world-famous venue that draws high rollers who are willing to bet serious money.

This casino risks soiling its reputation by bringing a digital table game of one of its most popular games into the fold. Nevertheless, this appears to be the right decision for Casino de Monte-Carlo.

Not everybody feels comfortable stepping up to the roulette table, or any table game for that matter. Many new gamblers stick to slots and video poker machines until they feel more comfortable in the environment.

Digital roulette offers a non-intimidating way to enjoy the game in style. Furthermore, it allows players the chance to play French Roulette while risking almost nothing at all.

Casino de Monte-Carlo has also done a good job of setting up the terminal area so that it doesn’t look cheap and crammed together. Instead, the machines are spaced out properly and still allow the venue’s elegance to shine.

What’s So Great About French Roulette?

Roulette features three main variations, including an American, European, and French version. Each roulette variation differs slightly from the next.

You can see the main characteristics behind each game below:

  • American Roulette – 38 pockets; 5.26% house edge
  • European Roulette – 37 pockets; 2.70% house edge
  • French Roulette – 37 pockets; la partage rule (covered below); 1.35% house edge

French Roulette gives you the best chance to win out of any variation. It includes the all-important la partage rule, which comes into effect whenever you place an even-money bet.

Few casino games compare to French Roulette in terms of the house edge. Therefore, this variation is not only special with regard to roulette but also casino gaming as a whole.

Best Strategy for French Roulette

Assuming you ever visit Casino de Monte-Carlo, you’ll want to be armed with the best strategy for playing their French Roulette games. Even if you don’t ever make it to Monte Carlo, you can still employ this strategy with online roulette.

The first thing that you need to do is always place even-money bets. Even-money wagers, including high/low, red/black, and odd/even are the only ones that qualify for the la partage rule.

Closeup of a Spinning Roulette Wheel

Of course, you still have the option of placing other bet types, like dozens, corners, and splits. But you’ll be facing the standard 2.70% European Roulette house edge in these cases. You might as well just play the European version at this point.

The second part of a good roulette strategy involves proper bankroll management. You want to ensure that you’re properly funded for a long session, or, in the case of a Monte Carlo trip, several days’ worth of play.

Here’s an example on how you can come up with a solid bankroll management plan:

  • You have a €2,000 bankroll for a four-day Monte Carlo trip
  • You plan to place €25 bets in French Roulette
  • The house edge is 1.35%
  • The wheel spins approximately 50 times per hour
  • 50 x 25 x 0.0135 = €16.88 in theoretical hourly losses
  • 2,000 / 16.88 = 118.5
  • Your bankroll will theoretically last for 118.5 hours

You can see that your bankroll is more than sufficient for playing throughout a four-day stay.


Casino de Monte-Carlo will always hang its hat on elegance and high-roller play. But this famed gambling establishment also has a sense for when to incorporate modern gaming.

Therefore, Casino de Monte-Carlo has put several digital French Roulette terminals onto its floor. The idea is to encourage younger gamblers to take up the game and, eventually, make it to the regular tables.

Roulette is an intimidating game for beginners due to its large variety of bets. Electronic terminals allow players to slowly prepare themselves for a live table.

Again, this casino banks its reputation on refinement. However, the digital roulette machines offer a new element for Monte Carlo gamblers to enjoy.