Can You Find RTP for Gas Station Slot Machines?

Row of Slots at a Gas Station

Slot machines have become more and more common in gas stations across America. Many convenience stores now offer slots.

Typically called “skill games,” these machines play much like the slots found in land-based and online casinos. That said, you should have a good time with these games if you’re a gambler.

One drawback to gas station slot machines, though, is that return to player (RTP) seems impossible to find. This being said, is RTP even available for skill games?

The following guide covers more on the situation behind gas station slots. It also discusses whether it’s possible to find payout percentages for these games.

How Is RTP for Skill Games Determined?

Slot machines use a random number generator (RNG) to produce results. The RNG ensures that every spin will be completely randomized.

Gas station slot machines are just like casino slots in that they also rely on RNGs. However, they contain an element of skill—hence the name skill games.

The type of and degree of skill involved varies based on the machine. Here are a few different ways that skills come into play with these slots:

  • Some machines require you to tap winning combinations onscreen to collect them.
  • Certain skill games require you to tap wild and/or scatter symbols onscreen to make them active.
  • The most-difficult games feature extensive bonuses, like a memory game, that has a large margin of error.

Tapping winning combos and special symbols isn’t overly difficult. However, you must be observant to ensure that you don’t miss anything before moving on to the next spin.

By comparison, the memory game would be far tougher. You’ll miss out on winnings if you forget some of the objects/words that are shown.

Do Skill Games Display Payout Percentages?

Gas Station slot machines don’t usually show RTP figures. That said, you normally won’t know what kind of payout percentage you’re dealing with.

Some slot software developers, though, may decide to list RTP for their games. In this case, you can visit the info screen and check out the payback.

Wheel of Fortune Slot Machines

You should get into the habit of doing this regardless when playing slot machines at gas stations. After all, you never know when a certain game will provide a payback figure.

But largely speaking, the developers don’t put payout percentages in the info section. You’ll only find the payback in limited cases.

Why Don’t Most Gas Station Slots Show RTP?

Some skill-game developers offer RTP options to convenience store operators. The companies behind a convenience store chain could select payout percentages for each game, or a bundle of machines.

That said, slots providers find it difficult to list payout percentages for each game. After all, the figures for the same machine can vary from one store to the next.

Developers would have lots of work wrapped up in this task. Not all of their machines would be linked due to how they serve different clients.

This aspect differs from online developers, which can more easily make broad changes. After all, their games are entirely online rather than housed in cabinets.

The skill element also comes into play with convenience store slot machines’ RTP. If a game has a heavy skill element, then your abilities might affect payback by up to 5% or more.

In this situation, a provider could list base RTP, which measures payback before skill is considered. However, casual gamblers might get confused by the base RTP and think that it indicates the overall payout percentage.

Another reason why skill games don’t display RTP figures is because they’re unregulated. Those who provide these machines operate through loopholes within a state’s gaming laws.

Due to the lack of regulation, developers aren’t compelled to provide payout percentages. They don’t offer this information because they aren’t required to.

Are Gas Station Slot Machines Rigged?

Given the lack of transparency on payout percentages, you might wonder if gas station slots are rigged. If so, you’ll probably be hesitant to play slot machines at convenience stores.

I can’t guarantee that all slots at gas stations are fair. Some might offer really low payout percentages compared to games found in land-based and online casinos.

Overall, though, I doubt that the vast majority of these slot machines are rigged. The developers and their associated convenience store clients already have an advantage.

They don’t need built-in cheating mechanisms to win more money. They’re already going to make profits off these machines thanks to their house edge.

Slots developers also need to worry about keeping players coming back to their games. Otherwise, they wouldn’t draw much play and, as a result, couldn’t offer their machines in as many stores.

Rigging slot machines is a terrible way to encourage repeat business. It results in players being dejected after quickly losing their bankrolls. They’re much less likely to play convenience store slots afterward.

Land Based Casino Slots Don’t Display RTP Either

Assuming you still mistrust slot at gas stations, then you should consider that land-based casinos don’t show payout percentages either.

Developers for brick-and-mortar casinos are in the same boat as those serving convenient stores. They give their casino clients options regarding payout percentages. As a result, they don’t feel like programming individual RTP for each machine and casino.

Column of Casino Slots

Land-based slots providers do need to obtain licensing in the jurisdictions where they operate. However, neither they nor their casino partners are required to display payout percentages. Only some online gaming authorities enforce this requirement.

If you’re interested in skill games, you might take comfort in knowing that even regulated slots don’t display RTP. Furthermore, you may have more confidence in skill-based machines.

Do Convenience Stores Offer Slots Comps?

One perk to playing slot machines is that you can rack up comps through a rewards program. That said, you might be interested in knowing if convenience stores also provide slots comps.

Gas stations don’t offer traditional casino comps, such as free drinks, meals, limousine transportation, and hotel stays. They don’t even have the means to provide some of these perks.

However, pretty much all convenience stores now feature rewards programs. These are general programs that allow you to earn all kinds of gas station freebies.

Convenience store loyalty programs see you accumulate rewards points with every purchase. Even slot spins are considered purchases. You then use your points to get fuel, food, soft drinks, and more.

This type of rewards program may not be quite as exciting as what’s available at casinos. Nevertheless, it still allows you to get something extra out from your slot play.

Should You Play Slots at Gas Stations?

Skill games present multiple pros and cons to consider. On the plus side, they’re basically just like regular slot machines.

You don’t necessarily have to visit a casino just to play live slots anymore. Instead, your local convenience store may have some machines.

Although similar, these games also feature one unique difference from traditional slot machines. They each contain an element of skill.

As covered earlier, gas station slots require you to perform at least one skillful function. The skill can be difficult, such as the aforementioned memory game. This aspect is how convenience store slots developers get around legal loopholes.

Row of Casino Slot Machines

You may appreciate the skill element if you’re tired of simply spinning the reels again and again. You’ll enjoy some level of interactivity with these slots.

On the other hand, you must account for the fact that most skill games don’t display RTP. You won’t really have any idea on your odds of winning.

Skill games are also basically unregulated. Given that they’re essentially skill-based games, they don’t fall under the jurisdiction of regular casino gaming. That said, you might want to consider the unregulated aspect before playing.

Our Thoughts on Gas Station Slot Machines

You most likely aren’t going to find payout percentages for gas station slots. The developers don’t provide them due to how operators can select different RTP for the same game.

Furthermore, developers would have difficulty programming unique RTP figures for all the clients they serve. After all, they provide physical cabinets rather than only online-based games.

You don’t necessarily need to mistrust convenience store slot machines just because no payout percentages are available. They must offer fair payback if they hope to draw any repeat business.

That said, you might still consider a gas station slot if they’re located nearby. Skill games offer interesting nuances from regular casinos slots that make them worth trying.