Can You Beat Roulette with the Andrucci System?

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Roulette doesn’t offer much room for strategy. Outside of choosing French roulette (1.35% house edge) and European roulette (2.70%), you can’t do anything else to improve your long-term odds.

However, you can at least manipulate your short-term winnings with betting systems. These strategies call on you to bet in a specific pattern in hopes of winning profits.

Most systems are completely worthless and force you to assume too much risk. However, the Andrucci is an interesting strategy that could have merit.

I’ll further explore the Andrucci system and how it works. I’ll finish by discussing the pros and cons of this strategy and if it ultimately works.

What Is the Andrucci System?

This system revolves around the chaos theory. The latter refers to how seemingly random and chaotic events can feature underlying patterns and repetition.

Roulette is a completely random game in theory. But if this game falls in line with the chaos theory, then it may offer exploitable patterns.

The Andrucci requires you to watch the wheel for 30 to 37 spins and record results. You select the winningest numbers after this period and bet on them.

Roulette wheels are supposed to produce random results. However, this system is based on the idea that the results aren’t so random after all.

Using the Andrucci Betting Strategy

Below, you can see the steps for using this system:

  • Record winning numbers for 30 to 37 spins.
  • Check the results to see which number(s) has won the most.
  • Make a single-number bet on the winningest number(s).
  • Continue wagering on this number for 10-37 spins or until you win.
  • Start over and begin recording numbers again.

You can see that some variation exists in the amount of spins recorded and how long you bet on the winningest number.

The Andrucci system traditionally calls on you to watch the wheel for 30 rounds when recording results. However, some gamblers observe the wheel for 37 spins to match the amount of pockets on a European wheel.

Additionally, some players only stick with the hot number for 10-20 spins. They want to go away from this number if it’s not winning in the short run.

Picture of a Worn Roulette Wheel

Others—namely those who observe the wheel for 37 rounds—are willing to stick with the hot pick longer. They might continue gambling on the winningest pocket for 37 spins before going back to recording results again.

When betting, you’re supposed to place straight-up bets on the hot number. These wagers pay 35:1 when they hit.

Here’s an example of putting the Andrucci system into play:

  • You observe results for 30 rounds.
  • You see that 14 has won four times—the most out of any other number.
  • You place straight-up wagers on 14 for the next 20 spins.

You can see that this strategy isn’t difficult to use or understand. The only real work involved is recording all the numbers before you begin gambling.

What’s the Promise of This Betting Strategy?

A perfectly manufactured roulette wheel will spread results evenly throughout all 37 (European wheel) or 38 (American wheel) pockets. The modern Starburst wheels hold up especially well and produce random results for a long time.

Wheels eventually begin to experience wear and tear and favor certain pockets. Casinos run tests and electronically monitor spins to catch these instances.

Usually, casinos are successful in pulling biased wheels off the gambling floor before advantage players capitalize. Sometimes, though, they don’t catch biased wheels in time.

Research shows that you can gain up to an 18% advantage with a wheel that’s even slightly off-kilter. Of course, you must observe a wheel and record results for thousands of spins to truly benefit.

But the Andrucci may help you capitalize on biased wheels to a small extent. Assuming you’re playing on an off-kilter wheel, then you might get lucky and find the biased pocket(s) with your small sample size.

Pros of the Andrucci System

The Andrucci strategy is unique compared to other betting systems in a couple of ways:

These two unique aspects lead to specific advantages. That said, you can read about the Andrucci’s highlights below.

Win Big Payouts

This system is the only popular roulette strategy that relies solely on straight-up bets. Although this aspect creates more risk, it also gives you the chance to win big.

Provided you win at least one wager within 30 spins, then you’ll bank a profit. Assuming you collect a 35:1 payout even earlier, then you’ll truly benefit from the Andrucci.

Take Advantage of Wheel Bias

Again, some roulette wheels begin favoring certain pockets as they begin breaking down. You normally can’t visually spot these imperfections.

However, you can detect wheel bias after observing spins and recording results. This strategy gives you a small window to find such bias and bet accordingly.

More Entertainment

Roulette has remained popular for many years, because it delivers more excitement than most casino games. But even roulette gets boring from time to time.

The Andrucci injects more entertainment into the equation. Rather than just making random bets, you watch the wheel intently for hot numbers.

Your goal is to observe the wheel for at least 30 rounds before gambling. You then place straight-up bets in hopes of winning the largest payout available in roulette.

Cons of the Andrucci System

This strategy features some notable perks. However, the Andrucci also carries serious downsides that are worth considering.

High Volatility

Straight-up bets are a double-edged sword. As mentioned before, they deliver the highest roulette payouts at 35:1.

However, these wagers carry 36:1 odds on a European wheel and 37:1 odds on an American wheel. Simply put, you won’t win straight-up bets at a high clip.

You’re going to experience long droughts in between payouts with this system. Unless you have a really large bankroll, then you may run out of funds during one of these droughts.

Small Sample Size

The Andrucci’s biggest perk is that it helps you detect wheel bias. Unfortunately, 30-37 spins isn’t a large-enough sample size to determine bias with any confidence.

First off, the common Starburst wheel doesn’t break down too quickly. Even if you do find a worn Starburst wheel, you must record thousands of spins to confidently determine bias.

Intense System

Again, this system can introduce more entertainment into roulette. After all, it requires you to both watch the wheel and make specific bets afterward.

You may love the physical element of visually watching the wheel. On the other hand, you might see wheel tracking as an added responsibility.

The Andrucci prevents you from relaxing and celebrating wins like a normal gambler. Instead, you’ll be fixated on the wheel for 30-37 rounds before you can finally begin wagering.

No Proof

Every roulette system features its share of proponents. These gamblers swear by a specific strategy and brag of stories involving huge profits.

The Andrucci is no different in this regard. It boasts its fair share of fans who strongly believe that this strategy works.

But just like any other betting system, the Andrucci offers no proof of long-term success. It’s not wheel bias—it’s just a fun way to play the game.


Should you use the Andrucci?

If you think that this system sounds fun, then you should definitely give it a try. The Andrucci offers the perfect combination of physical observation and pattern betting.

You can add more entertainment to your roulette experience with the Andrucci. You’ll also win large straight-up bets along the way.

However, you shouldn’t look to this strategy as a way to make profits. Nobody has ever proven that the Andrucci system offers long-term winnings.

Extreme Closeup of Roulette Wheel

It operates on the chaos theory. Unlike wheel bias, the chaos theory doesn’t promise success over a large sample size.

Ultimately, you must weigh the benefits and drawbacks to the Andrucci before using it. If you love the advantages that this strategy offers, then you should definitely consider it.

To recap, the Andrucci’s benefits include:

  • Big payouts
  • Small chance at catching biased wheels.
  • More entertainment

On the other hand, you also have to think about if the downsides are too great. Here’s a recap of the drawbacks:

  • High volatility
  • Distracting system
  • No proof of success

You have a tiny chance of finding a biased wheel by continually using the Andrucci. But I emphasize the word tiny here.

Odds are, you’ll be operating off the gambler’s fallacy. This term refers to the fact that past results have no bearing on a completely random game.

Then again, you might be fortunate enough to play on a biased wheel and detect it through your recordings. Furthermore, you should use the Andrucci on the same wheel every time just for the small chance that you’ll find a slanted wheel.