Can a Self-Help Guru Make You a Better Gambler?

Self Help Guru on Left and a Thinking Man on Right

The self-help gurus that once graced the televisions after midnight pleading for your money have gone mainstream. I remember when these “life coaches” were the butt of jokes from the office water cooler to Saturday Night Live.

Things have changed in a major way for the inspirational figures. Yes, you’ll still find plenty of shady scammers preying on the dwindling hope of the desperate.

However, books like Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Secret have been successful in sales and helping people. These self-helpers have moved from their 1 a.m. time slots to daytime television, and you can’t watch afternoon tv without running across one.

Can a self-help guru make you a better gambler?

I’ll say it’s possible, maybe even likely, but there are other questions you’ll need to ask yourself. Let’s dive into the ideology behind many self-help teachings and see how they relate to gambling.

Willpower Is a Powerful Tool

Many people consider willpower one of the essential attributes to success in any field. Having the grit to get back to the task at hand day after day is a key to becoming a successful gambler.

Unfortunately, many gamblers begin to waver when faced with adversity and overwhelming uncertainty. It can bring out some of the worst traits in people, but it all amounts to fear.

I wasn’t afraid of losing money when I began my gambling career. Yet, that’s what I told myself and those in my inner circle.

That was until I had a friend point out that if losing money was my biggest fear, I should learn to win. It was a simple statement that made a tremendous impact.

I can’t change the fact that the casino games have an edge, but I can move that edge in my favor. Nor can I control what cards I receive in the poker room, but I can improve my game to the point of maintaining a long-term advantage.

I had to start improving, and it needed to begin immediately. I set a routine and forced myself to accomplish my improvement goals.

I couldn’t “will” my way to win, but I could use my willpower to become a better gambler. Throughout my career, I’ve been thankful for the guidance.

Many Gurus Preach the Importance of Hard Work

Any proper guru will tell you that one of the keys to success is working hard. The fact is you may have to work harder than you ever have if you want to become profitable.

But you’ll ultimately only get out of gambling what you put into the discipline. I meet many people who are only looking for the easiest path to success, and few of them ever achieve their goals.

If you’re constantly searching for the path of least resistance, you’re treading water at best. In most instances, you’ll be regressing.

Casino Gamblers at a Roulette Table With Slot Machines Behind Them

So, ignore the self-help icons telling you that you’re promised vast wealth or success from believing in something. I don’t care if that’s yourself, an idea, or an omnipotent being.

Belief doesn’t equate to success; it requires action. That action is a ton of dedication and hard work.

Look for self-help gurus that preach the importance of action. That will set you on a more straightforward path to achieving your goal of becoming a better gambler.

You’ll Never Meet Goals You Don’t Have

While on the subject of goals, you can’t achieve goals you never set. So, you must begin writing your goals down.

When you look at your goals on a regular, you’ll begin to see why you’re putting in all of the work. You’ll also be more inclined to dedicate more time to achieving your goals.

Your goals can be anything you hope to achieve but be as specific as possible. Instead of setting a goal to be a better blackjack player, a more practical goal would be to make a $200 profit counting cards over the next month.

When you’ve met your goal, it’s time to put new plans in place that align with your path. One of the most critical habits you can get in regarding goals is to have them out there for people.

For example, in the above scenario, I would share my goal with my wife and several gambling friends. That makes it more likely I’ll have people asking how I’m doing, which is a great motivator.

Gamblers of All Skill Levels Benefit from Better Focus

I can’t stress the importance of focus in gambling. Casinos are exhaustively active places, and the distractions are nearly constant.

Poker players, card counters, and recreational gamblers all need to be focused on the task to have the most success. Learning to focus your energy at the casino is a valuable skill for everyone but regularly gets overlooked.

However, self-help coaches will emphasize the more all-encompassing aspect of focus. For example, assume that your goal is to become a profitable poker player.

Your overall focus should be on becoming a better poker player. The more you focus on your goal, the more likely you will achieve that success.

Man Playing Blackjack and Touching his Wedding Ring Nervously

You’ll find opportunities that go unnoticed by other players, and you’ll be absorbing everything. I have a friend that became a high-level poker professional.

We gave him a lot of grief in college because he would hole up in his room reading poker books while we were out being college students. He’d read anything he could get his hands on and then spend hours playing poker online.

While we were focused on having a good time and passing enough classes not to get expelled, he became a top-level poker player and made straight As.

The more focused you become, the closer your dreams are to reality. Self-help professionals can help you find that spark within yourself.

Some People Need a Push to Action

Nothing you do will amount to anything without action. You could be the best in the world at something, and the world would never know unless you show that talent.

Many people have an immense level of skill but fail to act on it. That may be another manifestation of fear.

Self-doubt can hurt you more than anything. If you have other people telling you that you can’t do something, that can serve as motivation.

However, if you don’t believe in yourself, you’re doomed. Self-help gurus are excellent at providing the encouragement needed for some to act.

You could be the best sports betting handicapper on the planet, but you’ll need to start making bets to see any results. If you are that good, you’ll need to believe you can continue showing excellent outcomes over time.

Don’t be afraid of succeeding; a self-help book taught me that.

Can Meditation Make You a Better Gambler?

Before you skip to the following header, consider one thing; meditation is whatever you make it. Meditation is merely using mindfulness to achieve awareness and enter a calm state.

You don’t need to sit in an uncomfortable pose on the back deck and burn incense while the neighbors gawk at you. You could meditate over your morning cup of coffee, on the drive to work, or at the gym.

I consider my time on the golf course to be my primary meditation. I enjoy the walk and communing with nature, but I pay attention to my state of mind most of all.

Guy Meditating Sitting Down Outdoors, Poker Icons Floating in Circle Leading to Man in Zen

That allows me to focus on any area I prefer. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had some manner of lightbulb moment on the front nine and cut the round short in excitement.

For gamblers, meditation can do wonders for mental preparation. Many poker players will meditate daily to get into the best state of mind before a session.

You’ll even see some skeptics meditating ahead of a big tournament. Find a meditation that works for you and stick with it.

Whenever somebody tries telling you that you’re doing it wrong, tell them they’re probably right and move on to something of significance.

Unfortunately, the Math Won’t Change

There isn’t a self-help guru on the planet that can change the math on casino games. So, depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, you may be spinning your wheels.

None of the above areas will help a slot machine enthusiast suddenly begin showing a profit in the casino. The house edge is too high, and players don’t have any way to better their chances.

That leads us to the number one lesson to be learned from self-help gurus. You’re responsible for your own success.

If you are regularly putting yourself in a position to lose money gambling, you’re going to lose continually. Take personal responsibility in your gambling approach, and you’ll be forced to make decisions that lead to improvement.

Can a Self-Help Guru Make You a Better Gambler?

In most cases, the principles passed on from these experts can improve your approach to gambling.

While they can’t teach you how to pick games or the best time to check-raise an opponent, the mindfulness that you’ll possess is a most beneficial attribute.