Breaking Down Some Last-Minute Online Election Odds!

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One of the biggest days in the recent history of American politics has arrived. Americans are now flocking to the polling stations to vote for their candidates. Many are also heading to online sportsbooks to make their wagers on the results of this election. Today, I’m going to break down some last-minute online election odds being offered through different sites.

This year’s election is one of the most-wagered-on events of all-time. Just about all US online sportsbooks are offering odds on its results. Some are known to offer more political wagering options than others.

Here is what you need to know about election betting right now.

How to Find a US Political Betting Website

The online gambling industry has grown exponentially in the US recently. There are now many fantastic online sportsbooks operating throughout the entire country. The majority of them are offering different types of bets for the 2020 US presidential election.

Before joining one of these sites, however, you’ll want to ensure that it’s safe. One of the best ways to do that is to check which payment options the site is providing. Reputable betting sites offer a wide range of different options for members to deposit and withdraw their money.

Next, you might want to check out the design of some different sites. These designs will affect your entire gambling experience.

Lastly, check out the odds being provided. All online sportsbooks offer different odds to their members. They also tend to offer different wagering options. Always compare the odds between sites to see which ones are the best.

Below are some odds still available on this year’s presidential election.

Here Are Some Last-Minute Online Election Odds to Check Out

This is a presidential election unlike any other in recent history. There’s a real divide between both political parties. Even the top political analysts are finding it difficult predicting the election’s outcome. Most agree that tensions will be heightened, regardless of who wins.

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As we already mentioned, there are some fantastic online sportsbooks offering odds on the election. We’ll check out some odds being provided by the four sites listed below.

  • MyBookie
  • Bovada
  • BetNow
  • Betway

It’s an exciting, albeit a slightly stressful time for the country. There are some serious opportunities to win big betting out the different outcomes. Let’s look at some wagering options!

Bet on the 2020 Presidential Winner – MyBookie

Obviously, most people are simply choosing to bet on which candidate wins the 2020 presidential election. It’s been a long road to election night for both candidates and it’s still anyone’s guess who will come out on top.

At the moment, the MyBookie online sportsbook lists Joe Biden as the -180 favorite to win. The polls certainly indicate that the Democratic candidate is ahead. Some feel these polls don’t accurately reflect voting habits, though.

Donald Trump is currently listed as the +140 underdog. The current president will need to capture several key states in order to win reelection. The next few hours will tell a lot about his chances of winning. Make sure to visit MyBookie to see these last-minute online election odds for yourself!

Bet on Which Party Gains Control of the Senate – Bovada

Many are also interested in which party has control of the Senate once the election has concluded and this outcome can be bet on at the Bovada online betting site. It’s an important moment for each party and there are many ways things could play out. There are 35 open seats, yet most agree that only 14 are really available.

The Republican Party holds odds of -150 to retain control of the Senate. Winning Iowa, Georgia, and North Carolina will help the party to achieve that goal. It’s far from a guarantee, though.

The Democrats have the opportunity to win the Senate this year. States like Arizona, Maine, and Colorado have candidates that could swing the Senate control. With odds of +115, this could be a wager that pays off.

Bet on Which Party Wins the Popular Vote – BetNow

As most are aware, the US president is not elected off a popular vote. Instead, the candidate that wins at least 270 electoral college votes wins the election. It’s still interesting to see where the country stands with the popular vote, though. In terms of easy winning potential, these are some of the best last-minute online election odds available right now.

BetNow is now offering gambling odds on which political party manages to win the majority of votes this year. The Republican Party holds odds of +400. It doesn’t seem likely, especially when considering the party lost the popular vote back in 2016.

2020 US Voters Waiting in Line

The Democratic Party holds odds of -750 to win the popular vote. Most political analysts predict this will be the case. It would be an incredible upset to see anything different results once all the votes are read.

Bet on How Many Votes Kanye West Earns – Betway

The UK is also invested in who gets declared US president. Millions of people in the UK are interested in placing their wagers on the election outcome. Betway, one of the best UK online gambling sites, is offering a huge range of last-minute online election odds.

One of the most interesting wagering options is on how many votes Kanye West manages to earn. West announces his presidential run rather late and holds no opportunity of winning. Those unwilling to vote for either Trump or Biden may choose to simply write in Kanye’s name.

Betway lists the odds (in UK format) that Kanye West earns less than 50000 votes at 1.95. The odds that he earns more than 50000 sit at 1.95. It’s a fun bet that could earn you a nice chunk of change.

Get Your Real Money Bet in for the 2020 US Presidential Election

It’s a fascinating time for the country. The last-minute online election odds listed above are just a few of the ones available. Feel free to check out the sites I listed to see what else is being provided right now!

Do you plan to bet on the election results? Which candidate do you think wins? Let us know in the comments section below!