Birthday Ideas for Celebrating in Las Vegas

Birthday Hat and Confetti With a Vegas Sign Background

So it’s your birthday, and the destination is Las Vegas, what’s the first thing you do?

Las Vegas casinos have so many activities and amenities to offer guests it’s hard to know where to start. Outside the glitz and glamor of the casinos, Las Vegas also has many non-gambling destinations. These can range from historical sites to landmarks to tourist locales.

Let’s face it though, if you’re in Vegas for a birthday, you’re looking for fun.

No matter if your activity level is measured or restraint is not a concern, birthdays in Vegas are always memorable.

With that said, here are seven ideas for a perfect Las Vegas birthday:

Choose Your Perfect Casino

With so many casino resorts to choose from on your stay, it may be hard to narrow down the options. I begin by choosing a location conducive to my activity level.

A hotel centrally located on Las Vegas Boulevard will give you access to many casinos and restaurants within walking distance. This is the area known as the Las Vegas Strip.

Another option is Downtown Las Vegas. Older casinos at more reasonable prices, fewer amenities, but with more old-Vegas charm characterizes this part of the city.

Fremont East in Downtown Vegas

There will be fewer options within walking distance of your stay, but what is within reach will have a unique charm. Traveling between the two areas is an easy and fun way to see the residential side of Vegas.

Of course, in the 21st-century, travelers have the option of using a vacation rental marketplace such as Airbnb or FlipKey.

There are several Las Vegas neighborhood guides online to help you choose a rental area based on location and safety.

Birthday Amenities

Is your Las Vegas birthday one of relaxation, a non-stop party, or something in-between?

Amenities will help you decide your perfect stay.

For relaxation, most Las Vegas casinos offer amenities targeted at reducing your everyday stress and smoothing out those rough edges. Nothing is better than a trip to an in-house luxury spa. Visit a sauna, get a massage, or a little grooming to get you looking your best for the rest of your stay.

Does a spa day sound to slow for your Vegas vacation?

There’s no need to slow down for a second. Vegas casinos offer a range of activities to keep you going. Visit prospective casino’s websites to see the unique attractions offered at most locations. Keep that energy level up and push through to your next day of adventure.

High Roller or Gambling Lite

Your desired level of gambling is another essential consideration for your birthday stay. For some, gambling is a prime aspect of any Las Vegas vacation. Birthday trips can be different, though, depending on your expectations.

Do you fancy yourself a high-roller or a gambling novice? Do you have a budget for your Vegas gambling expenses?

Will you be hitting the casino floor every day or just a couple nights of your stay?

These are all critical considerations for your birthday vacation. Online references will direct you to casinos with the lowest minimum bets or the highest stake tables.

Consider what types of games you like to play. Some casinos may have unique games, while older casinos may have fewer tables and more slot machines.

Birthday Dining

Any birthday wouldn’t be complete without a birthday meal, or several. Las Vegas is a destination known for a variety and range of cuisines.

High-end dining is not in short supply. If your goal is luxury dining, find a couple of restaurants before your birthday stay that appeal to you.

Personally, on an average trip, I enjoy treating myself to a higher-end steakhouse dining experience. When you sort out your dining options ahead of time, you can focus on the day to day task of feeding your birthday entourage.

Las Vegas Buffet Spread

Another thing Las Vegas is known for is incredible meal deals.

Have you ever eaten a $4.99 prime rib and lobster dinner?

What about a $2.99 breakfast buffet?

Most casinos will have a variety of in-house dining options. It’s your special day; you deserve a birthday feast.

Birthday Entertainment

Big-budget shows are a staple of Las Vegas culture. Any birthday trip should include memorable Vegas-style entertainment.

If music is your thing, Las Vegas has many entertainers performing on the strip.

There are also many big-budget productions aside from music acts to take in. Las Vegas is the home to variety shows, revues, and a whole lot of magic. Catch your favorite impersonator.

You may get a birthday picture with Elvis or Madonna if you’re lucky.

Sports and Amusements

Still need more variety in your birthday vacation?

Las Vegas has even more activities to fill your days and nights. The city hosts many arenas, sports facilities, and golf courses.

Whether as a player or a spectator, Vegas is not light on sports. Recent years have seen the emigration of three professional sports teams to the city. Vegas also has two minor league teams and the Division 1 University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

If sports are less of your thing, Las Vegas attractions are around every corner. Take in a few rounds of laser tag, climb a rock wall, even ride an indoor roller coaster. Many casinos have large arcades with the latest games, interactive exhibits, and virtual reality.

Lounges and Nightlife

After a long day of birthday activities, its time to freshen up and hit the town. Every casino has a lounge where you can get started. Depending on the venue you choose for your stay, you may not have to leave your hotel to experience a top-notch night out.

Las Vegas has many themed and traditional nightclubs. If a poolside party sounds good, visit one of the many pool clubs at area casinos.

Petrossian Bar at Bellagio

If you’re feeling like a VIP, some casinos have pass-required clubs that your birthday crew can purchase access to. High-rollers have access to exclusive lounges where you can mingle with other connoisseurs of the gambling arts.

Hitting the Strip on foot and checking out each casino’s nightlife is one option, but what if you want to see it all in an evening? This is a job for a party bus or limousine. With this option, you and your birthday entourage can be chauffeured in style from hot spot to hot spot. Last but not least, Las Vegas is home to many adult entertainment venues, and revue shows if you are feeling like some risqué birthday entertainment.


By doing a little research ahead of time, Las Vegas can be the perfect destination for any celebration. With so many venues and activities available, your Las Vegas itinerary for your birthday can be tailored to any tastes. These ideas include sports, music, and celebrity birthdays. No trip to Vegas has to be conventional.

I much enjoy taking the occasional break from the traditional Vegas experience. A birthday evening of gambling and drinks is good for a couple of nights, but if you plan a more extended trip, you’ll naturally become curious as to what else is out there. Everyone should enjoy at least one Vegas-style birthday in they’re life.

Visit the Las Vegas tourism website for general ideas and itineraries of events. Every resort casino will have all its amenities and activities featured on their web pages. The perfect Vegas birthday requires a little planning, but all the resources are at your fingertips. Pick a theme, book your stay, and enjoy your birthday.