Betting on Most Rushing Yards Prop Bets for Super Bowl 55

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Super Bowl LV most rushing yards prop bets let you speculate on how some of the ball carriers in the NFL’s biggest game will perform. There are several different ways to make these types of prop bets focused on the running backs in the game. If you come into these bets with a game plan, you can actually do quite well focusing on these individual performances.

The old clichés say that football is a team game. Maybe that’s why casual bettors concentrate on those wagers which are focused on the two teams. You can, of course, bet on the winner of the game, the point spread, or the over/under points of scored by both teams at top sports gambling sites and online sportsbooks.

But more and more, fans are focused on what individual players are doing in each game, especially when it comes to their statistics. That’s part of the reason why fantasy sports is so popular. And it’s that same focus on statistics which drive Super Bowl LV prop bets such as those focused on rushing yards.

Focus on the Ground Game

In the modern era of NFL football, it’s common to get carried away talking about the pyrotechnics of the passing game. But it’s not the only way to move the ball in the game. And it wouldn’t be out of the question to find a running back making a big impact on Super Bowl LV.

You can still speculate on how the running backs in the game are going to perform. That’s where prop bets come into play. In several different ways, you can make money by accurately predicting how the rushing yards totals are going to shake down in the upcoming Super Bowl, which takes place on Sunday, February 7th, 2021.

Running Back Clyde Edwards-Helaire

In the following article, we’ll go in-depth with the rushing yards prop bets for Super Bowl 2021. We’ll talk about how the bets work, provide tips, and look at the running backs who might be involved in the game. Following that, we’ll answer some of the questions you might have about making these wagers.

How NFL Prop Bets Work

Even though prop bets are separate from the type of bets you might make on one team against another, one concept is similar to the two, and that’s the moneyline.

The moneyline is essentially the set of odds included by the oddsmakers to even out the bet. In other words, the oddsmaker wants an even amount of money on all parts of the bet so the sportsbook doesn’t lose a lot based on one outcome.

In the case of the moneyline, you’ll see either a minus sign or a plus sign in front of the number. The minus represents how much money you would have to bet to win $100. The plus sign represents how much you would get in return if you bet $100.

For example, take a look at the following odds:

  • Option A: -115
  • Option B: +150

In this case, Option A is the favorite over Option B. You’d have to bet $115 on Option A in order to earn $100 in profit. By contrast, a $100 bet on Option B would net you $150 in return if you win the wager.

It’s important to understand that you aren’t locked into bets involving those amounts. But the ratio that is established by the moneyline will stay in place with whatever you wager.

For example, Option B pays out $1.50 for every dollar that you wager. If you wagered $200 on Option B, you’d win $300 in return. That’s because $200 times 1.5 equals $300.

Types of Rushing Yards Prop Bets for Super Bowl LV

Rushing Yards Over/Under

This is similar to the concept of betting the over/under on the amount of points scored by both teams in an NFL game. In this case, the bet will focus on one of the running backs in Super Bowl LV. And the oddsmaker will set a line, requiring the bettor to choose whether the running back will go over or under that total in the game.

For example:

  • Over 66 ½ yards: -125
  • Under 66 ½ yards: +115

You can see that the oddsmaker thinks that it’s more likely that the running back in question will have at least 67 yards in the game. The value play is the under, since you’re getting more in return for your bet.

Most Rushing Yards in Game

In this case, the oddsmaker will give odds for all of the possibilities for which player will end Super Bowl LV with the most rushing yards. In this case, it’s possible that all of the players involved will pay back more than what you bet, although it’s not definite.

Leonard Fournette Tampa Bay Running Back

The only reason it might turn out that way is that there are several players who might end up carrying the ball, including the quarterbacks for the teams.

Matchup Bets

In this case, the oddsmakers will pit two players against each other. You’d be betting on which player you think will have more yards of the two at the end of the game. The profit margin for this Super Bowl LV bet wouldn’t be that high, but it would give you a better chance of returning something on your investment than some of the other prop bets in play.

Great Rushing Games in Super Bowl History

Looking back at some great rushing games in Super Bowl history can give you an idea of what kind of performances are possible. Take a look:

  • #5 – Terrell Davis, Denver, Super Bowl XXXII: Davis had his career cut somewhat short by injuries, but he was a devastating weapon when healthy. He tore it up in Denver’s game against Green Bay with 157 yards. For good measure, he scored three touchdowns on his way to winning MVP honors.
  • #4 – Franco Harris, Pittsburgh, Super Bowl IX: Harris was the back for four Super Bowl champions in the 70s with the Steelers. His best performance in the big game was his first one. He battered the Minnesota Vikings on his way to 158 yards.
  • #3 – John Riggins, Washington, Super Bowl XVII: Riggins rumbled all night long, behind the famed “Hogs” offensive line, over the Miami defense. He ended up with 166 yards in the game. The biggest of those yards came on a 4th-and-1 run in the fourth quarter that turned into a game-sealing touchdown.
  • #2 – Marcus Allen, Los Angeles Raiders, Super Bowl XVIII: Allen became the youngest player ever to win a Super Bowl MVP thanks to his performance against Washington. The Raiders built a big early lead, allowing Allen to salt it away on the ground. His final tally was 191 yards.
  • #1 – Timmy Smith, Washington Redskins, Super Bowl XXII: As the Redskins decimated the Denver Broncos in this game, Smith—a little-known performer at that point—shined in the spotlight. He rolled for 204 yards to set the record that still stands. What’s odd about it is that he only rushed for 602 yards in his entire regular-season career.

Most Rushing Yards Contenders for Super Bowl LV

At the time of writing, there are four teams still standing in the NFL postseason: the Kansas City Chiefs, the Buffalo Bills, the Green Bay Packers, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. While we don’t yet know which two will play in Super Bowl LV, we can look ahead at the possible rushing stars in the game.

Darrel Williams, Kansas City

It’s hard to speculate where the Chiefs are at right now with their running backs will be playing for the Chiefs, what with injuries and the unpredictable substitution patterns of Andy Reid. Williams was an afterthought for much of the year. But he started their first playoff game and came up with 78 yards rushing, a season-high that led the team.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Kansas City

Edwards-Helaire had a couple splash games as a rookie, but there were other times when he disappeared. In addition, he has been out with Week 15 with injuries. If he’s healthy, however, and the Chiefs make the playoffs, you have to figure he’ll be involved in the gameplay as Reid’s most explosive backfield option.

Devin Singletary, Buffalo

As potent as their offense has been this year, the Bills don’t get a lot out of their running backs. Singletary started every game and split time with Zack Moss, averaging just 42 rushing yards per game. Even with Moss out in the postseason, Singletary managed just 46 rushing yards in the two games.

Aaron Jones, Green Bay

Jones is, without a doubt, the best running back still alive in the playoffs. He proved his breakout 2019 season was no fluke.

Aaron Jones Green Bay Running Back

Although, because he didn’t score as many touchdowns, you might think he dropped off. In actuality, he set a career high with almost 79 yards rushing per game, and he’s coming off 99 yards in the playoff win over Tampa Bay.

Ronald Jones, Tampa Bay

Injuries and inconsistency have bedeviled Jones, but he still came up with a career year, coming up just short of his first 1,000-yard season. The Buccaneers, like the other three teams in the playoffs, prefer to pass the ball. But Jones would benefit if they reached the Super Bowl and jumped out to an early lead.

Leonard Fournette, Tampa Bay

Many thought that Fournette would overtake Jones once the Bucs signed the former first-rounder right before the beginning of the season. But he struggled to get playing time next to Jones until the latter’s injury opened the door. In the playoffs, he has been the Bucs leading rusher, averaging 78 yards in two games.

Tips for Placing Super Bowl 55 Rushing Yards Prop Bets

Styles Make the Game

It’s important to realize what each team likes to do offensively before making prop bets involving the running backs. If a team doesn’t like to run it that much (and none of the four teams left in the playoffs really do with the exception of the Packers), it won’t matter who the running back is. The oddsmakers will factor that into the rushing yards totals, but you still might be able to find smart betting advantages.

Defensive Analysis

One good way to judge how an individual running back might do is to look at how the opponent stacks up defensively.

Even a passing-oriented team might go with a heavier running approach if they find that the defense is unable to stop it. That’s where you might start to find value in the Super Bowl LV most rushing yards prop bet odds.

Game Flow Concerns

Quite simply, teams that are leading in a football game more, while teams who are behind are often forced to throw more. If you can judge which team falls into each category, it can help you identify running tendencies. Take the over for players on a team that you think might dominate the game, and take the under on a team that you believe might be playing from behind.


  • Will There Be Super Bowl LV Prop Bets Available for Rushing Yards for Other Players Besides Running Backs?

    You’ll usually find that top sports betting sites will give rushing yards-based odds on players who could be expected to get carries. For example, Chiefs wide receivers Tyreek Hill often gets a few carries per game on reverses. And quarterback Josh Allen for Buffalo is one of the top rushers at his position in the NFL.

  • Will I Find Different Odds for Rushing Yards Prop Bets in the Super Bowl at Different Websites?

    It’s always a good idea to shop around a little bit at different sports betting sites to see what kind of odds you can get. There might be situations where one site gives you a little bit more value than another for a certain bet you want to make. As long as it’s a reliable site, you should feel free to utilize it to your advantage.

  • Which Prop Bet for Rushing in the 2021 Super Bowl Offers the Highest Potential Payback?

    This can’t be known for sure until we know which two teams are playing . But the bet about which player will have the most rushing yards of anyone in the game would likely pay the most. After all, that’s the bet where the most players are likely to be involved, meaning better odds for everyone involved.

  • How Many Running Backs Have Won Super Bowl MVP Honors?

    There have been seven running backs who have won the Super Bowl MVP. Perhaps, as a reflection on the way that football has transformed, there hasn’t been a running back to win the award in 23 years. Keep that in mind before you get too bullish on a running back’s performance in the big game.

  • What Are the Best Betting Sites for Super Bowl 55 Rushing Yards Prop Bets?

    You should only use the top sports betting sites that reliably offer fast payback, offer excellent bonuses and great betting variety, and can be trusted with your money. Here are the ones that we recommend the most:

Win at the Sportsbooks With Prop Betting

This article should give you a good foundation for betting on the Super Bowl via rushing yards proposition wagers. It’s the kind of bet that allows you the opportunity to approach the game from a different angle. And you win big in the process.