The Best Ways to Find US Online Casinos

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You have more resources for finding quality online casinos today than ever before. Many sites offer internet casino reviews and other information that can help you make informed picks.

However, finding good real money online casinos is a more complicated matter. The US has restrictive gaming banking laws that have convinced some of the world’s best gaming sites to stay away.

Nevertheless, you can still discover solid US-facing internet casinos with enough research. You just need to be tougher when vetting available sites.

But how do you do this? I’m going to discuss several steps you can take to find the top US online casinos.

Check out Rankings of US Online Casinos

You may initially have no idea on where to begin when looking for gaming sites. Random Google searches won’t necessarily point you to the best options.

With infinite time, you could perform countless searches and study each casino you come across.

Realistically speaking, though, you’ll want some help in trimming down the vast number of choices. Online casino rankings are great tools in helping you do exactly this.

Many affiliate sites rank their favorite US gaming sites based on a variety of categories. You can start your research with their top picks and go from there.

Of course, you don’t want to just take an affiliate’s word at face value. They’re simply ranking sites based on their own preferences.

But you can trust their rankings to some degree. After all, an affiliate that continually recommends rogue casinos to Americans will soon damage their reputation.

Start Checking out Individual Casinos

Once you have a few options in mind, you can proceed to visiting individual gaming sites to see what they have to offer.

Here are some key points that you want to consider when vetting a casino:

  • Game selection
  • Customer support
  • Promotions
  • Website navigation

The game variety is obviously important, because you don’t want to quickly tire of a casino. Therefore, casinos with several hundred games are better in this regard than those that have less than 100 options.

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Of course, you need to think about what’s important to you individually when looking at this category. Most gaming sites have a large variety of slots. But if you love table games, then you need to consider their offerings in this specific area.

Good customer support ensures that you have reliable help when a question or issue arises. Unfortunately, a number of US-facing online casinos don’t rate well in this department. This is why it’s crucial that you make absolutely certain that a site offers good customer service.

Promotions give you an opportunity to rack up extra cash on the side of your play. You want to ensure that a casino offers plenty of promotions, or at least an excellent VIP program with casino comps offers.

Finally, a casino website should be easy to navigate. All of the major categories (e.g. games, customer support, and banking) need to be easily accessible with no headaches involved.

Get a Read on a Casino’s Overall Reputation

Reputation is the biggest area where US-friendly casinos depart from the rest of the gaming world.

This isn’t to say that all online casinos that serve Americans are crooked. However, there’s a higher chance of dealing with nefarious sites in the American market.

Multiple reasons explain this phenomenon:

  • American banking laws discourage many reputable operators from serving this country.
  • Most offshore casinos are licensed in sketchy jurisdictions.
  • Generally, US laws don’t apply to offshore casinos.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) prohibits sites from accepting payments related to illegal online gambling.

The UIGEA doesn’t technically make internet gaming illegal across the US. But it’s a deterrent to reputable sites and limits the number of payment processors willing to serve this market.

Offshore casinos are licensed in jurisdictions like Antigua, Belize, Costa Rica, and Curacao. These licensing bodies have lax standards and are mainly concerned with collecting money through fees/taxes.

Sites that operate out of these countries aren’t subject to most American laws when it comes to gaming. Therefore, they can get away with more in terms of slow payments and treating players unfairly.

The good news, though, is that not all gaming sites with such licensing are bad actors. Some are high-quality sites that understand how they must do right by players to be successful.

You’ll just have to look a little harder to find offshore casinos with solid reputations. Most reviews do a good job of mentioning whether a site is fair or shady.

Try out Free Games

Another good step to finding quality US online casinos involves testing out their games. You’ll often need to register for an account before doing so, especially when using a mobile device.

Account registration involves entering details like your name, username, password, email, and age. Once you’ve filled out the form, you can submit the account for approval.

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In other cases, you don’t even need to register. You can simply begin playing online casino games directly through your browser without an account.

This scenario represents the perfect way to try a casino’s game selection. After all, you don’t have to waste any time with registration before underdoing this step.

The main thing you want to figure out when playing free games is if they’re fun. As long as you find a decent amount of entertaining games, then you’re one step closer to playing at a quality casino.

Get a Good Bonus

One more thing that you want to do when searching for the best US online casinos is consider the bonus.

Almost every offshore casino offers a welcome bonus to new players. These deals typically represent their most generous bonus available, because they’re trying to woo potential customers.

For example, one site might offer a 100% match bonus up to $1,000. You have the opportunity to earn up to $1k on your first deposit in this case.

But you need to consider a few factors before jumping at such deals. Each of these offers come with terms and conditions that must be met before the bonus money is yours.

Here are a few important terms to remember regarding online casino bonuses.

  • Playthrough: How much you need to wager before cashing out bonus money
  • Game restrictions: Certain high-paying games either have reduced playthrough contributions (e.g. 20%) or are excluded entirely
  • Days to claim: You only have so many days to claim your bonus once it’s available
  • Time to meet playthrough: You only have so many weeks or months to satisfy playthrough
  • Max bet: Casinos place a cap on the largest bet you can make
  • Sticky bonuses: A sticky bonus can’t be cashed out and you can only earn winnings from such bonuses
  • Cashable bonuses: You can withdraw the entire bonus once playthrough has been met

Casinos can differ in terms of how fair they are with terms and conditions. Playthrough is especially important, because this alludes to how difficult it’ll be for you to earn a bonus.

If you must meet 40x playthrough on a $100 bonus, for example, you’d need to wager $4,000 overall. Assuming you have to meet 50x requirements on the same deal, you’d need to bet $5,000.

Obviously, the first offer is better in this regard. But you should take the other terms into account too when deciding what constitutes a good deal.


Picking a quality US-facing online casino isn’t as easy as in some other markets (e.g. UK, Denmark, and Italy). However, it can be done if you put some work into the matter.

The first step is to figure out which casinos you should begin researching. Many affiliates offer their own rankings, and you can consult these to get started.

From here, you can move on to looking at individual casinos. The goal is to find sites that rank well in a variety of categories, including customer support, game variety, promotions, and website navigation.

After narrowing down your search, you want to focus on gaming sites with good reputations. No offshore casinos have great licensing, but some stand out in terms of customer service and timely payments.

Next, you can test out a casino’s games for free. Trying out games before depositing is a good way to ensure that you like what’s being offered.

Finally, make sure that you’re getting a quality bonus offer. You want to look for deals that not only offer lots of cash, but also have good terms and conditions.

The US online gaming market isn’t ideal in comparison to many countries. Luckily, though, you can still find some really good casinos.