Best US Online Casino Bonuses for January 2021

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The US online casino industry is growing bigger every single year. There are now a huge number of incredible online casino websites operating around the entire country. Today, I’m going to break down some of the best US online casino bonuses for January 2020.

It’s not easy to say which ones are truly the best. Online casinos are constantly trying to out-do each other with their promotional offers. The ones listed below are fantastic and come from safe, reliable internet casino sites.

Before getting into the specific bonuses, we’ll take a look at how we find and review the best online casino websites operating today.

How to Find the Best Internet Casinos Right Now

Online casino gambling is easier now than ever before. There are a massive number of fantastic casino sites operating around the world. In recent years, many have begun operating throughout the US.

It’s usually not hard to find an online casino website. A simple Google search will bring up many of the ones available in your state. Finding a reputable, fun internet casino can be a little more difficult. This requires a little bit of research.

I’ve reviewed many of the biggest and best online casino sites in the country. All of the best ones offer their members safe payment options 24/7. A site that makes it difficult to deposit or withdraw your money is never worth playing at!

Next, I tend to take a look at the games being offered. Some of these internet casinos provide their members with a wide range of slots and table games. Others focus on just a small number of games for their members.

After that, I often take a look at the promotions that an online casino site offers to its members. Promotions are one of the best tools available to online casino gamblers. They can help to significantly boost the amount of money they have in their account.

Promotions are constantly getting better. There are some fantastic ones now available in 2021. Below are the best ones you can take advantage of right now!

Breaking Down the Best US Online Casino Bonuses for January 2021

It’s amazing to see how many great online casino sites are now available around the US. It seems like an incredible new one begins operating here every year. Many states now have regulated online casinos up and running. Fortunately, even in states without a regulated online casino market there are amazing options available!

Most of them offer great promotional offers to both new and existing members.

Choosing the very best ones isn’t easy. It can be done, though. Here are five of the very best US online casinos bonuses for January 2021.

Bovada – $3,750 Bitcoin Welcome Bonus

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of Bovada Casino before. It launched about a decade ago and has grown to become one of the most popular internet gambling websites on the planet. Recently, Bovada began offering its members an incredible new welcome bonus.

This is an astounding $3,750 Bitcoin welcome bonus. You read that correctly. This site is allowing its members to earn an incredible $3,750 over their first three deposits. It’s one of the biggest online casino bonuses available right now.

Of course, this large of a bonus will come with a large rollover requirement. Don’t let that turn you off. Bovada is known for being as legitimate as a casino site comes. Take a look at this site to see why so many people are taking advantage of this new offer.

Top Reason to Join Bovada Casino

There’s a lot to like about Bovada. Perhaps its best feature is the clean, modern user-interface that it offers to its members. It is extremely easy to navigate and makes finding the games that you want to play simple.

El Royale Casino – 240% Bonus + 40 Free Spins

El Royale Casino is still fairly new to the US online casino industry. Despite being young in the industry, however, it has already generated a massive user base. The fantastic promotions here are a key reason for this site’s quick success.

Many are shocked to see the multi-tiered bonus set in place here. It’s unlike almost any others that you are likely to come across. The one I’m focusing on here is actually just the first of many available to new players.

This is a 240% bonus on your first deposit, along with 40 free spins for the popular slot game Bubble Bubble 2. The minimum deposit using a debit card for this deposit is $30. There is also a 35x wagering requirement. With all things considered, this is one of the best US online casino bonuses for January 2021.

Top Reason to Join El Royale Casino

El Royale represents the new, exciting online casino sites breaking into the US market. One of the coolest features of this site is the massive list of games available. Here, you’ll find more games than the top land-based casinos in the country offer. Check it out to see what we mean!

Las Atlantis Casino – 280% Slots Bonus

Las Atlantis Casino and El Royale Casino are similar in many ways. They are both new, modern, and offer their members a wide range of different games. These sites are also gaining fantastic reputations for the amazing promotions that they offer.

The welcome bonus at Las Atlantis Casino is making waves amongst online casino fans. This is a 280% slots bonus on a player’s first deposit. This bonus is available for up to $14,000, making it one of the biggest we’ve come across.

Bigger is usually better in the world of online casinos. With that in mind, this is without a doubt one of the best US online casino bonuses for January 2021. It’s very easy to use and comes with a 35x wagering requirement.

Top Reason to Join Las Atlantis Casino

As you might have guessed from the welcome bonus, Las Atlantis Casino is known as an online casino that focuses on slot games. Those that prefer this type of casino game will love it. Rest assured that there are also a variety of fun table and video poker games being offered here, too.

Wild Casino – $5,000 Welcome Bonus

We’re sticking with the “new US online casino” theme here. Wild Casino officially launched back in 2017. In just over three years it’s developed a huge user base. Many members love the unique, jungle-theme that it offers.

There aren’t many things you can criticize here. Wild Casino checks off all the boxes for what a new, safe online casino should provide. The fact that it offers a fantastic, simple welcome bonus to its members certainly helps, too.

This one is a little different than some of the others. It’s a multi-tiered bonus that can be used up to $5,000. The first is a 250% bonus up to $1,000. The next four come out to a 100% bonus up to $1,000. It’s simple, effective, and allows you to significantly boost what’s inside your Wild Casino account.

Top Reason to Join Wild Casino

Wild Casino is another one of these new internet casinos that wants to offer its players everything. Here, you’ll find slots, table games, and video poker. There are also a variety of fun live dealer games available that make it feel as if you’re playing inside an actual land-based casino! This variety of quality games makes it a great choice for casino gamblers everywhere.

High Country Casino – 500% Welcome Bonus Up to $2,500

On paper, and when compared to some of the others on this list, the welcome promotion over at High Country Casino might not seem like one of the best US online casino bonuses for January 2021. We believe that when taking everything into account, it is!

This one is a modest 500% welcome bonus up to $2,500. The minimum deposit to qualify for this offer is $25. It also comes with a 45x rollover requirement. This bonus offers the largest opportunity to increase the amount of money you first wager into your online casino account.

High Country Casino isn’t the flashiest US casino website out there. Some might even claim it’s design looks outdated. This site is extremely safe, though, and offers modern games and a clear user interface for its members.

Top Reason to Join High Country Casino

Simplicity. It’s easy to find a casino website offering all sorts of bells and whistles. Finding a simple, reliable casino site can be a little harder. That is what High Country Casino offers. We also love the welcome bonus being offered here.


There are more online casinos in the US than ever before. Each of the ones listed above has gained a fantastic reputation for being safe and providing their members with great games. Give them a look today to find some of the best US online casino bonuses for January 2021.

Make sure to reach out with any additional questions. Good luck making your bets!