Best Things to Experience Near Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort in Iowa

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So, you’ve spent a day or two at Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort and now, you have another day to explore the area. Despite its status as a small town, you’ll find plenty of fun things to do in the Larchwood, Iowa, area. The town that houses the casino.

And today’s post covers all of what you’ll find in the area—the fun things, anyway. Below, you’ll find outdoor and recreational activities, a winery, and even a cool restaurant and escape room.

If there’s one guaranteed wager you can make, it’s that the fun never stops in this vibrant small town. Whether you’re taking a day off from the casino gaming or if it’s up to you to plan some hot vacation outings, you’ll enjoy one of these attractions in small-town America.

Let’s get started.

1 – Good Earth State Park

As in many cases of small-town America, you’ll discover excellent hiking trails. So, if you’re heading to Larchwood, chances are you’re looking to explore the surrounding scenery. And nothing beats the landscape and hiking trails you’ll stumble upon at Good Earth State Park.

Since you’ll find Grand Falls Casino in the Sioux Falls, South Dakota metro area, this attraction is technically one state over.

Plus, they have tons of fun things to do in the area. You’ll find common recreational activities like hunting, fishing, and camping at the park. Plus, hiking, mountain biking, and trail running comprise a few popular things to do in the area.

But even if the above activities aren’t for you, the fun never ends here, and you’ll find just as many cool things to do as you would table games at Grand Falls Casino.

Birdwatching, ATV and off-highway riding, boating, archery, target shooting, disc golf, snowmobiling, and skiing are a few more fun activities.

The list never ends. When the outdoors and recreation are your thing, especially at the gates of America’s Great Northwest, a trip to Good Earth State Park is calling you.

2 – Mary Jo Wagner Arboretum

You’ll also find the East Sioux Falls Historic Site at the area. And per TripAdvisor’s description, the Mary Jo Wagner Arboretum “began as a dream.”

Fascinating, right? She envisioned a spot in the Sioux Falls area where plants native to the region, wetlands, and gardens could grow and flourish uninterrupted. It’s something you won’t often find in the bulk of America’s major cities.

So, if you’re one who craves natural conservation, the Mary Jo Wagner Arboretum is a must-see location on your trip to Grand Falls Casino. As with the Good Earth State Park, you’re immersing yourself even further into South Dakota’s and Northwest Iowa’s natural scenery.

Mary Jo Wagner Arboretum

Come out and enjoy the view, learn about the native plants, catch a breathtaking glimpse of the tree lines lining the horizon, the waterfalls, and so much more. This, along with Good Earth, are the top places on today’s list if you’re a nature enthusiast.

3 – Calico Skies Vineyard and Winery

Looking for a place to spend a summer afternoon in Northwest Iowa’s wide open skies?

Nothing defines America’s west like the atmosphere you’ll get at Calico Skies Vineyard and Winery. Locals who have reviewed the location on TripAdvisor agree that they either will or have made return trips to this exciting venue.

Complete with reasonable prices for wines, stunning views of America’s Midwest, fantastic, locally grown wine, an excellent staff, and even music if you’re there on a Sunday afternoon.

They also hold special events like wedding receptions, so perhaps such an event is your primary draw.

You’ll stumble across the location right in the river valley near the Iowa-South Dakota border. A common theme in today’s post is that even if we’re talking much about locations surrounding the Iowa-based Grand Falls Casino, the great State of South Dakota is making its presence known.

4 – Willow Run

Willow Run is the perfect place if you’re in the mood for a fine game of golf. And best yet, it’s close to our next phenomenal vacation stop, Arrowhead Park.

If you have already gotten your casino fill in but feel like something is missing, head over to Willow Run and get your golf game on.

Want more fun? They even have winter hours between January and March. So, while most of your golf courses shut down for the season, you still have one option in the area.

Plus, Willow Run ranks as one of your top golf courses around. It has received a solid 4 out of 5 stars per Golf Digest. And along with its many challenges throughout, you’re also getting yet another scenic treat on the Iowa-South Dakota state line.

Whether you’re an avid golfer or if you’re just here for the scenery, there’s always something to love at Willow Run. Oh, and they also have several amenities in the clubhouse. They include a fitness center, an indoor pool, and a jacuzzi.

Willow Run Golf Course

So, if you’re a member of GreatLIFE, be sure to check out the location for yourself.

5 – Arrowhead Park

Yes, small-town America brings a lot of nature to its attractions, and Arrowhead Park is yet another attraction between Larchwood and its metropolis neighbor, Sioux Falls. You’ll find this one right at the large city’s outskirts, so it’s not exactly as small-town-esque.

As with Good Earth State Park, you’re looking at yet another fantastic option comprising hiking and biking trails. It’s a great place to bird-watch, too.

Filled with open prairie at the location, it’s also a great place for a picnic. So, if you’re in the mood for even further recreation, Arrowhead Park is yet another fantastic landing spot to catch an outdoor cardio workout along with wide open skies and scenery.

Whether it’s birdwatching, animal watching, photography, a walk or run through nature, or just a simple place to relax and have a picnic, Arrowhead Park is it.

6 – Attic Bar and Grill

Rarely do you see a bar hit one of these lists. But Attic Bar and Grill certainly poses enough flair that it’s one of those dining options you need to consider frequenting, even if you’re having the time of your life at Grand Falls Casino.

It’s a great option if you’re looking into venturing to Sioux Falls to kick off the nightlife and to catch some of the finer things that the city offers. As a sports bar, it’s a fantastic venue to catch the big game. Or if you’re looking for local flair and fare, it’s also a solid option.

And don’t forget that the City of Sioux Falls itself is full of awesome activities, whether you’re traveling into the metropolis by day or night.

Make a trip to Attic Bar and Grill as your first stop to what will sure be a rocking and rolling time in one of the Heartland’s most outstanding cities.

Alcohol Bottles on Bar Stand

Reviewers on TripAdvisor have praised the food, appetizers, and beer. Some complain about the noise level. But what else should you expect from a sports bar?

As long as you’re cool with the loud environment, head out for great sports-based comfort food, service, the local game, and the beginning of a night to remember.

7 – Conquer Escape Rooms

It only has four reviews on TripAdvisor, but they’re all positive. One reason for the low number of reviews is because this is new to the area.

Just a few minutes outside Sioux Falls, you’re looking at three distinct Hollywood-style escape rooms. So, if you’re looking to come back for seconds or if you’re just an escape room addict, this attraction should jump to the top of your list.

Pick your poison and see if you can escape the Escape Plan, Recon, or Diamond Quest rooms.

Escape Plan carries a prison theme, complete with dark, dank corridors, replicas of electric chairs, and other prison-related slash horror props.

Per the photos on TripAdvisor, it sort of looks like something found out of a Saw movie.

Diamond Quest holds an Indiana Jones theme. If you’re a fan of the character or the franchise, that one is for you. They weren’t as clear on the Recon theme, but per photos on TripAdvisor, it looks like it’s a war and bunker theme. It sounds interesting, to say the least.

Whichever theme you pick, you’re looking at a totally new adrenaline-pumping game that you can take part in away from Grand Falls Casino. And while you won’t bet any money here, you will probably embark on an unforgettable ride that you’ll find in few other cities.

Area Overview

Of course, the seven locations listed above are just a few slices of the whole Sioux falls pie. If you’re playing at Grand Falls Casino Resort, chances are you may venture in and explore the city of Sioux Falls.

But if you’re looking for the small-town flair, today’s post gives you a plethora of ideas to choose from.

So, what are you waiting for? Head out and explore the area surrounding Grand Falls Casino Resort and embark on an unforgettable vacation in small-town America. There’s also the metropolis, if you have Sioux Falls in mind.

Have you been to Grand Falls Casino Resort and some of its surrounding attractions? If so, tell us about your experience in the comments. We’re looking forward to reading your stories.