7 Must-See Attractions Near WinnaVegas Casino Resort

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WinnaVegas Casino Resort remains one of the top reasons for heading out to the Sloan area in Iowa. But there are also many other fun attractions to embark on when you go play in Sloan. Today’s list will show you what else there is to do with your time if you’re looking to take a break from the resort.

Below, you will find a few attractions that include fun games sure to give you the adrenaline rush of a lifetime. But you will also discover state parks, an art center, and a couple of cool museums.

So, if you need a few ideas on what to do out there when you’re not within the grounds of WinnaVegas Casino Resort, use today’s post as a good place to begin.

Ready to see what’s in the area? Keep reading to discover Sloan, Iowa.

Lewis and Clark State Park

Looking for recreation? Look no further than Lewis and Clark State Park. And while you probably won’t embark on the hike of a lifetime like Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, you will find plenty of outdoor activities at this historic park.

They have hiking trails, basketball courts, and beaches along the banks of the Missouri River. They also have picnic outlets, campsites, places to go boating and swimming, and beaches at the 250-acre Blue Lake. You will also find playgrounds, benches, and some sweet attractions within the attraction.

If you take time off from the real money casino gaming at WinnaVegas Casino Resort, be sure to check out the full-size replica of the keelboat Lewis and Clark used to travel up the Missouri River.

And if you’re wondering, the original keelboat came from the exact area the state park resides in today. In which Lewis and Clark frequented themselves. So, if you are hiking, it’s likely that you’re walking along the same paths of some of America’s most famous explorers.

Mid-America Museum of Transportation and Aviation

Do you want to embark on a tale like none other?

No, you won’t be traveling back in time as far as you would if you took the ancestor’s tale. But this one will tell a tale of the complete history of aviation and transportation in America. You will go back to the late 19th century and go on an educational experience like none other in the region.

You will find unique artifacts that tell the tale of the aviation and transportation industries that range from aircraft to old school automobiles and even bicycles.

This is a fine place if you’re traveling to the area with your family and if they’re looking for something that will suit all ages and interest levels, regardless if they’re looking for a story in the aviation or transportation fields.

And if you’re a history buff, it’s a fantastic place to spend an hour or spend a day.

National Museum of the US Air Force WWI Exhibit

Monona County Veteran’s Memorial Museum

Looking to get a taste of military history in the area? The Monona County Veteran’s Memorial Museum is thriving with history so much that many reviewers via TripAdvisor would rather frequent this smaller, more intimate museum over the bigger names in the industry.

It’s a small museum, so you won’t spend longer than an hour frequenting its low-quantity yet high-quality exhibits and collection. It’s the perfect place to go if you’re looking to take just a little time off from the slots and tables at WinnaVegas Casino Resort.

You will find cool stories behind every artifact, so there is a lot of history at this location. It’s a must-see of the must-sees if you’re into history, especially military history at the regional level.

Combat Live

Looking for a different type of gaming than what you will find at WinnaVegas? Head over to Combat Live and you will find it. Complete with the latest gaming consoles and PCs, this hidden gem is a fantastic place to unwind from the adrenaline-pumping gaming at WinnaVegas to opt for something different.

Along with surefire connections, fun games, and the latest systems, you will also find laser tag here. And per the single review on TripAdvisor (yes, it’s that obscure), it’s more than just your traditional laser tag. Brace yourself for something new and have an unforgettable evening!

Combat Live is also a good place to frequent if you’re in town for a family vacation with older kids in their teen years. Make sure you place this one high on your vacation itinerary if you’re more than just a casino gamer.

The fun is just beginning at Combat Live.

The Greatest Escape

One of this post’s themes is the number of games you can play in the area. Sure, you got endless casino gaming over at WinnaVegas and we just covered Combat Live. Now, I’m saying that you have yet another fun gaming option to get excited over. This one is, you guessed it, an escape room.

It’s one of the best things to do in the Sloan/Sioux City area, so if you’re in town with friends, family, or a travel group, mark this must-see attraction on the top of your vacation itinerary into the area.

The Greatest Escape is a small business, and they pride themselves on their customer service. And if you need any convincing, the reviewers per TripAdvisor agree with that sentiment.

Oh, and about the escape room itself, reviewers rave about the experience they had when they went over. They commend The Greatest Escape’s original concepts, including the puzzles and creativity of the place. Plus, they give bonus points for the venue’s cleanliness.

And with 23 reviews on TripAdvisor as of January 2021, with 22 of the 23 handing the venue a perfect 5 stars, you know you’re in for an amazing time at this facility.

Siouxland Freedom Park

Siouxland Freedom Park is another obscure, yet hidden, diamond in the rough near WinnaVegas Casino Resort. Here, you will find a Vietnam Memorial Wall, a few monuments, trails for hiking, biking, and running, plus major development areas all over the property.

Little Miami Scenic Trail

And yes, expect Siouxland Freedom Park’s best days to be ahead. And it’s relatively new. As of February 2018, many reviewers have stated the park to be in development, with a few sites already completed.

Here in 2021, you can place a winning bet that Siouxland Freedom Park is a thriving property that holds a lot of promise. Both now and in the future. Of all the attractions on this list, this one is by far the newest. And it also boasts a lot of awesome potential.

So, if you’re looking for a place full of awesome recreational activity for you and your family, look no further than Siouxland Freedom Park. Explore the area, see what they have set up since those 2018 reviews, and spend a day connecting with nature.

And don’t forget to check out the awesome memorials and monuments in the area that will probably end up as National Historical Landmarks in the future. This a potential-based attraction that holds a lot of promise.

Woodland Trails Art Center

This is a fantastic place to explore if you’re looking to gain insight on the arts and crafts of the area’s Native Americans. Here, you will find an amazing selection of Native American-designed pillows, quilts, pottery, tees, photos, drums, and other hot items.

A trip to the Woodland Trails Art Center is a great place to shops if you’re looking for a unique piece of artwork to take home to commemorate your stay in the Sloan/Sioux Falls area.

Oh, and you won’t just find the best artworks in the area. If you’re playing at WinnaVegas Casino Resort for an extended period, the Woodland Trails Art Center is one place in the area you can return to a few times, as they also offer classes on how to make one of their plethora of crafts.

Yes, you can take classes on beading, weaving, and other Native American-inspired arts. Not only can you buy a finished craft to take home with you, but you can also create your own.

How’s that for a must-see attraction? So, head on over, immerse yourself in the artwork, buy something to remember your trip to the region. And if you have some free time, why not create your own?


WinnaVegas Casino Resort is a popular destination in an area full of obscure hidden gems that Sloan, Iowa is. Even if they’re relatively close to the larger Sioux City. Make your way to WinnaVegas, play your favorite real money casino games, frequent your favorite restaurants, then head out for some unforgettable explorations.

And yes, a few of those must-see attractions are in the same places Lewis and Clark themselves explored, so you’re walking into a lot of history as you stumble upon these 7 must-see attractions near WinnaVegas Casino Resort.

If there is one sure bet you can make, it’s that you are in for the trip of a lifetime to small-town Iowa.

Have you been to WinnaVegas Casino Resort? If so, did you explore any of the above attractions? Let us know in the comments and share your experience. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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