Best Sushi in Atlantic City

Closeup of Sushi Rolls With a Sushi Restaurant Background

Despite the name “Atlantic” being in the name of Atlantic City, the ocean isn’t always what comes to mind when people think about this popular gambling destination. Just like the desert isn’t the first think you think about when you hear “Las Vegas,” Atlantic City brings to mind thoughts of bright lights, big shows, and fun-filled casinos.

Still, Atlantic City does sit right there on the coast, which means it has access to a fair amount of the bounty of the ocean. There are a number of great raw bars and seafood places dotted all across the city, but sometimes, you might want your seafood served with a Japanese flair.

It’s time to hit the sushi bar! Fortunately, just like Atlantic City can satisfy your cravings for real money slots, poker action, and casino buffets, there are a number of places where you can get a great platter of sushi in Atlantic City.

I found over a dozen restaurants that are known for the sushi. Still, I narrowed down that list to these 10 eateries you have to try.

10 – Yama Fusion Japanese Restaurant

Yama has been a staple for sushi in Atlantic City for a while now, earning long-time fans who flock back to this mid-sized eatery as often as they can. More than just a sushi bar, Yama (like other entries on the list) features a number of delicious Japanese menu items, most of which are cooked on the hibachi.

Still, this is a list made for sushi lovers. So ,when you go to Yama, check out the Hot Lover roll, the Spicy Blue Crab roll, or just enjoy a platter of fresh sashimi.

Even better, Yama is located near the coast so you can play in the sand all day, then stop in for some really good sushi.

9 – Megu Sushi Modern Japanese Cuisine

The brainchild of a husband and wife duo, Megu has a reputation for serving the freshest sushi in and around Atlantic City. Like Yama, Megu’s menu runs the gamut of various Japanese dishes. This is good for those who want variety or “don’t like raw fish.”

Fine Dining Shrimp Tempura Roll

For the rest of us, Megu offers the Megu Roll (you know it’s good when the restaurant puts their name on it), the Sweetheart roll (crab and shrimp on the inside with shrimp, smoked salmon, and avocado on the outside), and the no rice Naruto Roll (sadly, there’s no anime involved).

Also, while it’s not technically sushi, I’ll give it a nod and say you should also order the tuna dumpling, which is slices of raw tuna stuffed with crabmeat salad.

8 – Tomatoes

To be clear, the name of this list is the best sushi in Atlantic City, not the best sushi restaurants, which is why we’re happy to put Tomatoes in Margate on our list. However, Tomatoes is a little hard to pin down in terms of exactly what kind of cuisine it features.

When you enter this very modern, almost bistro-like eatery, you can order from their wide selection of wines and champagnes. You can enjoy sushi appetizers, plates, maki, specialty rolls, etc. Or you can order veal parm or lobster marguerite… Because that makes sense to them, I guess?

Regardless, as seemingly unfocused as the menu at Tomatoes may be, the sushi is amazing and that’s all we care about.

For starters, their nigiri selection is large and reasonably priced. I suggest the flying fish roe yellowtail and peppercorn salmon. I also suggest the American Dream maki (crab, shrimp, lobster, and peppered salmon in one maki) and the Jason (a roll featuring spicy lobster).

Really, any of the rolls are great, though, so feel free to experiment and see what you like. Perhaps pair it with a side of spaghetti and meatballs?

7 – Waterfront Buffet at Harrah’s

You can’t talk about Atlantic City dining without at least mentioning a casino buffet at some point. And when it comes to buffet sushi, my pick is the sushi station at the Waterfront Buffet.

Not only is the Waterfront Buffet a must-try for the best buffets in Atlantic City in general, but they have all-you-can-eat sushi. The selections may not be the most exciting in the world, but there’s a lot of it and it’s well-made! This buffet at Harrah’s is the perfect way to get your sushi fix in Atlantic City while trying everything else the buffet has to offer.

6 – Kuro at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

When it comes to Kuro, there’s only one word you need to know—omakase.

If you don’t speak sushi restaurant, omakase is Japanese for shut up and put delicious sushi in my mouth… Well, actually it translates to “I’ll leave it up to you,” according to Wikipedia. Regardless, what omakase means at Kuro is that you’re agreeing to pay one of three set prices for 16 pieces of whatever the chef feels is best.

Sushi Served on a Wooden Plate

If you have a good sushi chef (and trust me, they’re good at the ultra-chic Kuro), you are going to be treated to the sushi meal of your lifetime.

On the other hand, if you’re not ready to put your sushi fate in someone else’s skilled hands, Kuro has a menu broken up by five flavors, and it features a mix of local and authentic Japanese ingredients. Their sashimi menu is about on par with some other entries on the list.

They do have some maki, including the spicy tuna and salmon avocado. But they really seem to want to serve nigiri and sashimi. Given their commitment to local food, that’s A-okay by me!

5 – Okatshe by Jose Garces

Iron Chef Jose Garces loves Atlantic City, and that’s great because I’m a fan of his cooking.

His sushi masterpiece, Okatshe, has a larger selection of gourmet, even luxury, Japanese menu items than sushi. With that said, they do have some lovely sashimi and nigiri selections (perhaps king yellowtail or wasabi tobiko?) and a good selection of rolls.

When you come here, try the crab and shrimp tempura and the creole roll (tuna tartare and shrimp tempura with remoulade). It’s no surprise that this restaurant comes highly rated!

4 – Lillie’s Asian Cuisine

Nestled in Atlantic City’s Golden Nugget, Lillie’s Asian Cuisine is a pan-Asian experience that serves everything from sushi to hot pot (seriously, they have a hot pot menu). Unfortunately, hot pot menus will have to wait for another day because I’m talking sushi.

Sushi Roll With Red Lighting

At Lillie’s Asian Cuisine, the specialty rolls are the star of the show. For my money, it has to be the hand grenade roll (a handroll with scallops, shrimp, and mango) or the sex on the beach roll (a California roll kicked up with jalapenos and spicy sauce).

3 – Oshi Modern Asian Kitchen

Oshi (once called Oshi Sushi and Sake) is a small, unassuming sushi place in Harrah’s with a small, but delicious set of sushi offerings.

It’s also a pan-Asian restaurant that can take you to many different parts of the continent with a menu not much bigger than a door hanger. With that said, go to Oshi when you’re around Harrah’s because they do some beautiful things with sushi.

Their sashimi menu isn’t huge, but the Hamachi (or Hamachi ponzu) are both fresh and delicious as is the unagi and maguro tuna. For specialty rolls, you have a small selection, but each one is a work of art.

This includes the Sunfire roll (spicy salmon and torched white tuna with avocado) and the Crispy Hamachi Yellowtail Roll. It’s not very upscale, but that doesn’t mean it’s not delicious.

2 – Izakaya in the Borgata Hotel

Modeled after authentic Japanese pubs, Izakaya has a very distinguished and long Japanese cuisine menu. It features everything from Japanese BBQ to fish to meat dishes. Again, I want to stay focused on that sushi selection, though.

Izakaya has a good selection of sushi rolls from which you can pick. Upon even a first glance at the menu, both the toro scallion and the crispy Maine lobster rolls are both winners as are the spicy Japanese scallops.

1 – Souzai Sushi and Sake

I don’t have a problem with any sushi place serving a wide variety of Japanese or pan-Asian dishes. I do love the fact that Souzai has its own sushi and sashimi menu, though.

Platter of Sushi With a Beach View

The types of rolls at Souzai are all over the map, from a humble California roll to more adventurous selections. With that said, I found the sweet potato and spicy crispy shrimp rolls to both be excellent choices.

I also found their happy hour prices to be an awesome find, as I can eat a lot of sushi and happy hour makes that whole experience possible.


As you can see, there are a number of restaurants in Atlantic City where you can go to enjoy a wide variety of Japanese dishes, including some great sushi rolls, nigiri, and sashimi.

Even better, most of the places are so near the ocean that you can smell the sea breeze while you eat the seafood.