The Best Steakhouses in Atlantic City

Two Steaks on Plate, Atlantic City View
There’s just something about the glitz and glamour of Atlantic City that screams for steak. Of course, Atlantic City also says beautiful boardwalk views, a city remade for your gambling pleasure, etc., but when you think old school casinos, you think old school casino food. That means jumbo shrimp and big hunks of red meat for not a lot of money.

Fortunately, even as today’s Atlantic City gambling scene remakes itself into a modern gambling destination, it is more than happy to keep alive at least parts of that old school food tradition. You can find good places across the city to get yourself a great steak (and really good shrimp, but that’s another story), but, sadly, you will end up paying modern prices in this modern city.

Despite that, we’ve found several places where you can get an impressive steak and just not mind that modern price tag.

Believe me, the places we’re about to share with you are just that good.

8- Morton’s The Steak House

At some level it feels a little strange to start a list of the best steakhouses with a chain restaurant.

However, the inclusion of Morton’s on this top eight isn’t a reflection of the steakhouse situation in Atlantic City. Rather, it’s a reflection of just how much I like Morton’s.

Indeed, I like it well enough that I put on this list next to offerings of Atlantic City classics and celebrity chefs. I like the modern steaks and the old-time classics. They’re all done well, and frankly, given the prices you’re going to pay for a steak in AC, you might as well go to a place you know will get you a great steak.

7- Bobby Flay Steak

Technically, Bobbly Flay Steak could also be considered a chain restaurant because there is a wide Bobby Flay empire and its possible to get steak at many of them. However, there is only one Bobby Flay Steak, which is kind of a shame because it’s pretty decent.

The atmosphere at Bobby Flay is definitely elegant steakhouse, with nice views of the lobster tanks and the wine storage. There are plenty of dishes to choose from both from the sea and the land, but the gem of the menu is the Philadelphia strip steak. Try it medium rare and you won’t be sorry.

Steak Dinner Dish, Chef Bobby Flay

I have to say, though, Bobby Flay Steak’s dessert menu is the true star. The dedicated dessert menu features individual apple pies, Jersey cheesecakes, baked Alaska, and other dishes.

Believe me, there’s a strong temptation to do a light meal and order four desserts.

6- Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Okay, this is another chain place, but again, it’s Ruth’s Chris Steak House. It’s actually one of the first places I had a truly gourmet (read: expensive as all get out steak) and just has a special place in my heart and, truth be told, arteries.

With all that said, I challenge you to find many more great cuts of meat than Ruth’s Chris, even if the luster has gone dull on this diamond overall.

Go for the rib eye and potato when you go and make sure they serve it with the butter sizzling. That butter is by far and away the best part.

The second best part, though, are the potatoes. You can have them fried, mashed, baked, au gratin-ized (not a word, but you get what I mean), lyonnaised or you can even have the sweet variety in a casserole.

Steak and potatoes…there’s nothing wrong with that.

5- Robert’s Steakhouse

Steaks, lamb chops, oysters, tuna crudo, colossal shrimp cocktail…take your pick when you go to Robert’s Steakhouse, another fine entry in the list of Atlantic City steakhouses. This one, located in the Taj Mahal, features a classic steakhouse menu topped off by several steaks for two (a porterhouse and a rib eye) and a delightful looking Gold Label Kobe New York Strip.

Two Steaks with Rosemary on Pan

Start the evening off with crab cakes or yellowtail sashimi, then order your fine piece of steak, and top it with the bounty of the sea. (Did I mention they have butter poached lobster?)

Finally, pick one of Robert’s sauces and dig into one an incredible steak dinner.

4- The Palm Atlantic City

There are several Palms, but only one Palm Atlantic City. This steakhouse sits about a mile off the boardwalk and is the ideal mix of two different worlds. On one hand, you have some very formal/fancy meals in restaurant where you might wear a collared shirt, but not a suit and you eat under the watchful gaze of hundreds of caricatures on the wall.

This makes it a great place to come and relax with a cocktail. Or you can sit down with the dinner menu and choose from dozens of beautiful plates.

For starters, how can you pass up carpaccio of beef tenderloin and a baby kale Caesar. For dinner, all your favorite steaks are on display as are sea bass, salmon, branzino in chimichurri and Italian favorites like Veal Martini and linguine and clams.

No matter what you choose, you really can’t go wrong at The Palm.

3- Old Homestead

Like a lot of restaurants in Atlantic City, Old Homestead started off as a New York City eatery. However, the owners (Marc and Greg Sherry) decided there were fortunes to be made on the boardwalk and opened a second Old Homestead in the Borgata Hotel, Casino & Spa.

They claim that their AC menu is exactly the same as their New York menu, which is good because it will let hungry New Yorkers know what to expect when they stop by. It also means that the Sherry brothers didn’t mess with success when they moved to a different state.

Hand Cutting Steak on a Plate

When you decide to try Old Homestead, the pepper crusted seared tuna looks like a great way to start the meal (along with that special bread preparation.) A little visit to the raw bar never hurt anyone and is a great way to set up your appetite for the 34oz. Gotham rib steak which is a steal at the prices they charge.

Add a salt encrusted twice baked potato or linguine on the side and you will have a meal that you love eating and hate yourself for when you try to waddle back to the room.

2- Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse

An award winning Steakhouse, Vic & Anthony’s just oozes with luxury and quality. It has this classic look to it that always reminds me of where the beautiful people hung out in classic movies.

That décor may draw you to Vic & Anthony’s, but it’s the menu, though, that will keep you in rapt attention. It’s so hard to pick an appetizer, so I will recommend three: the crab and shrimp martini with kimchi slaw, the cured meats and artisan cheese tray and the professional caviar.

All jokes about semi-pro caviar aside, it’s hard to find that retro caviar course that reminds you of how we used to eat back in the day. Vic & Anthony’s has it.

If you want a hot appetizer, the roasted bone marrow with maple syrup is a can’t miss.

For the steak, go right past the regular cuts and find the specialty cuts. If you have two hungry eaters, might I suggest the tomahawk chop? If not, the American Wagyu ribeye is probably calling your name. If not, the lobster tails are.

Finish up the night with Jersey long hots or duck fat potatoes and you will be doing okay for yourself.

1- Gallagher’s Steakhouse

Gallagher’s is another steakhouse that lets its hair down a little bit and mixes an old school almost Italian restaurant with luxurious steak selections.

The original Gallagher’s opened in New York in NYC and was the first to serve New York strip steak. However, this Gallagher’s is firmly in Atlantic City and is ready to serve you delicious food.,

Steak and Vegetables on Plate

At Gallagher’s, I want to order the artisanal cheese board, but I can’t resist a good hot seafood platter (in this case, that means coconut shrimp, clams casino and fried calamari.) For my entrée, I can’t not order the King Cut of prime rib (or the Queen Cut were I ever to feel less hungry…)

For my sides, the roasted cauliflower caught my eye as did the crispy fried Vidalia onions. If I wanted something a little less fancy, the white truffle fries are also a good option.


If you had eight nights, you could try all eight of these restaurants and tell me which one you think is the best. In my opinion, they’re all good and all of them bring something interesting and delicious to the party.

Whether you want a Philly strip steak at Bobby Flay Steak, veal at the Palm, or some of the salty caviar at Vic & Anthony’s, you can’t go wrong. All you need to do is head out to Atlantic City and you are sure to find a meal you will love.