Here Are the Best Post-Election Betting Options Available Online

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The 2020 US election seems to have wrapped up. It’s great news for the millions of individuals around the world that wagered on Joe Biden to win. Now, many gambling fans are looking for more post-election betting options. Today, I’m will go over some of the best things available to wager on online right now.

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Joe Biden Is Declared Winner of the 2020 US Election

This year’s US presidential election was one of the most contentious in recent history. It was clear that both candidates had a legitimate opportunity to win. Despite the polls swinging heavily in Joe Biden’s favor, many felt Donald Trump had a real chance of reelection.

The election was also one of the most bet-on events of all time. People around the country headed to different gambling sites just to bet on the results. Heading into election night, most sites had Biden listed as a slight favorite.

Joe Biden and His Wife Jill Biden

These odds turned out to be correct. It took a few days for some states to release their results, but Biden was eventually declared the victor. Capturing Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Nevada was instrumental in his election victory. In the end, Biden earned 274 electoral votes to Trump’s 214.

Those that wagered on the former VP are certainly happy with their winnings. That includes one individual that bet an incredible $1.3 million on Biden to win.

Election results have been declared, yet many are still looking to make wagers on what might happen over the next few months. Let’s take a look at some political wagers still available online!

Top Post-Election Betting Options Available Right Now

Anyone following the election knows that things will take time to conclude. President Trump is preparing to mount a legal dispute in several states. As of today, he has yet to formally concede the presidency.

It’s a very interesting time for the country. No one seems to know how things will look over the next few weeks. Fortunately, bettors still have some amazing opportunity to wager on different political outcomes!

Here are some of the best post-election betting options available through BetOnline.

Bet on Whether or Not Trump Will Concede During Next Public Address

It would seem that the election has concluded. That is not the case, though. There are still many steps that need to be taken for Joe Biden’s election to be outright confirmed. With the legal disputes expected to come forward, this process could take months.

Now, members of BetOnline can bet on whether or not Trump decided to concede during his next public address. Based on his Twitter account, that seems highly unlikely. Anything is possible, though.

Trump holds odds of +300 to formally concede during his next public speech. He also holds odds of -500 to continue pushing against concession. This is one that could pay off quickly, as Trump is expected to give another public address soon.

Bet on Which Party Controls the House in 2022

Prior to election night, there was real debate over which party would control the House. It seemed highly likely that Democrats would retain control. That ended up being true, and House Democrats now hold 219 seats out of the 435.

The Democrats will hold their majority for two years. Many are now asking how things will shake up in 2022. As of now, BetOnline gives the party odds of -200 to retain control in the race a couple of years from now.

Could things change? Definitely! And you can bet on it right now. There are currently odds of +150 for the Republican Party to take the House in 2022.

Bet on Which Party Controls the Senate in 2021

As most know, the Republicans had control of the Senate heading into election night. It seemed reasonable to assume the GOP would keep control. These predictions are still in place, and we now seem to be on the verge of knowing which party gains the majority.

Georgia Senate Runoff Election Candidates

Two races in Georgia will decide which party holds the majority. Everyone seems focused on the Georgia runoff elections on January 5th. There’s a real chance that things end up switching around in a major way.

As of now, however, the Republicans still hold -500 odds to win the Senate next year. The Democratic Party holds odds of +300 to pull off the upset. It’s easy to see why many feel these are the best post-election betting options available online right now.

Bet on When a COVID-19 Vaccine Is Developed

The world’s scientific community is working extremely hard to develop an effective vaccine to combat the impact of the novel coronavirus. Considering how long these vaccines generally take, this process is taking place extremely quickly. New reports even claim that a new vaccine has been formed with an ability to protect by 90%.

Bettors can bet on a vaccine being released before January 1st with odds of +300. Think it will end up taking longer than that? You can always take the odds of -500 that a vaccine ends up being released sometime after January 1st.

These odds aren’t necessarily political, yet they remain some of the best post-election betting options being offered right now. Everyone is focused on coming up with a safe, effective vaccine. This will help the world return to some sense of normalcy.

More Great Online Betting Options Right Now

There are a huge number of fantastic betting options available right now. Some of these involve political betting. Others are focused on current events. Gambling fans will have no trouble finding fun things to wager on.

The popularity of MMA betting online has exploded recently. The UFC and Bellator are now holding events on a regular basis. BetOnline is offering odds on every single one of these events being held around the world.

BetOnline Casino Game List

This site also provides some fantastic casino games. Here, you’ll find slots, table games, and more!

Now is a great time to be a gambling fan. It will be interesting to see how things evolve with the presidential election process and the runoff elections. Make sure to stay tuned for updates!

Do you plan on making any more political wagers this year? Will President Trump decide to concede this year? Let me know in the comments section below!