3 Best Places to Stay in Las Vegas For Your Honeymoon

Bride and Groom With a Las Vegas Sign Background

In a city that is notorious for sin, hence the nickname “Sin City,” a person might question if it’s even possible to have a romantic time in Las Vegas.

Sure, we’ve all heard the stories about people who went on vacation to Las Vegas and got married to a stranger in front of a fat Elvis impersonator for fun. But what about folks who actually love Las Vegas and actually want to spend their honeymoon there?

On this page, we’ll talk a little bit about why Las Vegas is a great destination for your honeymoon. And if you’re already getting married there, why not make it an all-inclusive trip? We’ll also discuss thre three best places to stay for your honeymoon in Las Vegas.

Why You Should Spend Your Honeymoon in Las Vegas

With how much Las Vegas has evolved, there are plenty of romantic ways to spend your honeymoon in Las Vegas. One thing that I think a lot of people forget about is that Vegas is not just filled with gambling and drinking and bachelor parties, it also has some of the most luxurious hotels and resorts in the entire United States. It’s a place where you can get incredible food and enjoy some of the most amazing and mind-blowing shows on the face of the Earth.

Just look at the dozens of resorts that couples have the option to stay at! So many of the Las Vegas hotels feature some of the most luxurious places to honeymoon in the whole country. You’ll find penthouse suites at the tops of some of the finest hotels in the world that cater to your every need and whim. There are even some resorts that have what they call “anticipatory service” where they try to anticipate your every need.

Sky View of CityCenter Las Vegas

Imagine waking up in the morning hungry and getting a call at just the right time from the staff asking if you want breakfast in bed. Imagine that you are on the second day of your honeymoon and you just need a little time to yourself, only to find out that the staff is ready and waiting to escort you to a personal massage and a day at the spa.

If that doesn’t sound like an incredible honeymoon, I don’t know what does.

Rooms with comfortable beds, marble bathrooms, spa-sized bathtubs, sleek and comfortable sheets, and upscale restaurants provide the perfect foundation for the most romantic experience for a couple. You’ll get to spend as much time in your cozy bed as you like while feasting on room service that makes the best restaurants back home seem like fast food places, then you’ll get to go out at night and eat at restaurants run by some of the best chefs in the entire world.

More and more couples in this day and age are deciding to spend their post-wedding honeymoon on The Las Vegas Strip because of all the luxurious options and amenities, and there are plenty more reasons why a vacation in Las Vegas is a great honeymoon opportunity.

That being said, there are so many different options available for your honeymoon stay in Las Vegas that it can be really hard to figure out just where you want to go. That’s why I’ve put together this list to help you figure out exactly where to spend your hard-earned money so that you get a great honeymoon experience (or heck, to spend your parents’ or friends’ money if they’re footing the bill!).

With hundreds of things to do in Las Vegas, I will focus on the resorts themselves, specifically the places that are the best to stay at for couples that are on their honeymoon, but keep in mind that these places would be fantastic and luxurious places to stay for any couple at any point in their married lives, whether it’s before you get married and you’re still dating or if you’ve been married for twenty years (or thirty, or forty, or fifty!).

1 – Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas

This is one of the most well-known and beloved luxury hotel options for couples that are looking for romance and have the money to spend to live in the lap of luxury for a few days or a few weeks. A honeymoon is meant to be a romantic time where all the cares of the world fall from you and you get to focus on the one you love for a few weeks without interruption.

The Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas is a hotel that you couldn’t go wrong with. Opening in 2009, this hotel is different than what a lot of the hotels in Las Vegas feel like—the feeling of the casino just isn’t here.

So many hotels inside all the various Las Vegas resorts are swarming with guests and can make the place feel very packed and overwhelming. This can take away from the intimacy that a newly-wedded couple would be looking for when choosing a hotel, which can really ruin the romantic mood.

Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas Bathroom

Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas is a relatively small hotel compared to many of the others and is typically calm, quiet, and more relaxed. This gives couples a feeling of seclusion that can make for a very romantic experience.

The customer service at this hotel is exceptionally high class and stands out when compared to everything else available in Las Vegas, especially when compared to some of the casinos on the Strip. The hotel’s small size gives their staff the opportunity to focus on each individual guest in a more personal way. The staff truly treats each guest like royalty.

The hotel is inspired by Asia, creating a unique atmosphere that you’re just not going to find anywhere else in Las Vegas. The zen vibe that a couple will find throughout the quaint hotel is very calming and soothing. When compared to the rest of Las Vegas hotels, Waldorf Astoria is truly an oasis.

2 – Skylofts at MGM Grand

Here is an option for a newly-wedded couple that offers one of the most exclusive accommodations not just within the famous MGM Grand, but within all of Las Vegas. Skylofts is a perfect choice for a newly wedded couple wanting luxury and opulence for their honeymoon.

Skylofts is the luxury section that is inside the MGM Grand. Every room that is available inside the Skylofts features a large living area as well as sophisticated decor. Prices are not cheap, but for a honeymoon, it is worth investing in the quality that comes with the Skylofts in the MGM Grand.

Skylofts Penthouse Suite in MGM Grand Las Vegas

Rooms are going to be on average about $1,000 a night. The bathrooms in each room can create a very intimate and romantic experience for a newlyweds. The showers are “immersion” showers that include rainfall showerheads.

If you want to get the full experience that Skylofts offers, then make sure you pay extra for the Rolls Royce Ghost Limousine that can take you and your spouse to and from the airport. You don’t have to wait in line when checking in, and you get your own separate entrance into the lofts.

With your room at the Skylofts, you’ll also get access to the Skylounge, which can be found on the 29th floor of the hotel. Here, there are cocktails and appetizers available for all guests staying at Skylofts.

3 – Nobu Hotel

Nobu Hotel is located inside one of the towers that are within Caesars Palace and is yet another perfect secluded option for newlyweds to spend their honeymoon. Nobu Hotel features only 181 rooms and was actually created by the famed Japanese restaurant chain known as Nobu.

If we are comparing the Nobu Hotel to the rest of Caesars Palace, you are going to find accommodations that are increasingly more upscale while having a Japanese twist.

The hotel and its rooms feature a Japanese-themed David Rockwell design, minibars stocked with Japanese beer and sake, feng shui floor designs, hot tea that is always waiting upon arrival, and many other amenities that make this hotel choice a favorite for couples looking for a romantic getaway.

Nobu Las Vegas Hotel Room

Couples that stay at the Nobu Hotel inside Caesars Palace will have 24-hour room service from the employees of Nobu restaurant that sits just below the hotel. Along with 24-hour room service, couples and guests will also have access to an exclusive breakfast menu that’s available only through room service.

Along with having access to all of the amenities features inside the Nobu Hotel, guests will also have access to the entire Caesars Palace resort and its features.

Couples can spend quality time together while enjoying the spa, get a workout in at the fitness center, as well as get their own private check-in desks and services concierge services exclusive to Nobu Hotel.


Are there any other hotels that you think are a great place for a Las Vegas honeymoon? Let me know in the comments!