The 4 Best Places to Eat in Macau

Macau Restaurant Style Dish With a Macau City Background

Next to Las Vegas, Macau is one of the global leaders when it comes to the gambling meccas of the world. With an economy that is centered around entertainment, it isn’t surprising to learn that Macau also has some of the world’s best places to eat.

This is something that you’ll pretty much find anywhere in the world where gambling and entertainment combine to form a worldwide tourist destination. No one wants to travel halfway across the world just to eat a bunch of low-quality food.

Because Macau is such a huge center of money and entertainment (it’s many times more successful and  profitable than Las Vegas), you’ll find some of the best chefs in the world right here in Macau working on their craft. They deliver some of the most amazing and cutting-edge dining experiences you’ll find anywhere on Earth.

Maybe you’ve heard of some of these places, while others might be new to you. Regardless of whether you’ve heard of these restaurant hot spots or not, we hope that after reading this post you’ll feel up to date with the best places to eat in Macau, especially those of you who are planning a trip to this wonderful casino destination.

You’re not just going to find Chinese or Portuguese dishes when you visit. You’re going to find cuisine that’s a combination of different influences. Macau has every major offering that you’ll find across the world.

No matter your tastes or where you come from, you’ll find something that reminds you of home and something that makes you feel like you’ve truly entered a new and exotic era of food.

Here are some of the best places to eat in Macau. These places are in no particular ranking order, so I highly recommend that you give all of them a try, especially if you have the budget for it!

1 – Ou Mun Cafe

One of the most popular restaurants in Macau for both tourists and locals is a cafe called Ou Mun.

Ou Mun Cafe is a just a short walking distance from Macau’s iconic Senado Square and Ruins of Saint Paul. These are two popular tourist destinations in Macau that you absolutely must visit, even if you plan on spending most of your time in the casinos.

The colonial history of Macau is unfortunate, but much of the remaining infrastructure is beautiful and worth a look.

Over the years, Ou Mun Cafe has earned a reputation as one of the first iconic Portuguese cafes and restaurants in Macau. If you’ve never had Portuguese food before and are unfamiliar with Portugal, you’ll definitely want to give this cafe a shot to experience something new and different.

Entrance to Ou Mun Cafe in Macau

Every review that I have found on their website and various travel sites where customers can leave honest feedback has not had a single negative thing to say about this place. The food is the closest thing that you can get to authentic Portuguese food. The chefs at Ou Mun have selected particular recipes that make everything on the menu something worth trying.

A lot of people enjoy having this particular style of authentic Portuguese food at the very beginning of the day. If you’ve never had Portuguese food for breakfast, then know that you’re missing out.

Some of the entrees that tourists and locals enjoy include the seafood rice, the shrimp omelette, chorizo, beef steak, and many other dishes that are very difficult to pronounce. The service at Ou Mun Cafe is just as excellent as the dishes, so feel free to bring the family along when you visit and be prepared for a wonderful experience and a delectable meal!

2 – Canton

Canton is another popular restaurant that’s located in The Venetian Macau, one of the biggest casinos in the world. It features Asian cuisine that will make your mouth water and keep you coming back for the rest of your stay while at Macau. Canton was rated the number one place to eat in Macau in the year 2019, so even though it hasn’t gotten the chance to compete in 2020, I still recommend you check it out!

Canton serves your standard Chinese cuisine, but what makes this place special and unique from your typical Chinese food restaurant is the traditional style of Cantonese food that is featured here. And not only is there traditional Cantonese food, Canton also has dishes that are a blend of tastes that you can find in different cities all across Mainland China.

Entrance to Canton Restaurant in Macau

For appetizers, many people like to order off of their a la carte menu. Some choices that are recommended include crispy roasted suckling pig, Ningbo-style marinated long beans, marinated jelly fish, double-boiled chicken soup with fish maw and bamboo, steamed giant grouper, pan-fried pork, and deep-fried bean curd.

I know that for me, personally, hearing some of these types of foods are definitely not what you’d typically find at a Chinese food place here in the United States.

Don’t let that deter you. Most of the customers whose reviews I’ve read are from tourists that are local to the United States. And although the food might sound intimidating, there is a reason why Canton received the award for best restaurant in Macau in 2019.

For dinner, there are several options that are recommended that you try if you’re planning a casino trip to Macau soon. Or maybe after reading this post you will be influenced to make Macau the destination of choice for your next family vacation.

For dinner, popular options include marinated cowpeas, barbeque pork, roast pork belly, marinated Alaskan crab, marinated cucumber, deep fried bean curd, smoked crispy fish filet, as well as fried beef tenderloin.

I can say firsthand that some of the fried meat entrees featured on this dinner menu are making my mouth water, and I just had breakfast. I had never heard of fried tenderloin, and people’s reviews are consistent with how amazing that sounds, so you should absolutely give it a shot (as long as it fits into your diet plan!).

3 – Golden Peacock

The eateries that have been mentioned so far have been relatively affordable places to eat considering that they are featured in one of the largest entertainment industries on the planet.

The Golden Peacock, also located in The Venetian Macau, is going to be a little bit more on the pricey side compared to what has been mentioned so far. At the Golden Peacock, you are definitely going to be getting what you paid for.

We always hear about people trying out new and fancy restaurants, and after paying over $100 for an entree, they leave the place completely dissatisfied. The portions are small, and the three bites of steak just wasn’t worth the asking price on the menu.

Entrance to Golden Peacock Restaurant in Macau

I can assure you that at the Golden Peacock, this sort of experience isn’t possible. As far as fine dining is concerned, the Golden Peacock in Macau is one of the best options that your money can buy for delicious and elegant dining. There are many popular places to eat in Macau that feature some tasty Chinese food. Golden Peacock is a step away from the typical ordinary Asian entrees and steps into the realm of Indian cuisine.

Since its doors opened in 2013, the Golden Peacock has won a multitude of awards and has been a constant hit among food critics around the world. Of all of the restaurants in Asia, the Golden Peacock is the only Indian food restaurant that has received one Michelin star.

I know that one star sounds like a not-so-good thing, but one Michelin star is better than five normal stars, so just try to think of it as a six-star restaurant.

4 – Lotus Palace

The final place that I will recommend due to its extremely high level of popularity is another restaurant that is going to be on the fine dining side of the food spectrum. Lotus Palace, located in The Parisian Macau, is a Chinese food restaurant that specializes in Asian seafood. The dining spot gives you the taste of traditional Chinese while making you feel like you are sitting inside somewhere in Paris, France.

Spread of Dishes From Lotus Palace Restaurant in Macau

Lotus Palace features a variety of fresh seafood, spicy hot pot, signature dim sum, provincial Chinese dishes, as well as pan-Asian and Cantonese favorites in a spacious and modern environment. If you are traveling to Macau with your significant other or treating someone special on the date of a lifetime, then Lotus Palace definitely needs to be on your list for places to eat.

The food is amazing and worth the asking price, but the environment reaches a level of elegance that will make for a very romantic evening.


Do you have other popular places to eat in Macau that I left out? If so, please feel free to let me know in the comments section below!