The Best 3 Patios for Dining in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Sign and a Restaurant Patio Seating Background

You can find countless reviews of the top 3, 10, 150 – you pick a number — restaurants in Vegas. I want to get a little more detailed and review the best three patios to dine at in Las Vegas.

Here’s my list of the best patios that Vegas dining has to offer, in no order.

1 – Sinatra – Encore Hotel by Wynn Casino and Resort

Sinatra is not a scoot in on a whim when you need a break from the casino floor. Nothing at this flagship property of the Wynn Resorts is touristy Vegas.

Encore by Wynn spared no detail in the time and effort to take its diners back to what it was like to dine in Vegas during Sinatra’s golden age of Vegas. The restaurant whisks diner back to what it must have been like in the heyday of 60’s Vegas.

The menu features something for every diner, even vegan and vegetarian options. Be ready to spend some money, though. The entrées start at around $40.00.

But I promise you the cost is worth it.

What I want to talk about is the patio. The patio at Sinatra is breathtaking. I love this patio dining experience because I can imagine Ol’ Blue Eyes, the man himself, being a table or two over and raising a glass to me and winking.

Interior of Sinatra at Encore Las Vegas

The tables are in their own private nooks with fireplaces. The grotto ambiance gives the diner the privacy that is hard to come by in this crowded town, especially on the Strip.

The chairs are an ornate coral design, paired with the restaurant’s spin on classic linens, and outstanding service will leave you wanting another martini and thinking you are on the set of the movie Casino.

The Las Vegas Strip views are invigorating but still secluded enough that you don’t feel like you’re on display for all the people walking by. This is what I like most about the patio dining experience at Sinatra. You get a break from the loud, go-go atmosphere of Vegas.

This patio and the dining opportunity make the trip expense worth it. This is a one of a kind, authentic Sinatra experience.

You won’t regret it.

Your credit card might, though.

2 – PRIME Steakhouse – Bellagio

The Bellagio Hotel and Casino has been my dream casino since I first saw the 1st installment of the Ocean’s 11 series. I want to be live in that world.

I want to play a high roller table. I want to be in the closest thing to a James Bond-esque casino America has to offer. I wish only to smell the floral scent that casino is famous for pumping into its ventilation system.

When I go to Vegas, it feels like I missed out if I don’t enjoy at least one steak dinner.

Where I get a little exhausted is eating in the same dark and heavy steakhouse setting. Dark wood, low lighting, big corner booths — this is not what I want. It feels overdone and stuffy, and it’s a little exhausting, to be honest.

I need some fresh air and some lightness in the décor.

This is where PRIME Steakhouse by Jean-Georges Vongerichten comes into play. Jean-Goerges is an award-winning restaurateur and chef. He is the holder of two Michelin Stars and has over 40 restaurants worldwide.

Dining Room of Prime Steakhouse in Bellagio Las Vegas

PRIME is noticeably lighter than your grandparent’s steakhouse. The inside décor is comprised of rich chocolate and Tiffany blues. The high ceilings and modern furnishings levitate the atmosphere even further,

The menu is not budget-friendly; this is a steakhouse in Vegas.

Do you want to go to the Bellagio and get an early-bird priced steak that’s been sitting on a buffet for three hours?

Me neither.

I want the dry-aged bone-in rib eye that weighs 18 oz.  I want the creamed spinach. I want to eat until I must be carted out and dumped on my bed.

You know why?

Because I want this to be an experience my wallet and waistline can only afford to do once a year, if I’m lucky.

Where PRIME takes dining to the next level is their garden patio. The patio at PRIME is not an afterthought for overflow dinners like most steakhouses. It’s a cohesive part of the restaurant that feels like it belongs.

The small dining area overlooks the Bellagio’s famous fountains. The patio is probably the best way to enjoy a Vegas attraction while having one of the best meals of your life.

PRIME is and will always be on my bucket list for as long as I can eat my weight in steak. Make sure you make a reservation because the tables in the garden patio are limited.

3 – Chayo Mexican Kitchen + Tequila Bar – The LINQ Promenade

I am taking a detour from the high end; break the bank dining establishments I have talked about so far. I want to even leave the bougie Vegas behind for a second. We are going to LINQ Promenade.

The LINQ is a newcomer to the Vegas Strip. It’s geared towards a younger crowd that doesn’t eat $75.00 A5 Wagyu steaks every night. It’s a more realistic but not a cheesy tourist spot in Vegas.

The LINQ Promenade offers some killer people watching. It’s reasonably packed and offers some great dining options with patio seating.

My go-to when at the LINQ is CHAYO. It’s affordable, comfortable, and youthful.

The menu offers something for every eater and budget. The breakfast entrees don’t cost more than $20.00, and dinner entrees are never above $28.00.

The atmosphere is where this restaurant excels past other options on the Strip. You can feel the fun, LA Mexican vibe the second you walk into the restaurant.

Patio Seating at Chayo Mexican Kitchen at The LINQ Las Vegas

It’s welcoming but cooler than you expected. If you’ve ever been to the Silverlake neighborhood of LA, then you know what I’m talking about.

If I’m there for breakfast (most likely after 11:00), I always partake in the bottomless mimosas and the carne asada skillet. Dinner, I go for something different almost every time. I have yet to be disappointed.

I usually steer clear of fajitas because it feels silly to overpay for tacos that I can make at home with my kids. I’m not looking for kid’s food when I’m on vacation.

Speaking of drinks, tequila bar is in CHAYO’s name, so let’s talk about that for a second. They have an extensive tequila list, as one would assume.

You can even add a scorpion to any shot of tequila for $5.00. I have not had the pleasure because I grew up around scorpions, and I’m terrified of them.

The margarita list is what one would expect and then some. Their margaritas don’t use syrupy fillers, all the margaritas feature fresh lime juice and other fresh fruits in the recipes. CHAYO also offers a Blanco (unaged white tequila) and a reposado (aged darker tequila) house margarita.

Suppose you want something spicy — go for the pineapple habanero margarita. That will wake you right up.

What put this restaurant on my list of best patios in Vegas is, well… the patio. It’s spacious. It’s vibrant.

The people-watching is to die for.

Vegas is fabulous for people watching. It brings visitors from all over the world. I don’t gawk, but I love seeing different cultures and how they interact with each other in the make-believe atmosphere of Las Vegas.

CHAYO is an excellent detour for some day drinking, some people watching, and an option that is a little bit gentler on your credit card. We all need a break from what can be a bit serious when eating in Vegas, including your credit card.


I hope you have some new patio aspirations the next time you’re making reservations for dinner (or brunch) in Vegas. There are so many more options than these three restaurants.

I love eating al fresco. Some of these best al fresco experiences are in Vegas, so it makes sense that Sin City would have outstanding patio dining options.