The Best Non-Gambling Hotels in Las Vegas

Aerial View of Las Vegas Valley
Las Vegas is home to one of the biggest entertainment and gambling meccas in the United States. In fact, it’s known as “the entertainment capital of the world.”

Also known as Sin City, it can sometimes get a bad rap for being a place that brings out the worst in people. However, there’s more to Las Vegas than just the casino and strip club scene. There are countless famous restaurants, venues that host world-renowned shows that are family-friendly, as well as other exciting activities to enjoy your time.

My list of the best non-gambling hotels in Las Vegas offer enough amenities to make for a fun vacation. Even if your entire focus is to gamble (and for most people visiting, it is), you’re going to have a better time if you have a refuge in the city where you can get away from the madness and recuperate.

There are so many things that Vegas offers that can provide an amazing way for you and your family to spend a vacation. And having the right place to stay can make or break your trip.

Let’s jump into my list of five of the top non-gambling Las Vegas hotels.

1 – The Signature at MGM Grand

The Signature at MGM Grand is a condo-style hotel at the MGM Grand Las Vegas resort. It features three identical 38-story towers, each consisting of 576 fully-furnished units.

MGM Grand’s Signature resort is a non-gambling, non-gaming hotel that operates like a luxury resort, but doesn’t feel that way. The resort hotel feels more like you’re staying at a timeshare, including extremely high-class amenities such as a fully-functioning kitchen.

While staying at the Signature at MGM Grand, guests can enjoy all of the fun things that MGM Grand offers. This includes restaurants, shopping, and countless swimming options.

If you have kids and are wanting to make a trip to Las Vegas, this would be a great option that keeps you away from the nightlife. But to be honest, I think it’s great for everyone. It really does feel like your home away from home, a place where you can relax, take it easy, and get a break from life, and the rest of Vegas at the same time.

2 – Hilton Grand Vacations on the Las Vegas Strip

Hilton Grand Vacations is a timeshare-style resort located on the northern side of the Las Vegas Strip. Hilton Grand Vacations is perfect for the traveler who enjoys being on the Strip but also appreciates being able to retreat to the quiet comfort of a luxurious refuge.

The property offers studios, one-bedroom suites, and two-bedroom suites. They give families, businesses, or leisure travelers an opportunity to kick back and relax while enjoying the classy amenities. It includes a fitness center, a huge swimming complex, an open-air bar, and an on-site convenience store and deli. There are plenty of things to do while occupying your time here.

Hilton Grand Vacations Resort in Las Vegas

The property was formerly home to El Rancho Vegas from 1941 to 1960 until it burned down. The land remained vacant until 2001, when Hilton Grand Vacations portioned part of the property. The first 28-story timeshare tower opened in 2004. By 2006, the second tower finally opened after the construction was complete.

This is another one of those great non-gaming Las Vegas hotels that feels like home away from home. I think a lot of vacations can get ruined when the hotel room doesn’t live up to your expectations, so that’s why I recommend this one.

3 – Wyndham Grand Desert Resort

Here’s another family-friendly non-gaming resort in Las Vegas—the Wyndham Grand Desert Resort. It offers amazing one- and two-bedroom suites with fully-equipped kitchens, washers, dryers, dining rooms, and plenty of closet and storage space.

In the master bedroom suites, you can enjoy a spa right in your bedroom. It definitely makes for a nice, vacation home.

There are so many options for how you can spend your afternoon at the Wyndham Grand Resort. You can work out in one of the two fitness centers, lay out on the spacious sundeck, or enjoy a relaxing massage.

You’ll also find tanning beds, a sauna, four outdoor hot tubs, and an activity center that offers video games and other recreational games. There’s just a ton of fun things for everyone in the family.

If you’re not interested in casinos, you couldn’t find a more perfect resort, especially if you came to Las Vegas as a family to enjoy the shows and have the perfect place to come home to.

4 – Residence Inn Marriott Hughes Center

Residence Inn by Marriott Hughes Center is a perfect place to stay, giving you direct access to the Las Vegas Strip while also providing you with a laidback, non-gaming place to escape.

Residence Inn Marriott in Las Vegas

There are six different floor plans that you can choose from, each having a fully-equipped kitchen, free Wi-Fi, and full-sized refrigerators. The kitchens include a microwave, stovetop, dishwasher, and coffee maker, but keep in mind that every morning, you have an opportunity to indulge yourself in a complimentary breakfast.

Things to do at the Residence Inn include a sport complex with a basketball court, tennis court, and a 24-hour gym. Spend the afternoon swimming at the pool or go sweat at the fitness center. There are plenty of things to do in this smoke-free, family-friendly hotel.

5 – Artisan Hotel Boutique

This is the most eccentric (and my own personal favorite) hotel/resort on this list—the Artisan Hotel Boutique. Here, you’ll find some of the best rooms in Las Vegas—no two rooms are alike!

Each room is uniquely themed with authentic, iconic, and contemporary artwork. If your family enjoys art and or attending museums, there would be no better place to book your stay than at the Artisan Hotel.

Even though this hotel may not be right on the Vegas Strip, the hotel makes up for it with what it has to offer for its guests. The Barcelona Tapas restaurant at the Artisan is open late, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily.

Their outdoor pool includes private cabanas and live music. Public transit is available to take you to enjoy all of the fun family activities available in Las Vegas.

Like the other non-gambling Las Vegas hotels on this list, you won’t have to leave your workout at home if you decide to plan a trip to the Artisan Hotel. Its fitness center is equipped to help you meet whatever your fitness needs might be, from weightlifting to yoga.


It’s sometimes much better for your gambling trip if you stay somewhere that doesn’t have an attached casino. The reason for this is simple—you’re going to have the most success gambling when your mind is in a good place, when you have food in your stomach, and when you’ve been able to rest and relax and think about something other than gambling.

Casinos are high-energy environments, and for some people, staying at a hotel that holds space for gambling can keep them from getting any sleep, sleep that’s needed if your gambling trip is going to be remotely successful.

And if you decide to bring the kids, it’s important to have a smoke-free, casino-free space. This is something a lot of adults don’t consider when planning their trip. Many of the big casinos just can’t guarantee that, so a non-gambling Las Vegas resort is going to be much better for the kiddos.

Do you know of any more family-friendly, non-gaming Las Vegas hotels that didn’t make it on the list