The Two Best Family-Friendly Off-Strip Hotels in Las Vegas

Silhouette of a Family With a Las Vegas Hotel Background

When you think of Las Vegas, you pobably think of it as a place for gamblers and partiers. However, more and more families are making Las Vegas their family vacation destination than ever before.

In fact, if you’re thinking of planning a family vacation this year and have it in your head that Las Vegas isn’t family-friendly, I want to let you know that you’re dead wrong. Vegas has done a lot over the last few years to make itself a lot more family-friendly, and there are several hotels in Las Vegas that are off the Strip that make for a perfect vacation spot for your entire household.

Below, we’ve listed our favorite family-friendly hotels in Las Vegas that are located off of the Strip.

Why Should You Bring Your Family to Las Vegas?

The Las Vegas Strip and Fremont Street both continue to add new tourist destinations each year that cater to a more inclusive audience. There are more attractions for all ages, like the Adventuredome Theme Park, the famous Gondola Ride at the Venetian, the Mirage Hotel Volcano, Aquarium, and Atrium, just to name a few things that are bringing in more families.

Not to mention some of the mainstays of Las Vegas that kids have been enjoying for decades, like exploring the medieval castle themed Excalibur or the incredible pools that you can find inside the Luxor. There’s always something happening that’s perfect for enjoying Las Vegas with kids. If nothing else, spending the day at the many gigantic pools that you’ll find in just about every hotel in Vegas can be a fantastic time for the kiddos.

Circus Circus Adventuredome Roller Coaster

If you’re worried about missing out on the fun, don’t worry. Most of the Las Vegas hotels that are off of the Strip offer transportation to and from the Strip until usually pretty late. It makes it a lot more convenient for people, especially for families that are having to keep up with their kids. It gives them one less thing to have to worry about. We all know that getting your kids to and from the destination of choice while on vacation can be a handful to say the least, so having that option available makes things that much easier.

Whether you’re looking for a place that is more affordable or are a light sleeper and are seeking a more quiet place to crash after a long day, these are some of the best family-friendly hotels off of the Strip in Las Vegas.

1 – Golden Nugget Las Vegas

Over the last few years, Downtown Las Vegas has had a huge resurgence, with the Golden Nugget being an active participant in the makeover that’s happened downtown. Originally built in 1946, The Golden Nugget is one of the oldest casinos in Las Vegas. The resort just recently received $170 million in renovations and offers 37,000 square feet of meeting space, while having a theater-style capacity that can comfortably fit 1,300 people.

The Golden Nugget Las Vegas features more than 2,400 rooms and suites that you will find across four different towers. Inside of each tower (and the rooms inside of them) a guest will find a vast variety of thoughtful amenities that are perfect for families or just for mom and dad.

Golden Nugget Las Vegas Aquarium

The Spa Tower is one of the four towers inside the Golden Nugget, featuring rooms that are all only suites. This makes this tower the most luxurious option for guests at the Golden Nugget. Most of the suites in the Spa Tower are two-story suites that include large areas for entertainment as well as large living areas in each suite.

The Gold Tower is the most centrally-located tower at the casino resort, giving it the best access for guests who are wanting immediate access to the casino as well as the other hotel amenities. The Gold Tower has received renovations as recently as 2015.

The Rush Tower is the newest tower at Golden Nugget, opening in 2009. The Rush Tower offers suite options for guests as well as luxurious hotel room options. You will find that each room or suite offers layouts that are extremely spacious and furnishings that are super contemporary.

For people wanting the most affordable option of the four towers, the Carson Tower is going to be what you are looking for. You will find rooms that have a more residential feel while having furnishings and a style that blends in with the surrounding desert vibe. The Carson Tower has received renovations as recently as 2018.

There are so many things that make the Golden Nugget an amazing place to stay if you are planning a trip to Las Vegas for the family. The pool has a waterfall feature and a water slide that goes straight through an aquarium.

And yes, the Las Vegas Strip is popular, but there is another street that can be just as fun and is often times overlooked—Fremont Street. It’s where you will find the Golden Nugget as well as many other sought-after Las Vegas attractions.

On Fremont Street, a popular tourist destination is antique shopping at the Main Street casino. This can be a popular idea for couples who are looking for a more laid-back day. Many people make it a point to visit Main Street each trip they take to Las Vegas and are always surprised to find that there is constantly new inventory flowing in and out of the antique shop portion of the casino.

Fremont Street Viva Vision Show

If you have the whole family with you, another fun part about staying at the Golden Nugget is getting to enjoy the light shows that happen on Fremont Street each night. Known as Viva Vision, these light shows are one of the most popular free forms of entertainment that tourists will find in Las Vegas and happen every single evening on Fremont Street.

If you have kids with you, then another cool thing that you will have direct access to on Fremont Street if you stay at the Golden Nugget is Toy Shack. Featured inside of the Neonopolis shopping plaza on Fremont Street, Toy Shack is a world-renowned toy store in Las Vegas, made famous by the popular reality TV show Pawn Stars.

2 – JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort and Spa

Here is another popular place to stay off of the Las Vegas Strip, especially for meetings for large business leaders around the globe. JW Marriott Las Vegas gives its guests an isolated oasis that can be necessary for some people after a long day on the Las Vegas Strip.

JW Marriott is a luxurious non-gaming resort that features a meeting space that is more than 76,000 square feet, while its large event facility can seat 1,280 people.

The JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort and Spa is home to one of the best swimming pools in the entire Las Vegas valley.

Everybody loves swimming, but this can make it a lot more fun if you brought your kids with you. Tell them that we are heading to a hotel with the best pool in all of Las Vegas!

JW Marriott is definitely one of the off-strip resorts that is a perfect option for people who are wanting to have a truly luxurious experience during their stay in Las Vegas. Its luxury-driven atmosphere is what makes the JW Marriot such a popular place for businesses and their leaders.

JW Marriott Las Vegas Pool Area

There are plenty of other people who want to spend their downtime in a spa-resort atmosphere, making the JW Marriott one of the most perfect off-the-Strip fits. There are a good number of outdoor pools, a golf course, and even a fire pit where you and the family can roast some marshmallows after a long day.

The hotel features 469 rooms for its guests as well as 79 suites. The rooms in the hotel start at 560 square feet. The spa, one of the most popular amenities at the JW Marriott, sits at 40,000 square feet and has everything you would be hoping for from a luxury spa.

For the guests who want to spend the day on the Las Vegas Strip, the JW Marriott has a shuttle that will take its guests to and from the Strip, with it being just a short ride from the resort.


Do you have more resort hotels that are off the Strip that we haven’t mentioned? Let us know in the comment section below!