Best Casinos for Senior Citizens in Las Vegas

Senior Woman and Man Gambling on Slots With a Las Vegas Background

Believe it or not, when it comes to senior citizens and gambling, the older generations seem to have caught the gambling bug more so than the rest of society. It’s probably not that surprising, considering how popular bingo is among older folks, with bingo being played at casinos nationwide.

Plus, you have retired citizens who really just looking to get the most out of their later years. Taking a trip to the Las Vegas Strip or staying on Fremont Street and playing poker at the Golden Nugget is a perfect way to spend your time while on retirement if you ask me!

A lot of casinos actually have better promotions for senior citizens (people who are 65 or older) compared to what is available for residents of other demographics, especially in Las Vegas. And a lot of casinos boast about how friendly they are for older people. Below, you’ll find more information about the best casinos for older demographics in Las Vegas.

Visiting a Casino in Las Vegas as a Senior Citizen

If you’re a senior citizen, rest assured that Las Vegas casinos understand how valuable your business is. They know that you’re more likely to keep coming back and become a regular customer if your needs are met. And they also understand that you’re a discerning group of customers, that you generally have a lot of disposable income, and really care about being treated well by the establishments you choose to visit.

I will say that casinos have always understood this, so any high-quality casino is probably going to be a good place for older folks.

Senior citizens don’t necessarily need to look for a specific property that will cater to their needs because of how important they are as a demographic to the success of casinos.

You’ll find senior citizens enjoying casinos in just about every area of the country that has gambling. Atlantic City has its popular boardwalk, where you will frequently see seniors strolling up and down while enjoying the nostalgic environment and coastal views.

Having easy access to slot machines for those that might be using a scooter or something similar is another major selling factor for attracting seniors. Blackjack and poker tables that are easily accessible are also important. Casinos that have tight spaces and that are more difficult to get around in are not going to be the most ideal.

Suncoast Las Vegas Casino Floor

Casinos often feature large and festive buffets and hand out free lunch coupons, making it a convenient place for a retired couple to spend lunch and the rest of the afternoon. Casinos go as far as sending buses to and from their casino to retirement homes so that seniors don’t even have to stress about transportation.

They can play, eat, drink, and have a good time, and not need to worry about driving. Las Vegas and Atlantic City also feature artists from the golden era, such as Tony Bennett or Neil Diamond. Going all the way back to the ‘50s and ‘60s, both of these gambling meccas here in the United States have always featured artists from that generation, such as Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, or Wayne Newton.

I know that most of the younger generations aren’t really going to go out of their way to see Tony Bennet. However, that isn’t the case with a lot of people who are 65 or older. So again, casinos are a hot spot amongst senior citizens for lots of reasons. Here are some of the best casinos in the United States for senior citizens.

Station Casinos

Station Casinos is an American hotel and casino gaming company based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Founded by Frank Fertitta Jr., Station has long been at the top when it comes to the local casino market in Las Vegas.

Station Casinos also owns and operates 4,000 reasonably priced hotel rooms in its 10 different hotel and casino properties. Stations is great because it provides an option for every single budget type, especially seniors.

For guests who are over the age of 50 years old, Station Casinos offers some pretty sweet deals in an ongoing promotion deal called “MyGeneration.”

MyGeneration Perks and Benefits

There are a lot of different Las Vegas casino deals that are offered not just to senior citizens, but to active older folks in general. Every Wednesday of the month at Station Casinos, an announcement is made that will reveal a new food and beverage deal for the older guests.

For instance, this month in every Station Casinos, there was a special at the cafes in Fiesta Steakhouses (also part of Station Casinos) for MyGeneration guests, featuring chicken fajitas for $9.99, a free cup of Starbucks coffee at any Starbucks location inside of Station Casinos, as well all different types of discounts on cocktails at the bar.

There are all kinds of different perks that MyGeneration guests have access to when gambling at Station Casinos. Several nights out of the week, the winning amounts for all slots will increase by six to 10 times for MyGeneration players. There is no question at all that Station Casinos is giving a huge incentive for older guests that play in their casinos.

Another popular deal that MyGeneration guests will receive is $4 matinees at Station Casinos movie theaters every day of the month. People love pizza, so why not have 15% of every pizza for every guest 50 or over for the whole month of December?

Palace Station Hotel and Casino

There are a lot of exceptional hotels from Station Casinos all over Las Vegas. One of the favorite hotels among Las Vegas locals is the Palace Station Hotel and Casino. Being a Station Casinos casino and hotel, it provides just the perfect amount of comfort and luxury while still being pretty affordable.

Its reasonable price and level of comfort and luxury makes it a perfect place for retired couples and older locals wanting to go have a low-cost lunch and play slots. It has some of the best food and entertainment that you could find in the whole Las Vegas strip, so you won’t have to worry about missing out on the Las Vegas experience.

Palace Station Las Vegas Pool Area

Technically, Palace Station is a few miles off of Las Vegas Boulevard, making it even better for the people not wanting to deal with the crowded Vegas Strip. If your goal is to have a relaxing time off the strip at a casino without the huge lines and flocks of tourists all hours of the day and night (and all times of the year), then this is the place to go.

Suncoast Hotel and Casino

The Suncoast Hotel and Casino is ranked in the top 10 for best hotels and casinos for seniors in Las Vegas. The Hotel includes 388 newly remodeled deluxe guests rooms at 550 square feet each, as well as 39 guest suites that have also been remodeled and range from 1,100 square feet all the way up to 2,300 square feet.

Every room in the hotel is non-smoking, which is usually a perk for the older folks who stay in the beautiful hotel. Attitudes and practices in smoking have changed so much over the years that most senior citizens no longer smoke and prefer to stay in places that are smoke-free, which unfortunately not all casinos offer.

The view you have at the Suncoast Hotel is breathtaking and really a sight to behold. You have amazing views of the Las Vegas valley as well as the not too distant Spring Mountains. The windows in the hotel bedrooms are full length, providing opportunities for gorgeous views inside the hotel bedrooms. A popular golf course in Las Vegas surrounds the hotel, another of the many reasons that it’s such a hot destination for retired people.

Exterior of Suncoast Casino

The Suncoast Hotel and Casino offers amenities ranging from a large free-style swimming pool and hot tub to a fitness club that is available to guests 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are some great offers for seniors at the Suncoast. Showcased by Boyd Gaming, Young at Heart Senior Days makes Suncoast one of the most popular casinos for senior citizens in Las Vegas.

Seniors can enjoy a free buffet lunch or dinner for 300 points on their gaming card. Suncoast also offers $4 matinee movies on Tuesdays, and seniors can play in the Hit Parade Variety show for no cost. If all that’s not worth the visit, I don’t know what is!


Las Vegas will always be a popular mecca for retired people all across the world, and especially for those living here in the United States. Every year that goes by, more and more retired couples and people are moving out to Las Vegas and living it up in all that Las Vegas has to offer. There are plenty of other casinos that are popular for seniors. If there are some that I missed, feel free to let me know in the comments!