Best Attractions Near Pearl River Resort

Pearl River Resort Casinos & Hotels Logo Over Three Local Attractions in Choctaw and Philidelphia Mississippi

Pearl River Resort comprises two casinos in a single resort over in the areas of Choctaw and Philadelphia, Mississippi. They also have a sister casino in the area called Bok Homa Casino. But if a casino tour isn’t the only thing you’d like to do during your time in the region, today’s post is one you will want to read.

We will explore several fun places to explore outside the confines of Pearl River Resort and its sister. So, if you need help building your vacation itinerary, or if you’re just interested in discovering a few more cool ideas to spend your time in the region, check out the following sections.

And remember, these attractions near Pearl River Resort are just a few of many things to do in the area, so don’t limit yourself.

Anyway, let’s discover a few fun ways that you can spend your time.

1 – Pearl River Resort Welcome Center

Why not begin with the casino’s welcome center? This is your top destination when you’re looking for essentials during your vacation to the resort, and if you name the products, odds are, they have them.

Whether you’re looking for information regarding other local attractions both on and off today’s list, or if you’re in the mood for those specialty candies that makes the venue so popular with tourists, or even if your goal is to find some Choctaw-inspired merchandise, the welcome center has it.

They also offer some of the most affordable fuel prices around, so make sure you fill up here before you head out and explore the attractions below. You’ll find the welcome center over at 109 Industrial Road, just off Highway 16.

2 – Dancing Rabbit Golf Club

When you need a break from the floor at Pearl River Resort, book a tee time at the Dancing Rabbit Golf Club. These championship-level courses offer a unique challenge in the area, and with legends Tom Fazio and Jerry Pate’s names attached to the courses’ design, you know you’re in for something special.

Dancing Rabbit Gold Cours

Yes, notice the plural form used above. You’re getting two outstanding golf courses in this attraction. So, when you’re in for a different kind of game, grab your clubs, head out to the fairways, and immerse yourself in two rounds of golf amidst the area’s picturesque scenery.

3 – Geyser Falls Water Theme Park

They call it the top attractions around, and if you’re in town with your entire family, you will carve time out of your vacation schedule to visit Geyser Falls Water Theme Park. This state-of-the-art facility features 13 waterslides among its 15 acres of real estate.

The most well-known slides include the six-story freefall and four-lane racing slides. Yeah, if you don’t like heights, it’s a good idea to steer clear.

But don’t sweat it if you’d like something a little calmer. They also have a huge wave pool plus a relaxing lazy river that will keep you busy for the duration of your time at the park.

4 – Lake Pushthama

You’re getting 285 acres worth of recreation here at Lake Pushthama, and it’s a great place to frequent if you’re an avid fisher.

However, if you find fishing boring, you still have decent picnicking options, along with grills if you’re looking to take things up a notch and embark on a cookout.

So, head on out for illustrious views of the sparkling waters, the surrounding deciduous trees, and unwind for the day.

Just head over to Black Jack Road off Highway 16 West and you will run right into it. This lake also boasts a bit of history, as they named it after the 19th century Choctaw Chief Pushthama.

5 – Chahta Immi Cultural Center

If you’re hanging out in the Choctaw Shopping Center, check out the Chahta Immi Cultural Center if you’re looking for an unforgettable lesson on everything regarding the Choctaw People fit for the entire family.

Just a bit of what you will learn here include the history and culture of the Choctaw Tribe, its artforms, bits of the Choctaw language, and more. They have exhibits, classes, and even events that will further your knowledge of the Choctaw People, so it’s more than worth the $5 admission.

Chahta Immi Cultural Center in Mississippi

Catch a learning experience in a family-friendly atmosphere at the Chahta Immi Cultural Center when you’re out in town with the youngest members of your travel group.

6 – Nanih Waiya

Translated into English, Nanih Waiya means “stooping/leaning hill,” and it’s one of the most sacred sites in the Choctaw Nation. And if you hang around the area and listen to some of the old legends the Choctaw People tell to this day, you will discover Nanih Waiya serves as the central portion of these stories.

This archaeological site and cave mound is more than just the focal point of a good story; however, it’s also a fine place to visit when you’re interested in observing one of the most breathtaking manmade structures in the state of Mississippi.

7 – Williams Brothers General Store

Established in 1907, the Williams Brothers General Store has remained a staple in the community for over 100 years.

The Williams Family continues to run one of the community’s most historic landmarks, which has now trickled down into the second and third generations.

The store sells an eclectic selection of items. If you need a few groceries, it’s worth visiting. But they also stock farm products, shoes, and even a fine array of merchandise.

If you’re looking for ideas of how to spend some of your winnings that is away from Pearl River Resort, you could do so right here at the Williams Brothers General Store. Odds are, you will find a few cool items that pique your interest.

8 – Neshoba Lake

You’ll find this cool recreational hot spot off Highway 486, about 8 miles east of Philadelphia. If you’re into boating, it’s the ideal place to frequent, given its boat ramp.

Further, if you’re a road warrior and you’re looking for a place to park the RV for an extended stay in the middle of the area’s nature scene, consider doing so at Neshoba Lake. However, make sure you book a stay fast because they only have 25 hookups available and they’re often in high demand.

9 – Marty Stuart Country Music Trail Marker

They unveiled this unique trail marker back in 2009, so it’s one of the more recent attractions near Pearl River Resort. It’s part of Mississippi’s Country Music Trail, and there are dozens in the state. So, if you’re embarking on a statewide road trip, you will find plenty of them, especially at the perimeter.

And the Marty Stuart trail marker is not the only one of its kind in Pine County.

 Marty Stuart Country Music Trail Marker

If you go on a little scavenger hunt throughout the region, you’ll find names like Sparta Opry, Rod Brasfield, Moe Bandy, Leake County Revelers, Marty Gamblin, Bob Ferguson, Carl Jackson, Elsie McWilliams, and Country Music Comes of Age.

Yes, so you’re getting quite a few attractions within the attraction. And if you identify as an avid country music fan, it’s a must-see.

They placed these trail markers throughout the state to recognize Mississippi’s contributions to country music. But they did not limit them to a specific sub-genre or style. Regardless of the type of music, if someone from the state made a name for themselves, the trail markers recognize them.

10 – Fairs and Festivities Near Pearl River Resort

You’ll also find a plethora of fairs and festivities near Pearl River Resort. So, if you’re in the region during specific times of the year, take some time to see what’s going on around the area.

This section lists the top three fairs and festivals that bring people in from all across America.

If you’re here in July, head over to the fairgrounds and take part in the Neshoba County Fair. Like the county fairs you enjoyed while growing up, you’re getting a regional culture shock that includes local entertainment, contests, plus a crash course in local food and crafts.

The Philadelphia Ham Jam Arts Festival is another solid festivity to get excited over. Like the fair, they offer a diverse selection of entertainment, food, and even cool arts and crafts to admire. If you’re in town during the month of April, then you’re in luck.

And finally, the Choctaw Indian Fair features four exciting days of action held every July. This one features Choctaw-inspired arts and crafts, but they also put on traditional dance shows, along with opportunities to indulge in Choctaw food and entertainment outings.

So Come and Explore All These Towns Have to Offer

As you can see from the above list, you have so much more to do than just embark on a casino tour of the Choctaw and Philadelphia regions. Prepare that vacation itinerary with a few fun things to do above and make sure you spend some time at the welcome center for even more ideas not listed here.

Whether you’re into fun water activities, nature, art, or culture, you have plenty of attractions lurking around Pearl River Resort just waiting to be discovered. So, get out that notepad, jot down the attractions listed above that jumped out at you, and prepare for an unforgettable trip.

Have you visited Pearl River Resort? If so, did you check out any of the attractions listed above? Let us know what you did and share your favorite moments below.