The Best 5 Star Restaurants in Las Vegas for 2019

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Las Vegas is home to some of the best restaurants in the world. Thousands of tourists visit this city every single year specifically to enjoy the culinary scene. If you only have a few days here, it can seem a little daunting trying to decide where to eat. To help with this, we’re going to list a few of the best 5-star restaurants in Las Vegas for 2019.

With so many incredible eateries in this city, it’s difficult trying to choose which are the best. The restaurants listed below are known for offering incredible food, service, and atmosphere. If you have the budget, these are the top restaurants you’ll want to visit.

Twist by Pierre Gagnaire: Waldorf Astoria

Twist Restaurant Food, Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas Logo
Perhaps the best overall restaurant in Las Vegas right now is Twist by Pierre Gagnaire. This incredible French cuisine venue is located on the 23rd floor of the Waldorf Astoria at the center of the Las Vegas Strip. Diners here have access to some of the best views of Las Vegas currently available.

Twist is Pierre Gagnaire’s only US restaurant, making it a truly unique place to have a meal. There are several different menus available, all of which come with different prices.

Those looking for the ultimate dining experience will want to try the “Six Course Pierre’s Experience.” As the name suggests, this is a six-course meal personally selected by the chef. It costs $205 yet most claim it’s worth every penny. The “Four Course Twist Menu” for $140 is another fantastic option.

Twist also allows you to choose from any one of the amazing individual items on the restaurant menu. Many have given high reviews of the New Zealand Lamb and the Japanese Wagyu.

Twist by Pierre Gagnaire is one of those eateries that everyone should try. It’s without a doubt one of the best 5-star restaurants in Las Vegas for 2019.

é by José Andrés: Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino

E Restaurant at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Casino, Cosmopolitan Logo
When it comes to Spanish food, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better restaurant than é by José Andrés. This incredible restaurant, located within the legendary Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino, offers customers a diverse selection of authentic Spanish cuisine hand-selected by José Andrés. As you might expect from one of the best 5-star restaurants in Las Vegas for 2019, prices here are steep, but the culinary experience is one of a kind.

Unlike many Las Vegas restaurants, é by José Andrés is tucked away in a private room in the Cosmo. It’s not your typical 5-star dining venue. The venue is small and dominated by a steel-topped bar with seating for just nine individuals. Only two seatings are available nightly, which lasts approximately two hours each.

This restaurant features a creative tasting menu of avant-garde Spanish dishes. You won’t find a menu online, because the food selections constantly change.

The standard tasting experience costs $275 per person. There are also wine pairings available for $130, and larger tastings that can cost upwards of $500.

Some consider é by José Andrés to be one of the most exclusive restaurants in the world. Almost everyone agrees that it’s one of the best 5-star restaurants in Las Vegas for 2019.

Picasso: Bellagio

Food From Picasso Restaurant, Bellagio Las Vegas Casino Logo
There’s a good chance that you’ve heard of Picasso. The two Michelin-star restaurant is run by Julian Serrano, one of the most respected Mediterranean-French fusion chefs today. As the name suggests, this restaurant is Pablo Picasso-themed, with several of his pieces of art featured on the walls.

Everything about Picasso screams world-class. The atmosphere is relaxing and beautiful, the service is top-notch, and the food is tremendous. You can find traditional French food, yet the menu changes over time.

At the moment, the first course offered here is a lobster salad. The second course is a pan-seared U-10 day boat scallops dish. Next, you’ll be treated to an incredible steak dish with foie gras. The main course options are Japanese Wagyu, sautéed halibut, and roasted tournedo loin of Colorado lamb.

Julian Serrano lives in Las Vegas, meaning he’s always in the kitchen. You can rest assured that he’s monitoring each dish to ensure it meets his standards.

The five-course meal costs $132 per person. Considering the quality of the food and incredible atmosphere, this is a phenomenal deal.

Head over to Picasso, located in the historic Bellagio, to see for yourself why so many claim it’s one of the best 5-star restaurants in Las Vegas for 2019.

Restaurant Guy Savoy: Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino

Inside Guy Savoy Restaurant, Caesars Palace Las Vegas Casino Logo
Guy Savoy’s crown jewel in Las Vegas is, appropriately named, Restaurant Guy Savoy. The culinary legend opened this restaurant in Caesars Palace. Over the years, it’s gained numerous awards including four, five-star awards by Forbes, the 2018 Experts’ choice award from TripExpert, and was even named best restaurant in the world by La Liste.

When you take the atmosphere and different dining options into account, it’s hard to deny that Restaurant Guy Savoy is one of the best 5-star restaurants in Las Vegas.

The French eatery has an elegant yet modern design. It offers stunning views of the nearby Paris hotel and actually features several different rooms for guests to dine in.

The main dining room is where the majority of patrons choose to enjoy their meals. There’s also the “Bubbles Lounge,” and glass-encased “Kitchen Table,” where guests can watch their meals being prepared. In 2017, Restaurant Guy Savoy opened the Caviar Room, which offers unique dishes such as Kusshi oysters and Salmon “mi-cuit.”

The incredible 13-course tasting menu costs $348 per person before taxes. It’s almost exactly the same price that the Paris flagship restaurant charges. Fortunately, the food is considered by many to be the best in Las Vegas.


Everyone has different culinary tastes. Some may argue that the best 5-star restaurants in Las Vegas for 2019 aren’t even included on this list. Ultimately, each of the four restaurants featured above offer incredible food and truly unique designs. If you’re in Las Vegas with money to splurge, make sure to check out these incredible restaurants! To learn more about visiting Las Vegas, check out our Vegas guide here.