6 Behind the Scenes Facts About Vegas Casinos

Hand Pulling Back Curtain With a Las Vegas Background

You know, it’s hard to know everything about the Vegas casinos. Some people claim to know everything. They might know a lot, but they don’t know everything.

I’m fascinated with Vegas facts and trivia. I’ve been researching some of the behind the scenes facts about Vegas casinos.

I’m sharing six facts about what goes on behind in the scenes at Vegas Casinos. You might not look at the casinos the same again. I promise you’ll start tipping better too.

1 – The Casino Staff Is Watched Closely

The casino staff is under immense pressure to provide gamblers an excellent experience during the visit. Be friendly to the grump. Cater to the outlandish room service request. It’s ok if a guest needs three cribs in their room.

You get the idea.

I can’t imagine the stress they carry on their shoulders. Can you?

On top of the customer service standards they’re held to, security scrutinizes their own staff than people gambling on the casino floor. The probable cause for this is mostly because the 2nd biggest casino heist in history was by an employee.

Closeup Up of a Casino Dealer Dealing Cards

Casino employees know the ins and the out of the casino operations. This gives them an advantage over the thief off the streets. They know when the banks are turned over. They know when shift changes are.

The casino staff is inspected when they arrive for their shift. They are watched by the security team during their shift. They are checked when leaving for the night.

It’s a secure system that has kept the casino employees from stealing from their place of work. There hasn’t been a report of a significant casino theft in almost 10 years.

2 – Hidden Casino Doors

Casinos are full of hidden and secret doors. There was an old wife’s tale going around the internet that these doors were in the bathrooms to help remove people that were down about how much money they’ve lost.

That’s adorable and kind of creepy, to be honest. I’m not sure how this rumor was started, but there are all kinds of laws surrounding bathroom privacy.

Sorry. No hidden doors in bathrooms, guys. The casinos don’t hide people that spent too much money gambling.

There are tons of hidden doors all throughout the building to help casino security get to an emergency as fast as possible. The doors also help other staff get to the bar, restaurant, cashier’s cage, sooner.

Casino Hotel Security Room

Could you imagine what the floor would look like if all the casino staff was scurrying all over the floor for the thousands of tasks and assignments they deal with daily?

This is a pretty common practice for businesses that are centered around the in-person experience. The hidden door method is used at malls, convention centers, amusement parks, music venues, and hotels. Don’t worry, hotels don’t have secret doors in the guest rooms.

3 – You Think Facebook Is Bad?

Have you ever been talking to your partner or kids about something, face to face, and ads for it start showing up on your Facebook feed or on a website?

Are they listening to you?


But I’m getting off-topic.

The second you walk through a casino’s doors, you are on video and being watched. The only exceptions to surveillance are:

  • Bathrooms
  • Dressing rooms
  • Hotel rooms

The casino’s security staff is looking for cheaters and potential thieves all day, every day. The only time the cameras aren’t rolling (or listening) is when the casino is closed.

The surveillance technology used in casinos is some of the best in the world. They use facial recognition (see the Vegas Black Book), contact tracking, and much more than they care to share with the public.

Cameras are back on and watching. They’re not going to violate your privacy unless you steal from them. Seems fair.

4 – Vegas Doesn’t Like Drunk and Disorderly

You might think the number one reason people get arrested at casinos is cheating or stealing. Nope.

Casino staff will get the police involved if you’re behaving in a way that their trained staff can’t get under control. This isn’t amateur hour friends.

They also don’t look kindly upon hitting your family member or selling your “services.”

More people are arrested at casinos for being overly intoxicated, soliciting prostitution, and domestic violence instead of cheating or stealing from the casinos. So watch your casino etiquette.

So, the lesson here is the laws at home are also the laws in Vegas. Casino staff doesn’t want to call the cops. Don’t give them a reason to.

5 – That’s a Lot of Food

The Aria has over 90 trucksloads of food delivered every day. The casino resort has also had a dedicated room for lobsters. The room has four tanks for storing the crustaceans until they meet their end in a water bath.

The Aria is only one of the dozens of casinos in Las Vegas. Can you imagine how much is going on behind the scenes at all the other casinos?

The Bellagio has a pump room dedicated to pumping hard liquor to the over 50 bars throughout the property. Apparently, the Bellagio’s guests really like vodka. They also serve over 9000 bottles worth f beer via the pump room in one day—big eyes emoji.

Lobster Dish From Catch at Aria

The food service and catering staff in casinos work full time to provide their patrons with the best experience possible.

There’s a lot goes into to also being one the food and drinking capitals of the world. Vegas has more restaurants, just on the Strip’s 4.8 miles than any other city in the United States.

So next time you’re annoyed that it took five minutes longer to get your food delivered to your room or another patron is served before you think about the volumes they’re dealing with. Tip them because they’re busting their butts to keep everyone happy.

6 – Every Detail Counts

I’ve shared before that every detail at a casino is on purpose. It could be the ATMs sprinkled throughout the casino floor.

It might be the lack of windows or clocks. You (probably) have a cell phone on you, so the clock thing is a little passe.

Casino guests should understand that every placement of a thing, even the music, is on purpose. That purpose is to get you to stay. When you visit, you spend money.

The biggest goal of a casino is for gamblers (and their non-gambling travel companions) to stay on the property. 50 other casinos are competing for your attention.

The Vegas Strip is the most competitive place to own a casino. The 51 casinos are trying to get as many people in their doors and keep them there. The Strip casinos see almost 42 million visitors a year.

It sounds sinister, but let’s look at it differently. Where have you ever seen 51 grocery stores in a 4.8-mile radius of each other?

People go to Vegas to spend money. They’re there to gamble or enjoy the other entertainment options available.

Aerial View of CityCenter Las Vegas

If you’re traveling with a gambler, you’re probably wanting to stay at one of the mega-casinos that offers shopping, a killer pool, fantastic dining options, and outrageous shows.

Isn’t it interesting that the casinos can offer all of this in one experience? A ton of market research has gone into the Las Vegas experience. Nothing is by accident.

The casinos probably have the biggest marketing departments out of any other industry. They are tasked with every detail of their ads to the font used on the guest checks for room service.

There’s so much psychology behind gambling and destination vacations that every detail does count. I have worked in marketing for most of my adult life. I wouldn’t want that kind of responsibility.


There is so much more than these six behind the scene facts about Vegas Casinos. I will be writing a part two soon. Make sure to come back and read it.

I hope you have a better understanding of what goes into running a casino. I certainly do. Plus, you’re armed with even more Vegas and casino trivia.