Beaches to Visit on Your Gambling Trip to Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona Coat of Arms and Beach Images

If you are planning on taking a gambling trip somewhere anytime soon, I would recommend going to Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona has a rich history that goes back about 2000 years and is full of amazing architecture, food, and plenty of beaches.

Now Barcelona is actually a part of the autonomous entity Catalonia within Spain. In fact, it is the capital of Catalonia. In Catalonia, you will find that the majority of the people there speak Catalan.

However, out of all of Catalan, Barcelona is the most bilingual, with many people also speaking Spanish. There are also a good amount of consistent tourists and natives who speak English too, so you won’t have to worry about language barriers if you visit.

The two hotspots to gamble for real money at in Barcelona are Casino Barcelona and Bingo Billares. Here’s a little bit of info on these two venues.

About Casino Barcelona and Bingo Billares

In Barcelona, there is a well-known marina by the name of Port Olympic. Not far from Port Olympic is the world-renowned Casino Barcelona.

This privately owned casino has been around for several years now and draws many tourists and locals throughout the entire year. It has also served as a place where special events are held each year. There are also numerous concerts and comedy shows that take place at Casino Barcelona.

It is easy to get to Casino Barcelona from the Barcelona International Airport, as it is just a quick train or car ride away.  The casino is also packed with table games and electronic table games. Some of these games include roulette and blackjack.

Casino Barcelona Spain

There are also five top notch restaurants within the casino that offer a wide variety of food and drinks.

Tournaments of No Limit Texas Hold ’Em are a regular occurrence at Casino Barcelona.

Also in Barcelona is the well known venue by the name of Bingo Billares. You will be in awe of how majestic the outside of this gambling establishment looks, and you might think you are in Las Vegas.

The game room at Bingo Billares consists of the following: Bingo available for 900 people, two areas dedicated to sports betting, around 150 machine games, a smoking area where you can still play, and constant service from the restaurant.

Both of these gambling establishments in Barcelona provide enough entertainment to keep someone there year-round. However, if you are serious about taking a trip to Barcelona, then there are other attractions in the city that you will want to enjoy.

The beaches that surround Barcelona are a major attraction, so get your swim trunks and suntan lotion ready.

Here are 10 beaches to visit on your gambling trip to Barcelona.

Nova Mar Beach

The Nova Mar Beach is one of the cleanest beaches you’ll find in all of Spain. It’s also relatively quieter than many beaches around Barcelona as it’s a little further outside the city. You simply take the yellow line on the metro until you get to the Selva de Mar Stop.

This is the perfect beach if you and a date want to suntan and take in a peaceful, intimate beach experience.

Nova Mar Beach

The Nova Mar Beach is also extremely close to a shopping center by the name of Diagonal Mar. Diagonal Mar has great places to buy clothing as well as some awesome fast food places to enjoy some good eating in the area. You can get a VIP Tourist Card through Bus Turistic.

This card will give you amazing discounts at over 70 stores at Diagonal Mar. You can’t beat that.

Mar Bella Beach

Spain and Europe in general have a completely different vibe than the U.S.A. when it comes to the human body other taboo topics. This means you’re going to find some nude beaches in Spain. One of these beaches is Mar Bella Beach.

Once again, you take the yellow line by metro. Once you get off the Llacuna stop, the beach is only a short walk away; about 15 minutes actually.

Not only is this a beach where you can be nude, it is also a hotspot for the gay community. You are going to find a wide variety of interesting people, young and old. All in all, this is a very fun and very liberal beach.

But don’t worry—you won’t feel pressured to get nude if that’s not your thing. Wearing swim attire the entire time you’re there is completely acceptable.

If you want to try some surfing, then you can take advantage of a windy day at Mar Bella Beach as the waves will be perfect for such an activity. The water at this beach is also extremely clean.

Bogatell Beach

Also off the Llacuna stop on the yellow line, you’ll find the lovely Bogatell Beach. Once again, this beach is only about a 15 minute walk once you get off the stop. Perhaps you’ve invited your family to tag along on your Barcelona Gambling trip.

If that be the case, then Bogatell Beach is your place. That’s because you won’t find as many young and drunk beachgoers as some of the rowdier beaches around Barcelona.

You can also get a workout in for free as there is equipment to work out with on the northeast side of Bogatell Beach. Beach bars are numerous in the area, or you can grab a quick bite to eat at the beaches’ McDonalds.

Bogatell Beach

However, if you are looking for the ultimate dining experience where you can enjoy beautiful sunsets and paella at the same time, then you’ll want to dine at Xiringuito Escribà. Killer dessert is also available  at El Tio Che’s. You can’t beat their ice cream or horchatas.

You are also near what is considered to be one of Barcelonas’ hippest neighborhoods, Poblenou. In the neighborhood of Poblenou, you will find elegant places to enjoy brunch, alcoholic beverages, and tasty coffee. The Independent Barcelona Coffee Festival is actually held here.

Barceloneta Beach

Located off the Barceloneta stop on the metro, this is hands down the most popular beach in Barcelona. This beach is located by the Barceloneta fishermen’s district. There are great places to eat around this beach.

Once again, the paella in this area is to die for. If you are looking for a young and loud crowd who love to party, then this is your place. The only thing is that since it is always so crowded this beach can sometimes become riddled with litter.

Make sure you buy things such as water and sunscreen before you get there, as people will try to sell you such items at the beach at a ridiculous price.

One of the reasons Barceloneta Beach is such a popular place is because of its central location close to all the main attractions. You will for sure meet a wide variety of people from around the world, so if you are a social butterfly you will love Barceloneta Beach.

If you want to take a break from the casino games and experience some live music, Bar Leo has got you covered with live Spanish guitar performances.

Somorrostro Beach

The Somorrostro Beach is a historic beach and was actually a part of Barceloneta Beach until recently. In the 1800s, this beach was home to a shanty town of sorts that was occupied by around 15,000 people. Somorrostro Beach used to be the dwelling place of a gypsy community.

This beach is also a favorite among young people looking to get wild and party through the day. If you are looking to go clubbing after your day at the beach, then be sure to befriend any number of club promoters that will be there as you may get your cover charge waived.

Somorrostro Beach

Barcelona has awesome clubs that cater towards electronic music artists, so get ready to dance all night as people in Barcelona don’t go out to the club to party until extremely late at night. 1 a.m. is a completely normal time to start the party in Barcelona.

Crossfit equipment is available at Somorrostro Beach, so this is yet another beach where you can get a workout in. Enjoy great food at the premier restaurant Aqua, or get an ice-cold drink at the well-known Ice Bar.

Nova Icaria Beach

Nova Icaria Beach is right by Casino Barcelona. Tapas bars, restaurants, and even volleyball courts are some of the highlights of this beach. You take the yellow line and get off at the Ciutadella Vila Olimpica stop to get to thiasi beach.

The clubs and bars in this area are crazy, fun, and exciting.

Take a Break From Gambling and Visit the Beach

There are so many things to do in Barcelona if you’re planning a casino trip there. The beaches are one of the most exciting aspects of visiting Barcelona.

Thinking about taking a gambling trip to Barcelona, Spain, or did this article inspire you to travel there? Let me know in the comments.