Bad Habits That Make Slots Players Lose Money

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Slots make casinos tons of money. In some places, the slot machines make more money for the casinos than all the other gambling activities make them combined. Yet players still flock to the slots games.

You could easily make the argument that playing slots is itself a bad habit. But even if you’re stuck on playing slots, there are a few other bad habits that are costing you money.

Here are five bad slots habits that are costing you money. Eliminate these bad habits and you’re going to start winning more, or at least start losing less when playing slots for real money.

The Slots Maniac Habit

This is pretty much standard operating procedure for most slots players, so this habit might be familiar. Most slots players press the spin button as fast as they can. Or even worse, they play a slot machine that has the feature that lets you set a number of spins to run automatically.

In other words, too many slots players act like a maniac. A maniac simply wants to play as many spins as possible. And slot machines are designed specifically for these types of players. The problem is that playing slots like a maniac is one of the worst mistakes gamblers make. When you play slots this way, it costs you the maximum amount of money.

I can hear a few people reading this saying that they want to take as many chances as possible at hitting the jackpot, so how can taking too many spins be a bad habit? I’m going to show you using a little bit of simple math. I’m warning you that most slots players are going to ignore this information. If you choose to ignore this lesson, it’s going to cost you a great deal of money in the future.

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Slot machines are run by computer programming that follows strict rules. The rules say that the slot machine gives back a percentage of the money put into it back to the players. The rules also say that the remaining percentage is kept by the slot machine for profit for the casino.

In the short term these percentages vary a great deal, but over the life of the slot machine these rules always become 100% accurate.

The rules are slightly different for each slots game, but most of them have a rule that falls somewhere between 85% and 97% payback to slots players. This means that the rule about how much the machine keeps for profit is somewhere between 3% and 15% most of the time.

Now that you know the rules, you can quickly figure out how much you’re going to lose when you play slots.

If you’re playing a slots game with a payback percentage of 94%, it means the profit percentage for the machine is 6%. You can multiply 6% times your total wagers to get an estimate of how much you’re going to lose. This is just an average number for the long run. But remember that the long run always comes true eventually.

You’re betting $2 per spin on a slot machine and take 525 spins every hour. This means you’re risking $1,050 every hour. When you multiply $1,050 times 6% you get $63. This is your expected loss every hour.

Now, consider the numbers if you take 300 spins every hour on the same machine. Now ,you’re wagering a total of $600 every hour. This creates an expected loss number of $36. Losing $36 an hour is still bad, but it’s a lot better than losing $63.

Stop playing slots like a maniac. Get in the habit of playing fewer spins every hour.

Taking Any Spin Without a Slots Bonus

I enjoy the atmosphere of a live casino as much as anyone. Sometimes, this is the only social interaction I get during a week. But the truth is that I’m usually better off when I skip the trip to the casino and gamble online.

Slots play is a perfect example of this.

When you go to the local casino with $500 to play slots, you sit down and play with $500. You can earn some comps for your play, but you’re lucky to get more than a free meal before you run out of money.

But when you play online, you can start with $1,000 or more in your bankroll using the same $500. And sometimes, you can earn comps, too. The way you can start with $1,000 or more instead of $500 is called a bonus.

Many online casinos give a matching bonus on your deposit when you play slots. This is why you should always play online if you want to play slot machines.

Completing the Story No Matter What

I call this bad habit “story chasing,” but you need to understand that this isn’t just about the slot machines that have a storyline that you play through. This can be any game mechanic that keeps you playing longer just to complete something in the game.

Slot machine developers are good at understanding the psychology that keeps players playing. They know that if they add a story or other element to the game, slots players are going to play longer just to complete the story or whatever it is.

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Don’t fall into this trap. The best way to avoid the story chasing trap is to never play a slot machine that has any type of story of quest involved. The second best way to avoid this bad habit is to ignore the story or completion part of the machine.

Every time you get involved in the story, you’re in danger of playing longer than you originally intended to. And as you learned in the first section, the longer you play, the higher your losses are likely to be.

Casino Comp Chasing

This is almost exactly like story chasing. When you sign up for the slots club and earn casino comps as you play, there are levels of rewards. The more you play, the higher the level of rewards you qualify for.

Why do casinos design their rewards programs this way?

The casino knows that many slots players are going to keep playing when they get close to the next rewards level. And once again, the longer the casino can keep you playing slots, the more the casino is going to make.

Everything in the casino is designed to take your money. The casino offers entertainment and a small chance to win in return for your money. This is what you have to keep in the front of your mind every time you’re in the casino.

Chasing anything when you’re gambling is a bad habit. So, don’t chase the next rewards or comp level, because it just ends up costing you money.

Playing Slot Machines

I know that you don’t want to hear this, but you need to know the truth. The worst habit you can have is playing slot machines. The casino has many other gambling options that are better than playing slots.

Slots can be fun, and if you get extremely lucky, you can win a big jackpot. But most slots players lose more money than other gamblers.

If you want to learn how to avoid the bad habit of playing slots, learn more about your other gambling options. Find games that have a better casino edge and pick one of these games the next time you go to the casino.

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When you pick the right gambling activity and learn how to play it the right way, you can play a lot longer on the same bankroll. And you’re going have a much better chance to win every time you gamble.

Video poker is a good alternative if you enjoy gambling on machines. If you’re willing to play table games, blackjack is a good choice. Many other games are better than slots, so you have plenty of options. Do some research and learn about as many other casino games as you can.


Are you a slots maniac? This is the first bad habit you need to work on. Stop spinning the reels as fast as you can. And stop playing slots without getting a big fat bonus. Slots drain your bankroll, so you can play longer when you double your bankroll.

Don’t fall for the story trap when you play slots. Slots designers use every trick in the book to get you hooked.

In the end, you need to take a close look at why you’re playing slots and how much your slots play is truly costing you. Once you realize the truth, you might figure out that the worst habit of all is playing slots in the first place.