Attractions That Will Complete Your Trip to Hollywood Casino Perryville

Hollywood Casino Perryville and Maryland Attractions

Hollywood Casino Perryville is located in Cecil County, Maryland, a place known more for its beaches along the Chesapeake than for its attractions. For the purposes of this post, we’ll leave the beaches and all you can at the bay to the wayside since most of us have the place in mind when we come to the east coast.

Instead, let’s focus on all the goods that you can immerse yourself in beyond the Chesapeake if you’re looking to take a day or two off from all the casino gaming you will find at Hollywood Casino Perryville.

So, are you ready to take a break from gambling in Maryland to take a grand tour of this secluded area of wilderness? Glad to have you aboard. Let’s begin.

Gilpin’s Falls and Gilpin’s Falls Covered Bridge

Our first stop is Gilpin’s Falls. Located in Cecil County’s seat of Elkton, Maryland, experience Maryland’s natural beauty for yourself if you’re in dire need of a renewed mind, body, and spirit after a day or two of adrenaline-racing casino gaming.

If you venture out to Hollywood Casino Perryville in the wintertime, views of Gilpin’s Falls are beyond breathtaking, so have that camera phone ready and perhaps a selfie stick.

Be warned that if you go hiking, reviewers via TripAdvisor have complained the so-called trail in the area ceases to exist in specific places. So, you will find yourself walking through thick brush and you may have to climb over a few boulders to remain within a reasonable distance from the creek. Nice, right?

So, while the falls make for a pleasant sight to the eyes and natural music to the ears, brace yourself to use a few muscles you may have never previously known about to get the full experience at Gilpin’s Falls.

Gilpin’s Falls Covered Bridge

Did I mention something about a renewed mind, body, and soul? The mind and soul are intact, but the renewed body may ache in Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) after a rough hike.

However, if you’re up for some hiking, you’ll also discover the Gilpin’s Falls Covered Bridge, which reviewers have raved about on TripAdvisor. Gilpin’s Falls Covered Bridge offers a bit of history to the region. It’s well-maintained, so you can walk right through it and experience the history of the area for yourself. A history that you will find right in the center of Maryland’s majestic scenery.

Built in 1860, the Gilpin’s Falls Covered Bridge is one of the last of its kind in the state of Maryland. With that said, you’re looking at a rare relic when you visit this amazing site.

Cecil County Dragway

Up for some local drag racing? The Cecil County Dragway is where it’s happening. So, come on over and catch the local action at the drag strip. While you won’t find any professional drag racers gracing the area, you will find adrenaline-pumping action that is among Northeast Maryland’s finest.

And if you’ve ever watched drag racing at your local county fair, it will give you an idea of what you will find at the Cecil County Dragway. Nothing special or fancy, but rather hobbyists who find the sport as an escape and a way to unwind.

Cecil County Dragway

They keep the track well-maintained. And if you didn’t eat before heading into the venue, don’t sweat. The track serves food at multiple concessions, so you can still indulge in the ultimate comfort meal if you choose to.

This is a fantastic attraction if the adrenaline rush you get playing real money slots and table games aren’t enough. Some of us love to wind down after a day of casino games. But there are others whose idea of relaxing runs on adrenaline.

If you are one of those individuals, you will love what you find at Cecil County Raceway. It’s not quite Fast and Furious, but it’s a night full of passion, fun, speed, and adrenaline. Plus, some of the best tasting food in the area. And you can’t beat that.

Historical Society of Cecil County

Listed as the third most exciting area attraction in the county seat of Elkton, Maryland, the Historical Society of Cecil County should grace the top of your vacation itinerary at Hollywood Casino Perryville if you are a history enthusiast. If you are into local history, you will love this outlet.

Here, you will find a helpful staff who are happy to give you a tour of the area’s local history.

This building has been described as perpetually warm and even as a greater treat when locals flood Elkton’s main street. You will also find an arts gallery on the site, too, so if history and the arts are your thing, have yourself a day with the number of exhibits you will gush over.

So, if history, the arts, a friendly and knowledgeable staff, and a cozy atmosphere sound good to you, this local attraction is a must-visit in the area. And yeah, it serves as a fantastic way to unwind after a few adrenaline rushes at Hollywood Casino Perryville.

Fairhill Scottish Games

You may have just found the ultimate attraction in the area and for those of you who love Scottish heritage, Fairhill Scottish Games is a must-visit.

You will find this location just north of Elkton and close to both the Pennsylvania and Delaware state line, and it features over 6,000 acres of real estate from the former William du Pont estate.

But even if you aren’t of Scottish descent, the nature lover in you will love everything this attraction offers. Here, you will discover even more of Maryland’s natural beauty, complete with scenic nature trails, an equestrian training facility specializing in Thoroughbred horses, and the Cecil County Farm Show.

Yes, there is a little for everyone of all backgrounds here. But what is it that makes the Fairhill Scottish Games such a popular attraction?

Fairhill Scottish Games

They call it the “Gathering of the Clans,” so if you know your ancient clan, you may just discover some amazing background stories here. Anyway, brace yourself to witness an amazing array of Scottish-based games and sporting events that claim Scottish origins.

But if sports aren’t your thing, it’s still worth the trip given the number of food displays and galleries that you’ll find.

If you’re looking for a complete day off from casino games, you can make an entire day out of what you’ll find at the Fairhill Scottish Games.

So, if the outdoors, sports, culture, food, and the bagpipes are up your alley, set aside a day at the Fairhill Scottish Games when you venture to Hollywood Casino Perryville.

Milburn Stone Theatre

If the Milburn Stone Theatre rings a bell, it’s because they named the venue after the actor himself, whose most prominent role took place on the classic television series Gunsmoke, in which he played Doc Adams.

Stone’s acting career spanned seven decades, from 1919 to 1975 and for his contributions to the television industry, has earned a spot on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. Stone has also been inducted into the Westerners Hall of Fame at the National Cowboy and Western Hermitage Museum in Oklahoma City.

He left a legacy regarding the performing arts in the area and for that, it’s how the theatre received its name. If you’re a fan of the actor, you may not see Westerns-based plays. However, you will see some of the most realistic plays of your life. If you are a fan of theatre, this hot attraction in Cecil County is a must-visit.

Milburn Stone Theatre Play

And per TripAdvisor, reviewers rave about the shows that take place in this venue. Seasonal events like the Nutcracker occur here, but they put on plays and recitals all year long. If you are up for some live dramas, the Milburn Stone Theatre is the perfect place for such entertainment.

Reviewers agree that the pricing is affordable, averaging $20 as of March 2019. You can’t beat this price for a perfect night away from the casino. The theatre has put on productions of classics like Annie, Les Miserables, the Unusual Incident of the Dog in the Night, and more.

Reviewers have also praised the actors for their performances and the realistic scenery involved in the productions.

Whenever you’re looking for a solid, live performance outside of music and comedy, the Milburn Stone Theatre is where you want to be.


Hollywood Casino Perryville may find itself in the rather secluded intersection that encompasses Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. However, its number of local attractions are right up there with what you will find in Baltimore.

Plus, we didn’t even touch on the beaches, fishing, and boating along the Chesapeake since the intent with this post was to expand on the obvious area attraction—the bay itself.

Perhaps we’re not looking at as many attractions as you will discover in Baltimore. But as you can conclude, we have pushed the quality button here in multiple niches.

Have you played at or visited Hollywood Casino Perryville? If so, did you check out the surrounding area and did you attend any of the listed attractions? Tell us about your experience in the comments. We are looking forward to your stories!