Attractions Near Four Winds New Buffalo for Your Vacation

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Four Winds New Buffalo is one of the nation’s most popular casinos located outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. In fact, you will find this venue on the Indiana-Michigan border.

Voted one of the 10 best casinos located outside of Las Vegas in 2015 by USA Today, you know you are in for a tried-and-true gaming experience when you walk through this casino’s doors.

But you may not know too much about the local attractions surrounding the New Buffalo area. Som if you need a day or two off at the casino, do you really need to drive all the way to Chicago or across the state to Detroit or Ann Arbor to find some fun things to do?

Nope. This post outlines seven key attractions located near Four Winds New Buffalo. So, if you’re stumped on what to do outside of gambling in Michigan, look no further.

Grand Mere State Park

On the shores of Lake Michigan, Grand Mere State Park is one of the state’s finest public recreational parks.

You are looking at 985 acres of mainly wooded park real estate here to go with some ancient lakes left behind from Ice Age-era glaciers. So, if you have a thing for ancient lakes, you’d best hurry on over to this location because two of those five lakes have disappeared via aquatic succession.

And those remaining three lakes won’t last forever either. Of course, you still got the ancient Great Lake known as Lake Michigan, and that lake shouldn’t be going anywhere any time soon.

Grand Mere State Park

Now, if you are into flora, this is the ideal state park to visit since its temperature differs somewhat from the rest of Southwest Michigan. As a result, you will find different kinds of flora surviving here that you won’t find anywhere else in the region.

Much of it is rare and endangered, so in addition to those ancient lakes, you have a few more rare and hidden gems in this area.

But if ancient geological formations and rare flora don’t pique your interest, the number of outdoor activities will. Sure, you can always laze around for a day on the beach. Or you can hit up the hiking or cross-country skiing trails, depending on the time of year.

You can also indulge yourself in picnicking, swimming, boat launching, and other mainstream outdoor activities.

Warren Dunes State Park

Grand Mere State Park isn’t the only outdoor attraction near Four Winds New Buffalo to get excited about. Warren Dunes State Park is yet another attraction calling your name.

And while you won’t find some ancient hidden gems in this park, it is not short on things to do.

This park packs a powerful punch and is perhaps the hottest tourist destination in the area, attracting nearly 1,000,000 tourists. Of course, we know the park for its many sand dunes, which are named Mt. Fuller, Pike’s Peak, Mt. Edwards, and Tower Hill, the latter of which is the tallest dune in the park.

Warren Dunes also holds the size advantage over Grand Mere State Park at 1,952 acres. So, what is there to do here? You can start with sandboarding and given easy access to the sandy slopes, it is perhaps the most popular activity in the park.

But if sandboarding isn’t your thing or if you just don’t feel like running up and down those sand dunes all day, don’t sweat. You still have a lot of activities to get excited over.

The park is home to six hiking trails. You can engage in cross-country skiing, swimming, picnicking, and the kids can enjoy a day at the playground if you are planning a casino trip with with the entire family.

Jean Klock Park (Benton Harbor)

Ranked fourth out of 20 of the greatest places to play in Berrien County, Michigan, per TripAdvisor, Jean Klock Park owns raving reviews stemming from its ultra-clean beach and restroom facilities to its convenient parking.

This one is also said to be less crowded than the nearby Silver Beach, so if crowds aren’t your thing, Jean Klock Park just earned a few more brownie points.

Jean Klock Park (Benton Harbor)

Here, you will find many pavilions, picnic areas, and easy access to the beach. There are also a few notable dunes in the area. And if you are looking to brave the heights, then treat yourself to breathtaking scenery if you dare to make the climb.

The environment is also child-friendly. So, this is yet another attraction to get excited over if you have brought the family along for a vacation that includes more than just the casino games at Four Winds New Buffalo.

The Golf Club at Harbor Shores

Looking for a championship-level golf course designed by the great Jack Nicklaus? Look no further than the Golf Club at Harbor Shores. It has also hosted the Senior PGA Championship four times and is scheduled to host it once more in 2022.

This par-71 course is a surefire bet to test your golf skill. So, if you are looking to try your golf game at one of the nation’s newer courses, the Golf Club at Harbor Shores is one of the grandest locations to do so in Southwest Michigan.

Come on out, immerse yourself in Southwest Michigan’s scenery on the shores of the Great Lake, and see if you can score lower than a 71 at what is perhaps the most challenging golf course in the region.

16 Wineries

Are you a sucker for local wines? If so, venture off the casino grounds at Four Winds New Buffalo and try your hand at one of Berrien County, Michigan’s 16 wineries. Yes, there are 16 wineries.

And you are looking at wineries conveniently located all over the county. So, it doesn’t matter which part of Berrien County you are in, you will find a venue that suits your tastes.

Michigan Winery Image

After a long day of casino gaming or a day out on the town, make one last stop at 12 Corners Vineyards, Contessa Wine Cellars, Hickory Creek Winery, Gravity, Vineyard 2121, or one of the other 11 wineries located about the region.

Immerse yourself in the greatest and properly aged local wines and you will want to come back again and again with each trip you take to Four Winds New Buffalo.

Point O’ Woods Golf and Country Club

Designed by Robert Trent Jones, Point O’ Woods Golf and Country Club is a private golf club in Benton Charter Township. Unlike the Golf Club at Harbor Shores, this one has been around for 63 years and counting.

If you are a golfing fan looking to access a golf club that is tried and true in the area, Point O’ Woods is a place to check out. And it is definitely worth the visit if you are into America’s best classic golf courses, as they have voted it among the top 100 in the nation plenty of times throughout its existence. Point O’ Woods has also hosted the Western Amateur from 1971 to 2008; this golf venue bears plenty of credibility.

While you are looking at a private course, it’s not likely to be the place to go if you are coming in from out of town. However, if you are golfing often in the Southwest Michigan area, it is wise to become a member of this country club and to test your game against the area’s best golfers.

Union Meat Market

Also known as Drier’s Meat Market or Drier’s Butcher Shop, Union Meat Market is one of the most prominent historic venues in Berrien County and has served the area for over 120 years.
Union Meat Market Michigan

Obviously, the place has more than established its credibility with its surviving the test of time. If you are looking for fresh and local meats, look no further than Union Meat Market.

And while Four Winds New Buffalo has several outstanding dining options, nothing is fresher than farm-to-table local cuts. If you are looking for the best in the area, Union Meat Market is where it’s at.

Oh, and as if the market needs to bolster its credibility further, it has also served famous customers over the years, including Roger Ebert, Carl Sandburg, Bill Mauldin, Bill Blass, Larry Hagman, and Richard J. Daley.

A family-owned business that has been in the Drier Family since 1913 and in the community since the late-19th century, Union Meat Market found its way onto the National Register of Historic Places in 1972.


Outdoor activities define key area attractions surrounding Four Winds New Buffalo. From the state parks to golf courses, and even local harbors, the outdoor enthusiast will fall in love with everything little-known Southwest Michigan offers.

And if you prefer fresh, local meats, Union Meat Market is a slam dunk for the area’s greatest local cuts.

If you love things to be quaint and old school, attractions surrounding Four Winds New Buffalo provide the ultimate vacation destination.

Have you been to Four Winds New Buffalo? If so, did you visit any of the parks, golf courses, or the meat market? Let us know and tell us about your experience. We are always looking forward to your stories.