Attractions at and Around Island Resort and Casino

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Island Resort and Casino is one of the hottest locations on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. And you can experience a dynamic vacation destination alone at the resort. But Harris Township, Michigan is also the home to six dynamic area attractions.

Here, you will find an epic golf course, a waterfront that offers breathtaking scenery and activities, the Hannahville Indian Community that also owns and operates the casino, the Drift Spa, Paradise Bay Gift Shop, and the RV Park.

Three attractions are right here at the resort, and you can spend a week at the Hannahville Indian Community and still find activities to indulge in.

This post will look closer at each of the following six attractions, covering everything that you can do to stay busy when you need a break from gambling in Michigan.

Sweetgrass and Sage Run Golf Course

Looking to play a round of championship golf while catching some of the most scenic views the Upper Peninsula offers?

You will find what you are looking for at Sweetgrass Golf Course. Complete with 18 challenging holes, this course ranks as the Best in State, per GOLF Magazine and Golf Digest. You will also find a few strategic holes to really test your skills.

Hole 15 is especially notorious, and so are a few of those par-5 holes on the course. And if you would like to add to the scenic tour, play a round at the resort’s second golf course, known as the Sage Run Golf Course. Designed by Paul Albanese, Sage Run is the polar opposite in style from its cousin, Sweetgrass.

So, if you’re looking for two distinct games of golf while you take a break from the endless casino gaming at Island Resort and Casino, Sweetgrass and Sage Run will not disappoint. Pick up your driver, chipper, and putter, and make your way to two of Michigan’s most distinct golf courses.

Brace yourself for a combo of challenging holes, breathtaking scenery that only the Upper Peninsula of Michigan will bring, and a relaxing day away from the slots and tables. Unless you are an overcompetitive golfer, then the relaxing portion of that previous sentence may not apply.

Menominee Waterfront

Not only will you find another epic dose of scenery on the Great Lake Michigan, you will also come across a plethora of public events at the Menominee Waterfront.

If you are here in the summer, there is literally a city-sponsored public event happening every weekend. From mid-June to late August, you will also find some fun entertainment. So, if you find the entertainment options at Island Resort and Casino to be lackluster, you have other solid options in the area.

Menominee Waterfront Attraction

You should definitely check it out and see who is playing during the weekend you find yourself at the waterfront. But that’s if you’re there in the summer. Other points of interest on the waterfront are the Marina and the legendary Menominee Pier Light. Be sure to catch some epic photos of the many boats docked in the harbor and take a trip to the lighthouse.

You are looking at history, live entertainment, and outstanding scenery that will make you believe an invisible hand picked you up and planted you in the middle of the Atlantic or Pacific Coast. When the weather is ideal in the summer, head on up to the Menominee Waterfront.

Hannahville Indian Community

This is a great opportunity to explore a community that has made Island Resort and Casino its lifeblood. The Hannahville Indian Community was a struggling reservation once upon a time, living on nothing more than a few federal dollars.

It has since evolved upon the opening of Island Resort and Casino. And today, the descendants of the Potawatomi people have managed to preserve their culture.

Hannahville Indian Community

Make sure to take some time off from the slots and table games at Island Resort & Casino and explore this once-again growing community. Here, you will find history, culture, and hope as the Hannahville Indian Community’s future appears to be beyond bright.

Drift Spa

Are you looking for a day of relaxation? You will find what you are looking for right on the resort at Drift Spa. Brace yourself for an array of treatments, including facials, body treatments, massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, hair salons, and more.

You can even save money with the number of day packages Drift Spa offers. And depending on the time of year you come to Island Resort and Casino’s spa, you can take advantage of the many seasonal features and treatments available.

Island Casino and Resort Drift Spa

Relaxation and rejuvenation begins the second you step off the elevator, given the calming atmosphere, the dim lighting and cool colors that meet your eyes. Each treatment is natural and provided by the area’s finest therapists who will maximize your experience to the fullest.

Where can you maximize your ultimate rejuvenation experience? Head over to the tranquility rooms where you will find an indoor saltwater pool, a co-ed sauna, and a steam room.

Or if you’re looking for something a little intense, hit up the on-site fitness center for a workout before you head into the spa to rejuvenate your body. And if you are staying for an extended period at Island Resort and Casino, you can turn this experience into a weeklong routine. And that’s something that nobody can beat.

Paradise Bay Gift Shop

Looking for the greatest shopping destination in the area? It’s right at the resort in the Paradise Bay Gift Shop. Here, you will find gifts comprising of apparel, Native American-inspired crafts, jewelry, glassware, and memorabilia manufactured right in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

But Island Resort and Casino’s Paradise Bay Gift Shop sells more than just giftware. If you’re here for the weekend or for a week’s worth of casino gaming, sightseeing, and exploring, you will also find plenty of everyday household items if something you intended to pack slipped your mind.

You will find convenience items like candy, personal items, and even cigarettes and cigars. So, if you enjoy a cigarette or two while you play your favorite casino games, you don’t even need to venture off the resort. Everything you need to complete your stay is available right here, unless you are looking to engage in a bit of exploring.

Paradise Bay Gift Shop

Are you part of the Island Club Rewards Program? If so, brace yourself for an array of discounts based on your card level. If you have gamed for a while at Island Resort and Casino, redeem those points and get a few dollars off from your purchases. You may not hit the jackpot, but you will save a few that you can put to use elsewhere. And nothing beats generous discounts.

Paradise Bay Gift Shop is always stocked with the latest and greatest merchandise, and they aren’t shy about receiving repeat customers. So, if you venture to the gift shop just once, chances are, you will head over there a few more times if you see something that catches your eye.

RV Park

You may prefer sleeping in the middle of nature as opposed to a comfortable room at the resort. The RV Park may be the best option for outdoorsy types. It is a shoo-in option if you are one for taking the RV out for a casino road trip in favor of a car or minivan.

So, if you are an RV lover, Lady Luck is more than on your side, given the amenities you will find at Island Resort and Casino’s RV Park.

Open from May 1st through November 30th, you’re looking at 42 up-to-date sites with complete access to electricity and water, a dump station, picnic tables, fire rings, and more. It is basically a camping trip with the luxury of having a casino right in its backyard.

Island Resort and Casino RV Park

Now that, you can’t beat. And if you don’t have wood for the fire, don’t sweat. You won’t need to go hiking into the nearby woodlands with an axe just to keep warm for the night. Just head over to nearby Oasis Convenience Store and get what you need.

It is a safe wager that you will save time, money, and a lot of energy to pay a few extra bucks for the firewood as opposed to dragging and carrying several tree branches for an extended distance. And if you are on vacation with your kids, they too will appreciate the convenience.


While the southwest portion of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is short on nearby attractions, Island Resort and Casino boasts so many attractions that there isn’t much of a reason to venture off of the resort. There are a few keepers out there, but most of the action is happening right in the middle of the premises.

If you are on a family vacation, you can spend a week at Island Resort and Casino, and you will still find things to do even thought you might think you have scoured the entire place. And it is a guaranteed winning bet that you will undergo many sessions at the golf courses, the spa, and the gift shop.

Have you ventured to Island Resort and Casino? And if so, did you take full advantage of the venue’s attractions? Did you venture off the resort for a bit? Let us know.