Attention-Grabbing Attractions Near Saratoga Casino Hotel

Saratoga Casino Logo With New York Attractions

If Saratoga rings a bell, you probably came across the name when you studied the American Revolutionary War in school. Much like the not-too-distant Valley Forge, Saratoga Springs is the home to its own casino venue, Saratoga Casino Hotel.

And yes, you have a history museum listed here that will pique your interest if you’re into the area’s history and given the collection, a visual one. But you’ll also find three sweet scenic parks in the area along with a couple of interesting food outlets, including a food tour.

Besides the history museum, you will also come across the National Museum of Racing Hall of Fame plus the Saratoga Automobile Museum. That said, you will find a lot to do in this area and a trip to Saratoga Casino Hotel is just one of many attention-grabbing attractions in Saratoga Springs.

Ready to discover what’s hot in the area besides New York casinos?

Canfield Casino and Congress Park

You know a location is a popular place when it holds a 4.5-star rating on TripAdvisor over 782 reviews. And if you like a delightful blend of history with scenery, Canfield Casino and Congress Park is your answer.

But before you get excited, Canfield Casino is defunct, so you must keep the casino games limited to Saratoga Casino.

However, if you’ve ever wondered about what brought international fame to Saratoga Springs, Canfield Casino claims responsibility. Once a major gambling site and health spa, this place saw major celebrities, gamblers, and the wealthiest men in America frequent between 1870 and 1907.

Congress Park Saratoga

Then you got Congress Park on the site, which not only features stunning Italian gardens, groves, and lawns, but you’ll also find some stunning pieces of architecture throughout.

The 17-acre park features works like the Palladian Circle of satyrs and Maenads around a sundial in the Italian Gardens, Daniel Chester French’s Spirit of Life, the World War Pavilion, and the Columbian Fountain Domed Pavilion.

Saratoga Springs History Museum

You’ll find the history museum right inside Canfield Casino and it features a collection that focuses on the area’s cultural history. Who would’ve thought a former casino would bode so well as a history museum? Perhaps we’ll be writing more posts on the subject 100 years down the road?

Anyway, onto what you’ll find in this magnificent attraction.

Founded in 1883, this museum has served the people of Saratoga plus the thousands of tourists who frequent the spot for nearly 140 years, and you can place a safe bet that the history here traces back even further.

Archival collections include 375,000 negatives of photographs taken in the area between 1855 and 1980, with most of the work credited to photographer George S. Bolster. The museum boasts this collection to provide a visual history of Saratoga Springs that bode as excellent resources for professional and amateur historians.

The museum also preserves an additional collection of 15,000 objects that date back to 1802, including Victorian dresses, the Gideon Putnam Tavern Sign, and even ephemera from mineral springs and beyond.

Saratoga Olive Oil Company

It’s not every day that a venue specializing in olive oil makes a must-see attraction list. But the Saratoga Olive Oil Company is a cut above the rest. Not only is their goal to serve you the finest olive oil in the world, they literally scour the globe in search of the freshest oils.

It’s a safe bet that you perhaps won’t find a fresher source of olive oil, not just in the United States, but on the entire planet. And if you’re looking for the freshest and finest sources of olive oil on the planet and you’d love to kick start that healthy lifestyle with a unique flair, this attraction is a must-visit.

Saratoga Olive Oil Company

You’ll find naturally flavored oils and gourmet oils, sure to send your taste buds into a frenzy. Besides the gourmet oils they serve, their menu includes white and red balsamic vinegars imported from Modena, Italy.

And no, you won’t find these red and white balsamic vinegars on your local grocery store shelves. Made using the Solera method, what you’ll instead discover is a richer flavor and texture.

Even with the fact the Saratoga Olive Oil Company looks like an uneventful oil outlet on the outside, it’s more than worth the visit if the health enthusiast in you craves more than just your average store-bought vinegar and oil to add spice and flavor to your greens.

Saratoga Springs Food Tours and Saratoga Farmers Market

While you’ll find several stellar dining options at Saratoga Casino Hotel, embarking on the Saratoga Springs Food Tours is a fantastic way to indulge in local fare.

Start your tour at the Saratoga Farmers Market, where reviewers and management have stated you will spend about one-third of the time. This is where the epitome of local fare comes into play, including homemade cheeses, tapenades, jams, and other mouth-watering options.

During the tour, you’ll also gain valuable insight into not just the local fare, but also on the area’s history and farm community.

Saratoga Spa State Park

Saratoga Spa State Park has garnered a 4.5-star rating out of 962 reviewers and, per TripAdvisor, ranks as the number one area attraction in Saratoga Springs.

At this National Historic Landmark, you will find a plethora of venues that include the Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Spa Little Theater, National Museum of Dance, and Gideon Putnam Hotel.

Saratoga Spa State Park

And given its status as a state park, you’ll also find scenic woodlands, hiking trails, outdoor pools, plus eye-pleasing natural beauty everywhere you look. You’ll also find two golf courses, natural fountains along the hiking and biking trails, and well-maintained picnic areas.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one destination in Saratoga Springs, you’ll find it at Saratoga Spa State Park. It provides the ultimate all-day getaway for your casino trip.

National Museum of Racing Hall of Fame

When you come to Saratoga Casino Hotel, the racetrack is one of the venue’s primary attractions. But what you may not know is that the National Museum of Racing Hall of Fame allows you to trace the sport’s roots back to the Colonial times.

Impressive, right? You will discover pieces of fine art, sculptures, photographs, artifacts, trophies, and more. So, if you’re looking for a history lesson that no other city or town in America can match, head over to the National Museum of Racing Hall of Fame and experience the journey that made Thoroughbred racing a staple of American culture.

National Museum of Racing Hall of Fame

Their major attraction includes a 16-minute film entitled “What it Takes: Journey to the Hall of Fame,” commemorating a journey of what it takes to receive the rare honor of induction into this very facility.

So, if you’ve come to Saratoga Casino Hotel for the races, consider the National Museum of Racing Hall of Fame a bonus.

Yaddo Gardens

As you can make out from this post, nature entwined with architecture defines Saratoga Springs. And the Yaddo Gardens epitomizes such a definition.

And yes, if you find illustrious gardens to be pleasing to the soul, these formal rose and rock gardens at the Yaddo Estate provide the perfect medicine.

Best yet, you can get through these enchanting gardens in minutes, so they’re a perfect place to spend part of an afternoon if you need to calm your mind from gambling. Plus, you’ll discover that these rose gardens remain in full bloom well into September.

Yaddo Gardens Structure

One special reviewer on TripAdvisor even visited the gardens on their way back from Saratoga Casino Hotel, noting the area’s natural beauty and neatness.

During the warmer months, it’s not surprising to see guests seated at the garden’s various spots, connecting with the surrounding nature and history and treating their eyes to something you once thought belonged in Narnia.

Saratoga Automobile Museum

And the Saratoga Automobile Museum marks our last stop in the eight attention-grabbing attractions near the casino hotel.

Chartered in 1999 and opened in 2002, the museum works to preserve, interpret, and exhibit automobile and automotive artifacts. You’ll find cars from literally every era at this museum, ranging from everyday compact to luxury to sports cars.

And best yet, if you made the trip to the Saratoga Spa State Park, you need not venture too far as the museum’s location falls within the 2,500-acre park.

If the automotive industry interests you, place the Saratoga Automobile Museum at the top of the list and prepare for an automotive educational experience of a lifetime.


Saratoga Springs contains over a dozen awesome attractions, including Saratoga Casino Hotel. But today’s post will give a head start on what to expect when you visit the region’s casino.

From plenty of natural beauty entwined with breathtaking architecture to history at every corner, you can expect to turn your trip to the casino into an all-out vacation. And given the proximity many of these attractions have to one another, chances are you’ll park your car and walk.

It’s an especially rewarding sensation during the warmer months of the year.

Have you visited Saratoga Springs in the past? If so, did you play at Saratoga Casino Hotel and were you able to visit any of the attractions listed above? Let us know in the comments and tell us about your experience. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.