Area Attractions That Make Ocean Downs the Ultimate Getaway

Ocean Downs Casino Logo and Attractions

Ocean Downs is near arguably Maryland’s primary attraction: Ocean City. With that said, you’re probably visiting Ocean Downs as part of your vacation to Ocean City. And while we can sit here and talk about 50 area attractions that make Ocean Downs the ultimate vacation getaway, this post holds the top seven.

So, if you have never been here before, or if you’ve been to Ocean Downs but didn’t realize that Ocean City is just a few minutes from the racino, you must read this post and discover what you should do when you take a trip here.

Ready to discover the top seven attractions near Ocean Downs, all of which you will find in Ocean City? Keep reading and build that Maryland gambling vacation itinerary.

South Ocean City Boardwalk

Running from South 2nd Street to 27th Street, treat yourself to a plethora of activities on the boardwalk. Here, you will find shops, arcades, amusement-related attractions, food stands, and more. Think of it as a permanent carnival in a way. Oh, and you’ll also please your eyes with those breathtaking ocean views.

USA Today has routinely labeled the boardwalk as one of the “Best Boardwalks for Food,” so if you’re one who loves to try local grub, you’re all set. National Geographic also voted the boardwalk as one of the “Top Ten Boardwalks to Visit in the US.”

Now, the South Ocean City Boardwalk isn’t without its faults, given the location’s vulnerability to damage from hurricanes such as Hurricane Gloria in 1985 and Hurricane Sandy in 2012. With that said, this isn’t the safest place to visit during hurricane season. Sandy, in particular, destroyed half the boardwalk. But in the years since, they have rebuilt, reinforced, and reopened it.

So, when you’re looking for a day or two off from Ocean Downs Casino, plan a day to remember at the South Ocean City Boardwalk.

Jolly Roger Amusement Park

Sitting on 284 acres and open from May through September, or the peak months, sits the Jolly Roger Amusement Park. This amusement park features 43 attractions, including three roller coasters and 18 water rides.

This is the perfect park for you if you like to split your time between land-based rides and water activities. It’s sort of a hybrid park if you think about it.

The park opened in 1964 as a driving range called the Arnold Palmer Putting Course and Driving Range. Soon, they added rides. And in 1974, Jolly Roger purchased the place, and the rest is history.

Jolly Roger Amusement Park

What will you find at this magnificent amusement park? Prominent attractions include Eye of the Hurricane, Master Blaster, the Stealth Slide, Six-Lane Super Racer, the Rainforest, Black Hole Slides, the Wave Pool, and the Lazy River.

In the Eye of the Hurricane, you will take a steep slide into a toilet-shaped funnel before landing in the Lazy River. If you’re looking for a roller coaster type of slide, the Master Blaster is it. In Six-Land Super Racer, you and five other guests will race down parallel slides on mats.

In the Rainforest, you will find a maze littered with sprayers and water features that lead to slides. And in the Black Hole, you will find slides of varying intensity that feature partially and fully enclosed slides.

Roland E. Powell Convention Center

Unsure of how to spend the evening after a day of playing casino games at Ocean Downs? Head over to the Roland E. Powell Convention Center and discover what’s happening. Here, you will discover 214,000 square feet of convertible floor space for trade shows and other social gatherings.

The convention center can also transform into a 5,000-seat arena that can host an array of athletic events like wrestling. But if you aren’t into sports or trade shows, the venue also hosts concerts. So, if you can’t find local entertainment for the day, head over to see who’s playing at the venue.

Sandy Point Site and Other Historical Locations

Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975, the Sandy Point Site is an archaeological site that boasts quite a riveting history.

It is just outside of Ocean City in Worcester County, Maryland, on the Delmarva Peninsula, where it contains the southernmost component of the Townsend Series.

Sandy Point Site Maryland

If you’re in the mood for a quick tour of the area that includes a jaunt to a historical landmark, Sandy Point Site is a quick and easy way to enjoy an hour or two away from Ocean Downs.

Other historical locations in the area that you may find yourself interested in include St. Paul’s by-the-sea Episcopal Church, the Anchor from the Sailboat Wreck, the original Atlantic Hotel, and the Ocean City Life Saving Station Museum.

Ocean Bowl Skatepark

Ocean Bowl Skatepark is in South Ocean City and believe it or not, you are looking at the first skatepark to open on America’s East Coast in terms of longest-running municipal skate parks.

However, what you’re seeing isn’t the original skatepark, as they have torn down the original bowl and halfpipe in 1997. Come the summer of 1998, they rebuilt a new version of the skatepark atop the original.

Ocean Bowl Skatepark

The Ocean Bowl Skatepark remains one of the most significant attractions in the area because it has attracted the National Dew Tour and many pro skateboarders have sought action at the park.

If you love the thrill of skateboarding, blading, biking, and more, head over to Ocean Bowl Skatepark and you will feel like someone transplanted you from Ocean City, Maryland, to Madtown Skatepark in Ocean Shores, California. Sorry, 1990s nostalgia.

Old Pro Golf

If there is one recurring theme you will learn about Ocean City, it’s the popularity of its mini golf. For many of us traveling to casinos, we will find a nearby golf course. However, when you hit Ocean Downs, you will find a plethora of its miniature brethren.

If you love golfing but hate losing a dozen golf balls in the rough, the woods, or the water when you go to the course with your friends, mini golf is the perfect alternative.

The most prominent mini golf course in the area is Old Pro Golf, and you will find several of their locations within Ocean City’s limits. The most popular address for the chain is 6801 Coastal Highway.

Old Pro Golf Maryland

You can probably make an entire day away from the racino for this one if you are a mini golf enthusiast, especially considering the number of courses in the area.

Each course boasts its own elaborate theme that includes the Renaissance Castle, Undersea Adventure and Dinosaur Park (this one is truly a blast), Safari Village and Caribbean Pirate, and Temple of the Dragons.

So, if you like variety, you will love everything about each Old Pro Golf location.

North Ocean City High-Rise Condominiums

Looking for perhaps one of the most popular vacation rentals in the area—a vacation rental where you have an entire resort at your disposal?

Head over to North Ocean City, and you will find an influx of activities to take part in. That’s after you’re finished playing over at Ocean Downs’ endless supply of horse racing, table gaming, and its slot machines.

What will you discover at North Ocean City High-Rise Condominiums? If you just so happen to be an athlete, this might as well be heaven. There are sports fields, gyms, playgrounds, and a jogging path. If the gaming at Ocean Downs stressed you out, a trip to the North Ocean City High-Rise Condominiums should find itself hot on your list.

Most of these buildings stand over 20 stories high. Even if exercise isn’t your first choice as a stress reliever, don’t sweat. You will discover breathtaking oceanfront views to keep your stress at bay. But you will also stumble upon restaurants and upscale amenities like spas, indoor pools, outdoor pools, and more.

North Ocean City High-Rise Condominiums

As with many attractions in this post, the North Ocean City High-Rise Condominiums are discussed because I’m writing this with the mentality that Ocean City is probably your overall vacation destination, but Ocean Downs is one of the key reasons you are interested in the area.

Perhaps you love the slots, casino table games, and racing, but you wish for your accommodation to reflect the ocean view and activities that will maximize your stay at Ocean City.

If you are looking for a key accommodation when you play at Ocean Downs and vacation in Ocean City, the North Ocean City High-Rise Condominiums is your key area rental.


Ocean Downs is definitely just one of many key attractions in and around Ocean City, Maryland. As you can see from this post, the seven attractions listed above will complete your vacation on America’s Atlantic Coast.

From the boardwalk, skate parks, and accommodations, you will find notable attractions everywhere you turn when you venture to Ocean Downs and vacation in Ocean City.

I hope you’re excited for your trip to the casino resort. If you have played at Ocean Downs, tell us about your gambling experience. And if you’ve visited or plan on visiting the surrounding attractions, let us know in the comments.