Are There Any Roulette Games Better Than French Roulette?

Two Roulette Wheels With French Roulette Words in Center

Roulette is a unique casino game in that it features several different variations. The main versions include American, European, French, and mini roulette.

Out of these, French Roulette is the highest-paying game. You should normally choose it over any other roulette variation when it’s available.

But are there any other roulette games that are worth choosing over the French version? I’ll answer this question below while discussing more on French Roulette, why it’s usually the best game, and which variation could potentially pay better.

Why Is French Roulette Better Than Other Versions?

This variant is played on a European wheel, which features 37 pockets. Of these pockets, one is a single zero that always favors the casino. Under these circumstances, French Roulette would normally offer 97.3% RTP (36/37).

However, it has a special rule called “la partage” that boosts the payback. La partage, which applies to even-money bets only, gives half your bet back when the ball lands on zero.

You normally lose the full amount of the bet in this situation. But since you’re getting half back, the return to player (RTP) improves to 98.65% (36.5/37).

European Roulette Isn’t Bad Either

French Roulette isn’t the only variation that’s worth considering. European Roulette is also solid when compared to casino games in general.

It’s played on the same wheel as French roulette. The only difference, though, is that it doesn’t benefit from the la partage rule.

That said, European roulette features 97.3% payback. If you can’t find the French version, then this game makes for a suitable alternative.

Other Roulette Games Just Don’t Compare

American and mini roulette are trash as far as roulette variations go. American Roulette plays out on a wheel with 38 pockets.

Two of these pockets, including zero and double zero, favor the casino. Therefore, the American version only offers 94.74% payback (36/38).

This payout percentage may not be so terrible for a slot machine, but it’s not fitting for a table game, especially when better roulette games exist.

Two Different Roulette Wheels

Mini Roulette features a small wheel with 13 pockets, including a zero. Its RTP varies based on if the la partage rule is in play or not.

With no la partage rule, this game offers an unsightly 92.31% RTP (12/13). With this rule in effect, the mini wheel provides 96.15% payback (12.5/13). While the 96.15% RTP is better, it still doesn’t measure up to most table games.

Jackpot Roulette Can Outperform the French Version

You can see that French Roulette is typically the top dog and this game. However, roulette is even bigger than the four main variations covered here so far.

A jackpot game called Roulette Royale also exists. It has the potential to not only offer better payback than French roulette but also deliver 100%+ RTP.

Developed by Microgaming, Roulette Royale features a progressive jackpot that grows with every (side) bet. As the jackpot grows, the game’s overall RTP increases.

Assuming the progressive prize becomes large enough, the game as a whole could provide over 100% payback. At this point, you’ll theoretically earn profits from every wager you make.

You must place two separate wagers to play Roulette Royale, including a main bet ($1 to $500) and $1 side bet. Given that the side wager is mandatory, you always have a chance to win the jackpot and other special prizes.

Speaking of which, here are the available jackpots in Roulette Royale:

  • 15x your bet – Ball lands on the same number on 2 consecutive spins.
  • 200x your bet – Ball lands on the same number on 3 consecutive spins.
  • 3,000x your bet – Ball lands on the same number on 4 consecutive spins.
  • Progressive jackpot (seeded at $60,000) – Ball lands on the same number on 5 consecutive spins.

Why You Should Consider Jackpot Roulette

Roulette Royale offers some distinct advantages over any other variation. Here are the main reasons why you might consider playing this game.

Over 100% RTP Is Possible

Outside of rare video poker variations, casino games don’t normally offer 100% RTP or higher. With that said, Roulette Royale presents a unique proposition.

Its payout percentage surpasses the breakeven point when the jackpot reaches $760,501. In theory, you’ll be earning profits on all of your wagers after this point. Contrast this to French Roulette, which never offers theoretical profits.

Fun Way to Enjoy Roulette

Roulette is an entertaining game thanks to its many different wagers. Eventually, though, you may yearn for something different from this game.

Roulette Royale introduces new elements to the equation. It provides chances to win four special prizes ranging from 15x to the progressive jackpot.

Long Closeup View of Roulette Wheel and Table

Of course, you’ll need to pay a dollar side bet to go for the big progressive prize. If you’re going to play this game anyway, though, then you might as well ante up the side wager.

Explosive Wins Are Possible

Normally, the biggest roulette prize is the single number bet. The latter offers a 35:1 payout, which is impressive enough.

However, Roulette Royale gives you the opportunity to go for even more explosive wins. You can net huge payouts thanks to the progressive jackpot and other unique payouts.

Why You Should Be Skeptical of Roulette Royale

Jackpot roulette is certainly not the casino game to end all games. It does have a few downsides, which you can read about below.

Has Yet to Reach 100% RTP

Everything involving Roulette Royale’s tremendous potential payback is just theory for now. This game has never even gotten close to 100% RTP thus far.

Its current jackpot of $421,849 is quite far from the breakeven point. When taking the current jackpot and breakeven point into account, Roulette Royale only offers 81.9% RTP at the time of this post.

If you think that American roulette has low RTP, then you may feel like fainting at the sight of jackpot roulette’s payback.

Extreme Volatility

This game sometimes feels closer to a slot machine then roulette. It’s highly volatile due to its big jackpot and other large prizes.

Roulette Royale definitely isn’t for the faint of heart. It requires you to place a side bet, which rarely pays off, again and again.

Assuming you don’t like such extreme volatility, then you can always opt for French or European roulette. It offers even-money wagers and consistent wins.

Unlikely to Ever Win the Jackpot

The Roulette Royale jackpot only has one in 1 in 1,874,161 odds of hitting. You’ll need to spin the wheel an average of 1,874,161 times to net the six-figure prize.

Of course, the point of any jackpot game is to get lucky. Your odds of winning a jackpot are slim regardless of the game.

Crowd of People and Casino Dealer by Roulette Table, Number Sequence

If you’re playing Roulette Royale in hopes of getting rich, though, then you’ll assuredly be disappointed when the jackpot never comes.

The Verdict: Does Jackpot or French Roulette Pay Better?

Jackpot Roulette has the potential to do what no other variation can—deliver theoretical profits. Assuming you played this game for an eternity when its RTP breached 100%, then you’d be guaranteed profits.

Of course, this scenario is completely hypothetical. Roulette Royale isn’t, and has never been, anywhere close to 100% payback. It’s also extremely volatile and puts lots of strain on your bankroll. If you don’t win one of the special prizes, then you’re going to lose a dollar side bet in every round.

The French variation, meanwhile, offers consistent 98.65% RTP. All you need to do is place even-money wagers to achieve this payback.

You can look forward to winning more frequently with this game. As a result, you’ll get to enjoy your roulette experience longer.

In Our Opinion

Roulette is designed to give the casino a house edge. The edge that you’re facing with Roulette Royale, however, is absolutely ridiculous.

This game currently only offers 81.5% RTP (18.5% house edge). This stat will improve as the jackpots grows, but it still figures to be awful for quite some time.

So, Roulette Royale has the potential to offer higher payback than French Roulette. But the latter is still the king of roulette games and provides your best chance of winning.