Are Sports Betting Prediction Sites Worth It?

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Are sports betting prediction sites worth it?

The correct answer can vary greatly depending on what angle you’re standing at when you ask the question.

Sports betting sites are popular with hopeful sports bettors.

Let’s see if all those dollars spent on picks translate to dollars back in clients’ accounts.

How Sports Betting Prediction Site Work

Pick services have been around for decades. They seem to prey on the down on his luck sports bettor.

Sports betting prediction sites often claim to use computer models to make predictions on popular sporting events’ outcomes. However, others go solely on the projections of one person.

As they’re often called, these “tout” services are usually formed by a professional sports bettor or a company with interests in the industry. Not always, though — nothing is stopping you from getting a website and starting your own sports betting prediction site.

In fact, if you’re losing at sports betting, you’d be more profitable if you start your own tout service and let the suckers pay you.

Prediction sites work on a subscription basis. Subscriptions may be a series of games, a month, or an entire season. By getting the money upfront, the tout service ensures a steady stream of income.

Sports bettors are forced to ride it out, good or bad. Prediction sites claim to help gamblers new to sports betting or punters that don’t have the time to do their own research make a profit.

That could be why they are always claiming such inflated winning percentages. You likely need to win close to 60% of your bets to make a dime when you’re paying for your picks.

Proceed with Caution

Sports bettors considering a move toward a tout service should proceed with caution. The internet is littered with prediction sites that couldn’t pick the sky’s color with any marked success.

However, they’ll claim to have a winning percentage that would impress the likes of Anthony Bloom.

Let me be clear about this:

Suppose anyone can win games like Anthony Bloom. In that case, they’d need to be put in a hospital for not dedicating 100% of their resources to placing their own bets.

Bloom has amassed billions of dollars in sports betting.

Why would anybody with that sort of success waste money and time selling picks to Craig from Minneapolis? They wouldn’t. Which raises a significant red flag.

Many of the sites are claiming to have a winning formula so valuable they could own their own sports franchises.

Sports Bettor Anthony Bloom

Yet, they want to sell you that information for the low price of $29.99. Or maybe they’ll spoil you with their free pick of the week.

Here’s my free pick of the week:

Flip a coin.

You can follow me here for more money-saving and money-making tips.

These free picks are solely to attract new customers and nothing more. They’ve got a 50/50 shot at getting it right, and if they do, fantastic. Potential customers think they’re onto a sure thing. When it loses, oh well. What do you expect for a free pick?

Then there are the sites’ “guaranteed locks.” The companies will highlight these selections as “can’t lose” and charge a premium for the information.

Of course, there’s no such thing as a sure thing in sports betting. Even the heaviest underdog carries about a 15% probability of coming out ahead.

Have you been counting the red flags?

The Dirty Truth Behind Prediction Sites’ Business Model

The fact is the sports betting prediction sites are much better at marketing themselves than handicapping sports.

I cringe even to say it, but they prey on the weak and the naive. Any abstract look at why the businesses even exist in the first place will reveal that information.

Consider the following:

Company X opens a tout service and has 100 customers. Customer acquisition and retention is the name of the game for these services.

On week one, they send 50 customers one set of picks and the other 50 opposite picks. You suddenly have 50 loyal customers and 50 that have simply had a bad week.

On week two, you do the same 50/50 split, assuming none of the losers have jumped ship. You suddenly have 25 incredibly happy clients, 50 customers that have at least broke even, and only 25 that can’t seem to catch a break.

MLB Yankees Player at Bat

It’s at this point that you may need to put out some fires. Typically, this is done by offering the customer a full credit on the picks they’ve paid for to date.

Umm, no, thank you? It’s pretty insulting and a shady practice at best.

I’m not saying all prediction sites use this method of playing the numbers with their clients, but it absolutely exists.

For the record, these guaranteed locks are guaranteed on the money you paid for the pick, not the hundreds or thousands you spent at the sportsbook.

When you lose, don’t go looking for a refund from the tout service. They’ll tell you it’s not their problem, and they’re correct.

Instead, they’ll keep you on the line by offering another pick that’s just too good to lose.

Are you willing to take that bet?

Alternative Methods for Making Selections

You are probably feeling a bit discouraged at this point.

After all, I just had to break the news that your latest get rich quick scheme is only making the prediction sites rich.

Don’t fret. There’s still hope for you. If you ask Billy Walters if he used tout services to make his fortune, he’d probably laugh or punch you in the face.

Either could be argued as an appropriate response. Walters built his wealth by creating a system and tweaking it to a profitable formula. He never called 1-900 numbers to get a line on a game.

He didn’t need to, and neither do you. Sports betting has its own community and cultures like any other pastime or interest.

Get involved in the online community. There are forums on dozens of online sites where veteran sports bettors come together to discuss strategy and their formulas for success.

I used to visit a forum regarding bass fishing regularly, and the old-timers couldn’t wait to share their secrets with the “kids.” You could get all the information on what they were biting on down to the color of their eyes.

Sports Bettor Billy Walters on a Computer

You probably wouldn’t get their secret spot, but I knew where the fish were — in the water, obviously.

If you play your cards right and aren’t afraid to ask questions, you may even find a mentor or a team of mentors to coach you along.

Sports bettors love making money.

Why else would we do it?

I’ve found that a vast majority of us are more than willing to spread the wealth. If for nothing more than the satisfaction of feeling like you’re sticking it to the casinos.

When Are Sports Betting Prediction Sites Worth It?

Sports betting prediction sites are possibly worth it if you’re an owner or an operator of the service.

It’s relatively easy to start your own tout service. Have a website built, set up an e-mail, and get a credit card processing account. You’re off to the races.

Whether or not it’s worth it depends on what type of business you aim to build and your character to a more considerable degree.

Suppose you’re a well-positioned sports bettor that wants to spread the wealth and eliminate some of your personal risks. A tout service may be a good fit. You’ll be bringing in a steady revenue stream regardless of how well your picks are doing, and you’ll hopefully be able to sleep at night knowing that you’re giving your best effort to each customer.

On the flip side, you may have the mentality that there’s a sucker born every minute. Unfortunately, sports betting prediction sites may be a perfect fit for you.

Sure, you’ll give each of your picks some thought. You certainly can’t accept any responsibilities if your clients are losing money, though.

Either of the above scenarios will undoubtedly be a profitable endeavor if you can effectively market yourself.

Which brings me to my point, sports betting prediction sites are only worth it for the operators of such sites.


I understand the frustrations that come from sports betting as well as anyone. I remember driving home from a baseball game and hearing these sports betting prediction services advertised on the radio.

It was in the middle of a losing streak, and the allure of guaranteed picks sounded too good to be true. It’s the closest I’ve ever been to calling and paying for selections.

You may be in the middle of a nasty streak, or possibly you don’t have the confidence to make your picks. I’m here to tell you that you’ll have a much better shot at making money sports betting than by paying someone else for your selections if you put in the time.