Are Electronic Table Games Worth Your Time?

Electric Roulette Screen With Casino Background

Machine-based play in brick and mortar casinos used to be confined to slots and video poker. However, it has expanded to include various table games.

You can now sit down at electronic versions of baccarat, blackjack, craps, and roulette machines. But the whole concept seems rather questionable.

Why play machine versions of these games when the real tables are just a few feet away? If you want to play electronic variations, then why not just gamble online?

I’m going to be frank, I don’t think electronic table games are the best idea. However, they actually do boast some merits that make them worth considering.

Below, I’ll discuss the reasons why electronic gaming is worthwhile. But first, I’ll cover more on why they seem like a silly concept to begin with.

Why Do Electronic Games Seem Unnecessary?

Casinos have been offering table games for centuries. In fact, games like blackjack and roulette have been around in some form or another much longer than slot machines.

Based on how these classics are still successful today, it seems entirely unnecessary to roll out electronic versions of them. Odds are, you’ll have a better time on real baccarat and craps tables than you will with the electronic versions.

Now, you might wonder if there’s an advantage in the house edge. Unfortunately, electronic table games offer no benefit in this category.

An Electric Roulette Game

They usually carry the same house edges as their real-life counterparts. You may even lose more money on these machines. Their fast nature encourages you to play quicker and place more bets per hour. The end result is that you expose yourself more to the house edge.

Perhaps the biggest reason why electronic gambling feels redundant is that it’s too similar to online casinos. The only difference is that you’re playing on a machine in a land-based casino, rather than through your smartphone or tablet.

Advantages of Electronic Table Games

You can see that electronic gaming doesn’t have quite the same appeal as slot machines. More gamblers will opt for the real table-based version of these games.

Nevertheless, table-game machines do offer a few advantages that make them worth a look. Here are the biggest benefits behind these games.

Table Games With Solitude

Table games offer some of the most exciting experiences in the casino. However, they can equally make for a disastrous night, especially if you don’t know the rules or etiquette of a given game.

Craps is subject to many unspoken superstitions and etiquette standards. For example, you’re not supposed to talk to or touch a hot shooter. Assuming you do either of these things and the shooter causes all pass line bettors to lose on the next toss, you’ll draw the ire of the table.

If you dread the thought of violating casino etiquette and ticking off other gamblers, electronic games serve as a nice alternative. You can sit and play by yourself just like you would a slot or video poker machine.

Enjoy Gambling With Your Friends From Afar

Going to the casino with friends makes for a fun gambling experience. But you may not like the same games as your buddies.

For instance, you might be one of the aforementioned types who doesn’t want to deal with other players getting angry at you. Even your friends might not make you feel comfortable enough to sit at tables in this instance.

The good news, though, is that you can still enjoy table-game action away from your buddies. You can practice on a baccarat or blackjack machine, for instance, and potentially develop the confidence to join them someday.

Control the Game Speed

The dealer dictates the pace of a table game. Considering that most croupiers are talented, they keep the play rate at a fast level.

You’ll really notice the dealer’s speed in mini baccarat where anywhere from 150 to 200 hands are dealt per hour. If you’re a less-experienced gambler, you probably have no interest in playing fast-paced games.

In contrast, you may be perfectly fine with speedy table games. However, you’ll get annoyed when other gamblers slow down the action.

In either case, machine-based table games allow you to dictate the game speed. You decide when to place bets and deal hands, not the dealer.

Low Minimum Bets

The minimum wagers at tables have steadily increased in recent years. For example, you could regularly find $5 blackjack tables in many gambling destinations. Now, you’re lucky to find tables that accept $10 minimums.

The big reason why casinos force you to bet more on table games is because they must cover the dealer’s salary. While the dealer draws tips from you and other gamblers, they receive minimum wage from casinos.

Considering that gambling establishments don’t have to cover the same costs with machines, they’re willing to accept smaller wagers on electronic games.

Work Your Way up to Real Tables

I’ve mentioned multiple times how table games can feature an intimidating environment. Everybody from the dealer to fellow gamblers may get irritated at you for taking too long and/or having bad etiquette.

A few poor experiences on the tables may scare you away from playing again. You can use machine-based games at an alternative to build up your confidence.

You’ll be playing inside a brick-and-mortar casino too, only on a machine. The fact that you’re sitting in a land-based casino might make you eventually feel more comfortable with the idea of playing at real tables.

Nobody to Berate You

Some gamblers can be downright jerks even when they know you’re new to the tables. Blackjack players are particularly harsh.

Some act like they’re god’s gift to the game and school you on strategy. They may even blame you for making strategy mistakes that allow the dealer to avoid busting out.

You’ll never have a good experience when standing next to somebody who’s bashing your play. With machines, though, you don’t have to worry about this scenario.

Do the Benefits of Electronic Table Games Make Them Worthwhile?

Personally, I prefer online casinos if I’m just going to gamble with a software-generated game. After all, I don’t even need to leave the house in this case.

Nevertheless, electronic table games are completely worthless. They offer a few advantages that set them apart from other casino games.

Rows of Electric Table Games

They boast a unique combination of a table game, machine, and brick-and-mortar casino environment. Assuming you like the atmosphere and social aspects of the casino without having to play at its real tables, then machines are worth trying.

Again, I think that real money online casinos have negated the benefits of electronic machines. These games would’ve been much more popular before the late 1990s, when online gambling became a viable option.

But some people play slot machines because they’re waiting on friends or a significant other. Electronic table games fill the same role, except with baccarat, blackjack, craps, and roulette.


Machine-based table games don’t offer the most unique experience in the casino. You can’t chat with a dealer or high-five buddies after wins.

Furthermore, electronic table games don’t come anywhere close to matching the entertainment value of real tables. But you might still find one or more reasons to try games machines.

Electronic games let you straddle the line between enjoying the land-based casino experience without having to sit at a table. Furthermore, they’re low-pressure ways to play casino classics like roulette and baccarat.

You merely insert your money and begin playing hands or watching the roulette wheel spin. You can enjoy these machines for as little as a quarter in some cases. Electronic machines let you really take your time and relax. Nobody is around to tell you to speed up or make better strategy plays.

Machine-based gaming lets you get better acclimated to table-game play too. You can build your confidence on the machines before eventually joining your friends.

Again, electronic tables aren’t my personal idea of a great time. But I won’t fault you for trying machine-based table games and possibly even enjoying them.