Are Apple’s Smart Glasses the Next Big Thing in Gambling?

Apple Smart Glasses With a Casino Background

You may have heard of Google Glass. This high-tech device launched in 2013 with the promise of bringing augmented reality through a pair of frames.

Google was hoping that their glasses would become the next smartphone. However, Google Glass has already flopped in the consumer market and is only sparsely used in the enterprise sector.

Apple isn’t letting the past failures of Google stop them, though. They plan to roll out smart glasses within the next few years.

You’ve seen what the smartphone has done for gambling. These handy phones enable you to enjoy casino games, poker, and sports betting anywhere.

Can Apple Glass also revolutionize online gambling? I’ll discuss this matter by covering more on these glasses along with how they could change the industry.

What Is Apple Glass?

Apple hasn’t made an official announcement that they’re getting into the augmented reality market. However, rumors suggest that they’re currently developing Apple Glass (name not official) for the consumer market.

This device will allegedly be somewhat similar to Google Glass. However, it may not be a standalone piece of hardware like the latter.

Instead, these glasses could link up to your iPhone as an alternative screen. You’ll still have your phone handy, but the information will travel to your eyes rather than you having to look down all the time.

Augmented Reality Display on a Phone

Smart glasses will also delve into augmented reality (AR). The latter puts computerized graphics and pictures over the real-world environment.

If you’ve ever used Google Maps, you may have seen superimposed arrows on the street maps. AR provides these arrows to help you better navigate streets.

What to Expect From Smart Glasses

Now that you know the basics of these lenses, I’m going to dive more into the details on how they work. Bloomberg reports that Apple Glass will feature a holographic display.

This device will give users the ability to see emails, texts, maps, videos, social media posts, and many other things. Depending upon how deep Apple gets into this product, they may even create a separate App Store for it.

The store would allow users to get gambling-related apps specifically for the glasses. This situation is similar to how separate stores also exist for the Apple Watch and Apple TV.

Two of the company’s patents suggest that smart glasses will also come with prescription lenses. Those who have eyesight problems could correct their vision and enjoy modern technology at the same time.

As for the augmented reality, again, this device will likely need to connect to a smartphone. Otherwise, it may not have the hardware to show anything other than simple 2D graphics.

The battery life is a mystery at this point. However, Apple should make the battery last for at least three hours if they’re to keep up with the competing Microsoft HoloLens 2.

One area where Google Glass really fell short was with the look of the device. Apple reportedly hopes to remedy this problem by either featuring a Clark Kent-style pair of lenses or a simple plastic version.

This product could even feature a lidar scanner that will search surrounding environments and add 3D images. The lidar scanner will heavily play into the augmented reality aspect.

How Will Apple Glass Impact Online Gambling?

You may be perfectly fine with gambling through your phone. However, smart glasses could bring more to the table.

First off, they can add graphics to live dealer gaming. If you’re used to playing live casino games, you know that they’re very close to traditional brick-and-mortar gambling.

However, these games don’t overlay graphics on the table outside of the virtual chips. Smart glasses could add helpful graphics that help with beginners tutorials or just create more exciting gameplay.

Live Dealer Blackjack Table Game

For example, a live casino could show chips shooting from the bottom of the screen after you win a big hand. Or, the table could catch on fire if you’re on a hot streak.

Of course, these graphics might come off as cheesy to those who just want a regular live gaming experience. The casino would no doubt need to provide an option to turn such features off.

Apple Glass could add the same type of graphics to virtual table games as well. If you’re tired of a stiff virtual blackjack setting, for instance, the lenses’ AR technology could add exciting animations to the equation.

Finally, this device would allow you to gamble without having to hold a smartphone. You’d already be wearing the casino on your face. The only time you’d need to use your hands is when pushing buttons on the side of the glasses.

When Will These Glasses Be Available?

Potential release dates for Apple’s smart glasses are all over the place. They range anywhere from late 2021 to 2023.

That said, you really won’t have a good indication on when these lenses come out until Apple makes an announcement. But you can probably expect them within the next three years.

The smart glasses market figures to be quite competitive. Apple will need to release a product within the near future if they hope to keep up with Microsoft and other competitors.

How Much Will Apple’s Smart Glasses Cost?

You might be expecting to pay a massive price for this relatively new technology. After all, even some smartphones cost $700 or more.

In reality, though, Apple’s products probably won’t cost that much. An early price prediction pegs these glasses at $499 when they launch.

This price may go up depending upon any special prescription you may need. Even then, though, you’re probably looking at $700 or less.

Microsoft’s HoloLens 2, by comparison, is much more expensive. This device costs $3,500 at the time of this writing.

The cheaper predicted price of Apple Glass has everything to do with the iPhone connectivity. You won’t need any additional hardware, such as an onboard computer, because the iPhone will handle the keypad and other functions.

Is It Worth Buying These Glasses for Gambling Alone?

Earlier, I mentioned how smartphones have revolutionized online gambling. You can now hold a casino, poker room, or sportsbook in your pocket.

I don’t expect Apple smart glasses to have the same revolutionary affect. This is especially the case if they rely on the iPhone so much.

However, these lenses might enhance your experience in some ways. The augmented reality could take your virtual or live dealer gaming to another level.

If you just want to play casino games or poker, then you can easily do this through an online casino on a smartphone. But if you want extra enhancements and graphics, then you’ll find them through the glasses.

Will You Have Other Options?

Apple Glass won’t be your only option when it comes to gambling through lenses. Instead, plenty of other competition already exists or will soon exist.

Microsoft HoloLens 2 is currently the big competition right now. But its huge price tag and additional required hardware already causes some buyers to hesitate.

Man Wearing Microsoft Hololens 2 Headset

Google Glass is still alive in the market to some degree thanks to enterprise usage. Magic Leap 1 and Spectacles by Snap are also options.

Facebook is reportedly developing a pair of glasses as well. Amazon is currently beta testing their Echo Frames, which will come with Alexa voice service.

So far, no smart glasses brand has managed to thrill consumers. However, Apple Glass could potentially be the first device that propels this technology to more gamblers’ homes.


The real money online gambling world has never really gotten a chance to take advantage of AR glasses. After all, Google Glass failed to take off in the consumer market almost immediately.

However, Apple Glass brings more potential to the table. This device offers iPhone connectivity, AR tech, a reasonable price, and a nice look.

Smart glasses don’t figure to completely change online gambling, but they’ll certainly enhance certain aspects of it, such as live dealer gaming.

Unfortunately, we still need to wait 1-3 years for Apple Glass to be released. But the wait could be well worth it in terms of gambling and beyond.