Answer These 9 Questions to Save Your Gambling Career

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There are several stages we go through as gamblers. However, there are a few constant areas where we can experience setbacks or miss opportunities throughout our careers.

These areas of importance can affect rookies, veterans, recreational gamblers, and advantage players. Luckily, avoiding the slide to ultimate doom is sometimes as simple as spotting the trouble.

If you’re struggling to keep your bankroll above water, or it’s become difficult to get any joy from gambling, pay close attention. The answers to these 9 questions will save your gambling career.

Why Do You Devote Time and Money to Gambling?

The most obvious question revolves around why you gamble. There’s no correct answer; everybody gambles for different reasons.

If you’re gambling to make money, you don’t necessarily get more from the experience than someone gambling for pure enjoyment. If you’re gambling because you love the games, you don’t have a better or worse drive than the advantage gamblers.

It’s possible to gamble for more than a single reason. Most professional poker players will admit that they love playing the game.

Remember why you started gambling in the first place. Getting back to that mindset will help pull you out of a funk and focus on your goals.

If you started playing blackjack because you loved the game, start taking steps to get that passion back. Often, taking a step back from the tables can realign your perspective.

What’s Your Favorite Way to Gamble?

After you’ve discovered why you gamble, you should consider your favorite way to gamble. Sometimes we start to distance ourselves from the games we enjoy because we find a better opportunity elsewhere.

That can come in the form of a reduced house edge that allows us to make our money last longer or a chance to make money long-term. There’s nothing wrong with this natural progression, and I often speak about the importance of moving to better games.

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Sadly, when we begin making these moves, there are unforeseen consequences. For example, you may love playing slot machines because of the mindless nature of spinning the reels or the chance to hit a massive jackpot at any time.

Yet, if you listen to the experts, they’ll beat you over the head with the RTP, rate of play, and house edge until you swear slots off for good. They aren’t wrong, but there’s a human element that gets lost in the shuffle.

You should be playing games you love. Find the casino games you enjoy the most and sprinkle them into your regular gambling routine; anything is acceptable in moderation. But understand that the games you love may harm your bottom line.

Do You Play Your Best Game Consistently?

Are you playing your best regularly?

Many of us have a life that’s so full of outside distractions that our gambling can get put on the back burner. Then when we’re finally able to spend a few hours in the casino, we’re off our game.

Many factors can play a role in subpar gambling. Some of the chief offenders are sleep, diet, exercise, and practice.

If you aren’t giving your best effort in the casino, you should examine these areas first. You can’t fully expect to play your best when you’re barely functioning on 2-hours of sleep or haven’t practiced since your last session.

Work on developing a more well-rounded schedule, and your results might turn around. Having a repeatable plan early in your career will do wonders down the road.

Are You Making a Profit from Gambling?

If you’re in the casino to make money, what’s your profit to this point in the year?

If you can’t immediately draw a precise number of your total wins or losses, you need to tighten up your game. For the players seeing a sustainable profit, congrats, keep up the excellent work.

The players who aren’t making a profit need to discover why they don’t see positive results. Do you know how to make a profit from playing casino games?

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Fundamentally, the notion of profiting from the casino is straightforward. You need to gain an edge and exploit that advantage to earn revenue.

Still, making a profit is more challenging than understanding how to get an advantage. Assuming you have the basics and are focused on the correct areas, there’s no substitute for hard work and practice.

Dedicate more time to become a better gambler, and the profits may follow.

How Much Enjoyment Is Gambling Providing?

If you’re not making money from gambling, you’d better be having fun. Otherwise, you’re merely throwing money away.

Even profitable gamblers should be enjoying their sessions. It may be the money that’s bringing enjoyment, but they’re getting something from the experience.

Recreational gamblers who don’t enjoy their sessions need to reevaluate their gambling practices. Players who can’t be entertained without winning will be better off by learning advantage techniques and aiming for long-term profitability.

Gamblers that find themselves going through the motions should take a break or find a new game. Casinos are little more than vast entertainment venues. If you can’t find a single game or strategy that keeps you entertained, it may be best to find another hobby.

But I’m confident the vast majority of you can find a game that you’ll fall in love with at the casino.

What Has Been Your Biggest Success/Failure?

Gamblers tend to focus only on their successes. That’s a good thing in the short term, but overall, it’s important to paint an objective picture of your career.

I want you to imagine your most significant success as a gambler. How did that feel?

It might have been cashing in a regional poker tournament, winning a jackpot, or merely walking away from the roulette table with $50 of the casino’s money.

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Regardless of the scale of that success, it probably took some work. Consider the effort you put in to get to that spot and replicate your approach on each trip to the casino.

Failure can be an even better learning tool. I’m sure most of us have had an epic failure in the casino that we’d love to have back. What are the missteps that led to the massive blowup?

Look at every failure you have in the casino as an opportunity to get better. The alternative is having these gambling mistakes pile up on you to the breaking point.

Are You Taking Steps to Maintain a Healthy Bankroll?

Everything we do as gamblers revolves around our bankroll. It determines how much entertainment we get and what we are ultimately capable of accomplishing from gambling.

What are you doing to maintain a healthy bankroll that weathers the ups and downs without strapping you for cash?

You may be doing everything perfectly, which is excellent. Still, it’s always a good idea to acknowledge your good behaviors.

You’ll be less likely to deviate when you understand that keeping a healthy bankroll is a vital component of any successful gambler’s toolbox.

Are You Taking the Time to Solely Play the Best Games?

Casinos won’t advertise when they start changing table rules for casino games. It’s your responsibility to recon the casino floor and determine which games give you the best chance of winning.

Why play blackjack with a house edge of 4% when there’s another table at 2% in the same casino?

It doesn’t make sense, but you can’t find the best games if you don’t know where to look. That’s why you should become a student of the games.

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Learning to spot the difference between a good or bad game is pretty simple for a good gambler. So, there’s no excuse for playing games that draw on your money twice as fast.

Poker players should know the inexperienced players’ signs to let them know there’s easy money at the tables. Yet, you’d better be on the lookout for sharks, or you’ll get chomped up in a game.

Discipline is an essential attribute for successful gamblers. Start playing only in the best games, and you’ll see better results consistently.

What Does the Future Look Like?

The answer to this question looks different to each of us. But it would be best if you had the answer to this question before moving forward.

The path you decide to take is personal, and I won’t tell you one is better than another. But I will suggest that you leave the answer open-ended.

When I first walked into a casino, I had zero direction. My friends drug me along under protest, but I enjoyed the experience.

I could never have imagined I’d be where I am today because of the gambling industry. Don’t be afraid to see your future as a gambler evolve with time; that’s a surefire sign that you’re doing something right.


We can all get a little off course from time to time. The answers to these 9 questions will save your gambling career if you are lost.

The key things to remember are having a goal and enjoying your time gambling. If you’re being entertained and responsible, nobody can tell you that you’re doing it wrong.