Aggressive Craps Strategies That Maximize Profit

Craps Dice and Table With Fire

Despite many players’ hesitance to buy in and spend their casino time playing craps, the game is a relatively low volatility option. In fact, many bets on the craps table have a house edge of below 2% all the way down to 0% for odds bets.

Of course, some gamblers aren’t satisfied playing the safe bets that payout at 1 to 1. For those bold strangers, I present nine aggressive strategies that maximize profit when playing craps for real money.

The Iron Cross

The Iron Cross is guaranteed to have you scoring more wins than ever. When employing this aggressive betting strategy, seven becomes your sole nemesis.

You’ll actually win on any other number that’s rolled. This method is an exciting way to ramp up the mid-day doldrums.

To pull off the Iron Cross, you place varying bets after the point has been established. To guarantee a win, you’ll place equal bets on five and the field. You then make wakers of 20% higher on six and eight.

By doing this, you cover every possible number, but seven. The slightly varied bet amount will ensure a net win regardless of any other result.

This may seem like a super safe approach. However, seven is the most common number rolled in dice.

The Whirl

The whirl can be difficult to hit, but the rewards can be fantastic when you feel it calling. The casino house edge on the whirl bet is staggering at over 13%. That is enough to send most savvy gamblers running in the other direction.

Perhaps, they’d prefer to play slot machines at those odds. Not you, though, you came in search of aggressive craps plays, and this fits the bill.

Craps Dice on a Casino Table

The whirl consists of numbers two, three, seven, 11, and 12. The aggressive bet will pay 26:5 on 12 or two, sevens are a tie, and three or 11 pays 11:5.

There are definitely better ways to nurse a bankroll, but this aggressive craps strategy can very well maximize your wins.

The Craps Bets

Betting on any craps (two, three, or 12) is an aggressive strategy used by players looking to rack up several wins with a solid payout and a manageable house edge.

The craps bet pays out at a respectable 7 to 1. So, when the winds come, they come with good returns.

The house edge on these bets is over 11%. So, you’re going to lose your shirt if you don’t strike while the iron is hot, then boogie.

Still, aggressive players will lay this bet in a series hoping for a win in their first several attempts to wipe out any losses.

Hard 6

When it comes to aggressive craps, betting the hard 6 is a more than fair choice.

It’s important to note again that these are all aggressive strategies. There are much safer plays to extend the time you spend gambling.

The house edge on the hard 6, which consists of the shooter rolling a couple of threes, is only 9%. Making it among the safer aggressive strategies on the craps table.

Betting on numbers to come the hard way is extremely exciting and entertaining to pass the time gambling. I’ll often throw a wager on a hard 6 to get the excitement up around the table.

Snake Eyes

If a hard 6 gets the adrenaline pumping at the craps table, the straight-up two turns it up to an 11.

The straight-up two or “snake eyes” pays out at a whopping 30 to 1. I’ve seen a player win what would amount to a year’s salary for many laying this bet.

Craps Snake Eyes

I can assure you, the mood was electric. That scene was made even crazier when the lucky lady tossed a $100 chip to every person at the table.

Now, you’re still facing an uphill climb when you make this wager. The house edge is close to 14%.

3-Point Molly

3-Point Molly is one of the most aggressive strategies for craps. It’s outside the grasp of many players because this aggressive play requires significant casino bankroll management.

This strategy’s basic premise involves placing several bets with maximum odds and a relatively low house edge. The thinking behind this betting strategy is that by placing a pass line bet and moving your come bet with max odds, you’ll protect your pass line wager.

The multitude of wagers and the amount you’ll collect for a win will help to mitigate your incremental losses. Veteran craps players love this strategy. If you pay close attention, I guarantee you’ll spot somebody implementing this technique.

Laying It Down

Intermediate craps players often overlook craps lay bets. These bets allow you to lay numbers.

A come bet is betting that the shooter will roll a number again before a seven. The lay bet is betting that the shooter will roll the seven before the number.

This can be an aggressive betting strategy that pays. Imagine you place a “lay down” bet on four. Four has a relatively low probability of coming up; you’ll be betting 2 to 1. These are pretty fair odds, and you’ll win quite a few of these bets throughout a session. In fact, you’ll probably win more than you lose.

So, the casino has added a commission to all “lay down” bets. This 5% commission is used to tilt the advantage back to the house, much like the commission on the banker’s bet in baccarat.

While a 2.4% house edge is still rather good, it’s no match for bets where you can lay odds for under 1%.

Put Bets

The put bets are great because you place them after the shooter has established a point. This gives players the advantage of picking your point.

This strategy is great because you can focus on the most commonly rolled numbers. You also get free odds, which drastically reduces the house edge.

Put bets are a fantastic way to start branching out from a conservative approach and get into aggressive plays that net larger wins.

An Even 12

Rounding out the nine aggressive craps strategies that maximize profits is a straight-up 12. Boxcars, as it’s commonly referred to, is one of the highest paying bets in craps at 30 to 1.

The house edge betting on an even 12 is 14%, but did I mention that the bet pays 30 to 1?

For players that truly want the ultimate thrill and maximum casino profit, betting on boxcars will satiate even the most ravenous casino gambler.

Of course, you’re going to need a substantial bankroll to float you through all of the losses. Still, when you do hit the 12, you’re going to become an instant legend.

It’s best to make a fast get in/get out approach to this style of bet. You may get lucky and hit two or three wins in rapid succession, but if you stay too long, you’re doomed.

The Pitfalls Off Aggressive Craps Gambling

Aggressive craps play doesn’t come without its fair share of potential hazards. For starters, the hyper-aggressive players that buck convention and pursue these aggressive strategies often overstay their welcome.

I mean, they get in and will achieve some significant wins early. At this point, it would behoove the gambler to color up and get out to anything else. Unfortunately, they continue their aggressive approach until their winnings have vanished, and the money they brought to the table is close behind.

Indiana Casino Craps Table

If these players could learn to make quick strikes in short sessions, they would experience more success. That’s largely because they’d be holding onto winnings until their next table session.

Another problem that faces a large portion of aggressive players is their habit of chasing losses. When an aggressive player begins to fall behind, they will raise their bet size accordingly.

Chasing losses is one of the most destructive casino gambling behaviors a gambler can make.

The Benefits of Betting Aggressively

The biggest benefit of betting aggressively in craps is the sheer thrill of it. These aggressive strategies come with a significant risk level, but they also offer massive rewards for the effort.

It’s hard to be a long-term winner with any of these strategies. However, it’s nearly impossible to be a long-term winner in any casino game unless you become an advantage gambler.

So, if you want to have the most fun in the casino and maximize the profits you make when you’re actually winning, take the aggressive line.

Have More Fun Playing Craps

Even if aggressive strategies don’t maximize your profit, they’re sure to maximize your ability to have more fun at casinos. So, send it the next time you walk up to the craps table.

These nine aggressive craps strategies that maximize profit will, if nothing else, make for some amazing stories for your friends.