Actually Think About Casino Gaming – 6 Steps to Playing Smarter

Man in Deep Thought With Roulette Wheel Behind Him.

The last time you played games at a casino, how much time did you spend thinking about how to play or what to play before you started making bets? If you’re like most casino game players, the answer is either no time at all, or a couple of minutes.

This is how most casino game players operate. And it’s a big reason why most of them lose. But you can learn how winning casino game players think and copy what they do.

Here are six steps that thinking gamblers take before they play casino games and during their playing sessions.

1 – Why Casino Games Really Exist?

Have you ever thought about why casino games exist? This is an important thing to do because once you realize why casino games exist, it helps you view them in a different light.

And this is important because it helps you determine the best plan of attack if you decide to continue playing casino games.

Casino games exist for one reason, and it’s not why most gamblers think they exist. Casino games exist to make someone money. They don’t exist for any other reason. And the person the games are supposed to make money for isn’t you.

Casino games are presented as entertainment. And to sweeten the offer, they’re entertainment that lets you win every once in a while. But the only thing that winning every once in a while does is bring you back for more.

And this is exactly how casino games work. Whoever is running the game, which is usually the casino, is making money, and gamblers are losing money.

A few games do offer an opportunity to make money as a gambler, but not many. And the ones that do require special skills and the right thought process.

Never forget why casino games exist.

2 – Are Casino Games Evil?

Now that you know exactly why casino games exist, you might think that they’re evil. But casino games aren’t evil. They’re just a tool used to make money.

In this sense, they’re no different than the movie industry. Movies are made to make money, and they’re offered as a form of entertainment. In some ways, movies are worse than casino games. You’re never going to leave a movie with more money than you started with.

When you think about casino games the question isn’t one of good and evil. It’s a question of knowing why the games exist and what you can do about it. You can continue doing what the casinos want you to do, or you can take steps to change the game.

In the same way that the casinos simply offer games as a way to make a profit, you can play certain games in a way that gives you the chance to profit. This is no more evil than the games being offered.

Poker Hand on Table

Of course, there is a third option. You might decide to do something else with your money than play casino games. I recommend learning how to think in a way that lets you win, which I cover in the final section on this page.

3 – The First Rule Is Think

You might be asking why something called the first rule is listed as the third section. This doesn’t mean that this isn’t the most important rule. But I wanted to show you the power of thinking before you start playing casino games.

Casino game players who think get much better returns than every other player. When you think about why casino games exist and think about ways to play casino games with a higher return, your returns are better.

This means that you have to think all of the time. You can’t afford to stop thinking when you’re a casino game player. When you stop using your mind, you do exactly what the casino wants you to do.

Thinking leads you to important things you need to know:

  • What casino games have the highest rates of return?
  • How to play these games to make the return even higher?
  • What games can be beat and how you can beat them?

All of this requires thinking. Losing casino game players don’t think. They just place their wagers and wait for the results. They never do anything to improve their results.

Never stop thinking, or you’re doing the same things that every losing casino games player is doing.

4 – What’s Your Goal When You Play Casino Games?

People who think tend to have goals. These goals aren’t always the best goals or the right goals, and the goals might not even be specific, but these people have goals.

If you want the best results as a casino game player, you have to have a goal or goals. What is your goal when you play casino games?

Most casino game players say their goal is to win. And if this is your goal, it’s ok. The problem with this is that most people say this is their goal, but they don’t do anything to back this up.

The fact is that you can be a winning casino game player, but you have to think about things a certain way and do things a certain way.

I know that you can win because some gamblers do. But you have to think and do things the right way. You’re going to learn more about this in the next section.

Closeup of a Baccarat Table Game

Of course, some gamblers just want to be entertained. And this is ok too. But you’re never going to learn how to win when you play casino games if you’re satisfied being entertained.

5 – Are You Doing Everything You Can?

If you say that your goal is to win when you play casino games, and you’re not winning, it’s because you’re not using the right thought process, and you’re not doing the right things. If you are thinking about things the right way and doing things the right way, you’re already winning.

What casino games are you playing? If the answer is anything but blackjack or video poker, you haven’t done enough thinking and research.

Other casino games don’t offer many opportunities for profit. And the truth is that most video poker games don’t offer a realistic chance at a profit either.

If you’re playing blackjack or video poker and aren’t winning, it’s because you’re not playing these games the right way. Do you know what blackjack games have the best rules and/or what video poker machines have the best pay tables?

Do you know the perfect way to play every hand at the blackjack table or on the video poker machine is? If you don’t know these things, you need to find out. And if you don’t know these things, you’re not doing everything that you can to win.

6 – The Only Casino Games Options That Matter

I the last section, you learned that blackjack and video poker are the two best casino games to play. I’m going to quickly cover video poker first. I recommend blackjack because it offers a better path to profits, so I’m going to spend a bit more time on it.

If you want to play video poker, you have to play on machines that have the absolute best pay tables, and you have to make the right strategy play on every single hand. And even when you do this, the odds are that you’re only going to come close to breaking even.

Blackjack can be beaten when you use your mind. You need games that have good rules, and you have to learn how to use the right strategy on every hand. This only gets you a low house edge, but it sets you up for an additional strategy that can return a profit.

The final step is to use your mind to count cards. With card counting combined with good rules and strategy, you can make money playing blackjack. This is the ultimate thinking way to make money playing casino games.

Our Final Thoughts

You need to think about why casino games exist before you have a chance to win when you play them. When you think about why casino games exist, you might come to the conclusion that casino games are evil. But the truth is that casino games are neither good nor evil.

The next thing you need to do is determine exactly why you’re playing real money casino games. Most gamblers get this wrong, and it ends up costing them a lot of money.

Finally, you need to do everything in your power to win. You might think that you’re already doing everything that you can, but the truth is that you’re not.