Activities and Attractions Near Golden Buffalo Casino and Hotel

Golden Buffalo Casino & Hotel Area Attractions

You’ll find Golden Buffalo Casino and Hotel in Lower Brule, South Dakota. And as they feature a small yet vibrant game room, odds are you’ll be looking to explore the area if you’re here for an extended stay.

Today’s list features eight outstanding activities and attractions between 20 and 45 minutes away from the casino. If you’re looking at taking a lesser drive, seven of the eight attractions will accommodate. Our final attractions, Flaming Fountain and some hot spots in Pierre, are about a 45-minute drive away.

However, if you’re looking to venture into and explore the state capital, it’s more than worth the trip. Especially with a non-typical capital like Pierre, which is the second smallest in America next to Montpelier, Vermont, there’s a lot of charm to witness and experience.

Ready to discover the best attractions near Golden Buffalo Casino? Let’s get going.

Akta Lakota Museum

A recipient of the 2020 Traveler’s Choice Award on TripAdvisor, the Akta Lakota Museum provides a stunning historical experience on the Native American way of life in the area.

They attract tourists from all over the world looking to enhance their understanding of the legendary Lakota culture. And now, you can too if you’re willing to travel a little over 20 minutes down the road into nearby Chamberlain.

Akta features a stunning collection of artifacts, plus a stellar gift shop that stocks everything from jewelry to home decor.

Reviewers on TripAdvisor praise the staff for their friendliness, and many have made repeat trips to the attraction since they’re always coming up with something new.

Along with their primary exhibit dedicated to Lakota culture, they also feature an exhibit that highlights the Catholic school responsible for hosting the museum.

Tranquil Desires

Also in Chamberlain, Tranquil Desires features an enviable experience as a tea and coffee shop. If you’re bustling through town or if you’re preparing on making a return trip to Golden Buffalo Casino, make sure you stop at this small but popular attraction.

This shop features a cozy atmosphere of furnishings, a small library of books, warm colors on the wall, plus stunning canvases of artwork. It’s something reminiscent of a wizard’s outing from a Harry Potter book if you’re looking for a viable comparison.

Barista Pouring Creamer Into A Cup Of Coffee

The second you step through the doors of this establishment, a sense of relaxing calmness will overtake you, which only grows sweeter with its selection of coffee or tea. They also sell a variety of self-care products, like essential oils, and other organic products.

Smoking Mule (Formerly Busted Nut Bar and Grill)

Unlike the sense of calm that you’ll experience at Tranquil Desires, you’re in for an electrifying atmosphere at Smoking Mule. However, if you visit the establishment during daytime hours, odds are you’ll find a more casual aura.

It’s a small place that boasts a friendly staff and phenomenal bar food. Plus, it’s not one of those places that you’ll only find the locals talking up; the Smoking Mule, at least judging from reviewers on TripAdvisor, has become a popular tourist attraction for those passing through or staying in town.

If you’re looking for a place to eat beyond Buffalo Casino and Hotel that includes a local flair, Smoking Mule is where it’s happening.

And if you’re looking for some entertainment when the sun goes down, you may find it here.

Allen’s Hillside Guide Service Day Adventures

If you’re looking for a guided fishing trip in the area, head over to Allen’s Hillside Guide Services Day Adventures. Here, you’ll embark on the finest walleye fishing trip of your life.

And best yet, it makes for a solid, family-friendly adventure. So, if you’re traveling with the family, circle this activity in red.

The only downside here is that you’re probably in for a long day, as a few reviewers have stated trips begin as early as 6 am. However, they offer breakfast snacks in the office before you embark on your journey, along with a homemade lunch (and beer if you’re of age) in the afternoon once you’ve returned.

Allen's Hillside Guide Service Day Adventures

Best yet, reviewers have recommended several guides and they’ve commended them for knowing their area of expertise as it pertains to walleye fishing.

South Dakota Hall of Fame

If you’re looking for local names who made significant contributions, mainly via the military or other branch of national service, to South Dakota, then head over to the South Dakota Hall of Fame.

Here, you’ll find a stellar history lesson within the wild South Dakota tumbleweed. The Veteran’s Park at the site serves as a phenomenal place to catch breathtaking views of the area’s sunset, along with its orange and blue horizon completing the illustrious glow.

Heading outside, you’ll also find a cool selection of old-style military trucks and artillery weapons, along with a few more relics.

Lewis and Clark Interpretive and Keelboat Center

It’s a popular stop in Chamberlain if you’re traveling through South Dakota. But if you’re here for an extended stay at Golden Buffalo Casino and Hotel, it’s worth taking the 20-minute drive to check out.

It’s a cool place to gain epic knowledge of American history, and the nearby museum is always worth the stop. Plus, if you’re looking for a panoramic view of the area, take the walking path and bring a camera. You will lose yourself over the breathtaking view once you reach the path’s apex.

If you’re cool with combining the scenic and educational experience, much like what we discussed in the above section at the South Dakota Hall of Fame, carve out some time to take the trip to the Lewis and Clark Interpretive and Keelboat Center.


Dignity serves as perhaps the primary draw at the Lewis and Clark Center. So much so that the statue itself has received more and higher reviews on TripAdvisor, as opposed to the entire center itself. This explains why I gave the statue its own section.

This larger-than-life statue features phenomenal artwork, including its sculpting, colors, and authority as it overlooks the Missouri River.

While you’ll get more than a few picturesque views of the area at the Lewis and Clark Center, the statue, combined with the river and nearby scenery, offers one that will cling to your memories time and again.

Dignity Statue At Sunset In South Dakota

If you’re visiting the nearby Akta Museum, the Statue of Dignity isn’t far out of your way. So, make sure you swing by to view what may be the region’s top attraction.

Flaming Fountain

You’ll find the Flaming Fountain just a short walk away from the capitol building in Pierre, South Dakota. And it serves as a memorial mainly from World War II, Vietnam, and the Korean War.

The area also features the State Capitol, plus a few more war memorials. The Flaming Fountain features life-sized military figures, and it recognizes each branch of the military from the time period.

Also, the park and its scenery surrounding it provides for an epic backdrop and is a phenomenal spot for a photo op.

It’s a good place if you’re looking for yet more history in a post that is full of history lessons, from the culture of the Lakota Nation to that of America’s more recent wars.

Reviewers on TripAdvisor have also noted that the area features memorials from World War I, along with a few more relics and remnants from the 20th century.

Flaming Fountain Pierre South Dakota.jpg

It’s one of a few cool attractions in Pierre, South Dakota. But if you’re looking for even more, the next section will give you a small idea of what else you can expect in the state capital of South Dakota.

Other Hot Spots in Pierre

As mentioned in the intro, Pierre serves as the second-smallest capital in America, with a population of just 13,867. Yep, it’s one of America’s few small-town capitals. However, despite its tiny size, it boasts a few cool attractions within the attraction.

If you head over to Pierre, which rests about 45 miles from Golden Buffalo Casino, you’ll discover the State Capitol, along with the South Dakota State Historical Society Museum.

It’s safe to say that if you’re one for state history and landmarks, it’s more than worth venturing into. Or, if it’s your goal to visit all 50 of America’s state capitals, you can now chalk Pierre from your list.

Other attractions in Pierre include the Oahe Dam, which remains a popular recreational spot. You’ll also find the world’s largest Menard’s in the area, a regional chain of hardware products much like Lowe’s and The Home Depot.

Our Final Thoughts on the Lower Brule, South Dakota Area

You won’t find too much in Lower Brule. However, if you travel 20 minutes to nearby Chamberlain and 40 minutes to Pierre, you’re getting far more than what you’ve bargained for in small-town South Dakota.

However, if you’re into nature, fishing, or history, it’s more than worth taking a couple of days off from the casino, or at least a day, to venture out and discover the attractions and activities waiting for you.

Plus, the casino and its array of slot machines will still be there when you return for more gaming if you have time.

Have you been to Golden Buffalo Casino and Hotel? If so, did you visit the attractions listed in today’s post? Let us in on your adventures. We cannot wait to read your stories and experiences.