A Guide to the Keno 603 New Hampshire Lottery Game

Closeup View Of A Keno 603 Screen

Tiny New Hampshire has a vibrant and active lottery out of proportion to the state’s size. Lottery sales in New Hampshire eclipsed $400 million for the first time in 2020, more than players in the larger states of Iowa, Mississippi, and Idaho.

The Granite State has achieved lottery success through frequent new game releases, a powerful and transparent system of distributing lottery funds to state programs and leaving changes to lottery games up to municipal elections.

Keno 603 is a New Hampshire Lottery Commission game played at approved bars and taverns in those municipalities that have voted to allow it. Through a strange fluke in the law, you can only play the game at registered bars and taverns, not just any general retail or lottery sales environment.

It’s based on traditional casino-style keno, resembling bingo. Keno 603 requires the use of a video screen to display results and other game information.

How Is Keno 603 Played?

If you know real money keno, you’ll recognize Keno 603. Players choose between 1 and 12 numbers. Every five minutes, a random number generator selects 20 winning numbers from a list of the numbers 1-80.

Players can bet between $1 and $25 per drawing. Winnings are multiplied by the wager amount. Players can choose to bet the same 20 numbers between 1 and 20 concurrent drawings.

Keno 603 winning numbers are drawn twelve times an hour between 11:05 AM and 1:00 AM. That’s 168 drawings every day. Play on Keno 603, like all NH lottery games, is limited to customers 18 years of age or older.

You can access the Keno 603 winnings numbers at any site where you can buy the tickets, as well as in a few places online and on television linked further down in the post.

Keno 603 Prizes

The game’s payouts depend on your bet size and the number of spots you match.

The total range of payouts for NH’s Keno 603 game is between $1 and $25 million.

Here’s the pay table for a 12-spot game played at the $1 level:

  • Match 0 numbers to win $4.
  • Match 6 numbers to win $5.
  • Match 7 numbers to win $25.
  • Match 8 numbers to win $150.
  • Match 9 numbers to win $1,000.
  • Match 10 numbers to win $2,500.
  • Match 11 numbers to win $25,000.
  • Match 12 numbers to win $1 million.

For comparison’s sake, here’s the pay table for a 10-spot game played at the $1 level:

  • Match 0 numbers to win $2.
  • Match 5 numbers to win $2.
  • Match 6 numbers to win $20.
  • Match 7 numbers to win $80.
  • Match 8 numbers to win $500.
  • Match 9 numbers to win $10,000.
  • Match 10 numbers to win $100,000.

White Numbers Floating Around Background, Casino Keno Ticket

Keno 603 Game Odds

Below is a list of the overall odds of winning any prize, broken down by the number of spots you play:

  • 12-spot game overall odds are 1:15.73, for a 6.3% chance of winning.
  • 11-spot game overall odds are 1:7.63, for a 1% chance of winning.
  • 10-spot game overall odds are 1:9.05, for a 11.04% chance of winning.
  • 9-spot game overall odds are 1:6.53, for a 15.3% chance of winning.
  • 8-spot game overall odds are 1:9.77, for a 10.2% chance of winning.
  • 7-spot game overall odds are 1:4.23, for a 23.6% chance of winning.
  • 6-spot game overall odds are 1:6.19, for a 16.15% chance of winning.
  • 5-spot game overall odds are 1:10.34, for a 9.6% chance of winning.
  • 4-spot game overall odds are 1:3.86, for a 25.9% chance of winning.
  • 3-spot game overall odds are 1:6.55, for a 15.2% chance of winning.
  • 2-spot game overall odds are 1:2.27, for a 44% chance of winning.
  • 1-spot game overall odds are 1:4, for a 25% chance of winning.

Take a look at those overall odds of winning and I’ll point a few things out.

Your best overall chance to win comes with either a 7-spot, 4-spot, 2-spot, or 1-spot game. The top prize available among those tickets is the $5,000 payout for matching all 7 on a 7-spot card.

If you play a $25 7-spot card and hit all 7, you’ve just won $125,000.

What are the odds of hitting all 7 of your spots in Keno 603? About 1 in 41,000. You’re much more likely to claim the $1 or $3 prize on that 7-spot ticket. That’s how averages work.

Just for laughs, I looked into the overall odds for the game’s top payout of $1 million. Remember, a $25 12-spot ticket that matches all 12 spots would win $25 million. I couldn’t come up with an exact figure, since most keno games only go to 10 spots. It would be somewhere north of 1 in 70 million, which is in the neighborhood of the longest odds in the US lottery.

Still, how many Keno 603 players are really playing to chase those largest payouts? If you search through the list of recent lottery winners in New Hampshire, you’ll see lots of Keno 603 prizes in the thousands. The highest I could find with a quick scroll was $50,000, won by a guy who hit all 7 spots on a $10 7-spot ticket.

Three Women Holding Up Winning Keno Ticket, Money Floating

Those kinds of wins aren’t headline-makers, but they’re more than sustaining for a game that most people play for a couple of bucks here and there.

Why Is New Hampshire Keno 603 So Popular?

Other states looking to expand their gaming options would do well to model their efforts after NH’s Keno 603. The game has been popular (and probably has staying power) for three specific reasons.

People Love Keno

Regardless of the fact that it’s not a great game in terms of odds. It feels like a new form of legal gambling, and to many players, it feels enough like bingo to be familiar.

Keno 603 Made It Extremely Easy

It is very simple for qualified locations to get licensed and sell keno 603 tickets. The equipment necessary (a terminal, a scanner, a playing station, etc.) is free and they’ll help you train your employees to use it properly.

Keno 603 NH retailers earn among the highest sales commission of any state lottery system in America—$0.08 of every dollar spent on the game goes to the retailer.

Retails Make Money off It Too

Bonuses of up to $10,000 paid to retailers for selling big-paying tickets are frequently in the local news. Compared to a nationwide average of around $0.05 per dollar sold, it’s easy to see why NH retailers embraced Keno 603 games. Within two years of its release, the game is essentially available statewide

New Hampshire Education Funds Benefit as Well

The game has done big numbers for the state’s education funds. Specifically, all funds donated to education through Keno 603 sales go directly to kindergarten and other early education efforts in the state, to the tune of an additional $1,100 of state funds per kindergarten-age student in New Hampshire.

That represents about a 7% boost in funds, significant for students in early ed. This has made Keno 603 popular among voters in municipalities, charged with deciding whether or not to bring a game to a city.

Where Can I Find Keno 603 Winning Numbers?

The game was designed with this problem in mind. Every bar or tavern that sells Keno 603 has a video screen displaying recent winning numbers. As long as you’re near the place where you bought the ticket, you’ll be able to see the next draw, so long as you can wait a few minutes for it to come up.

Online Keno Game Screenshot

You can also find Keno 603 winning numbers through the New Hampshire Lottery’s website. Check out their Keno 603 winning numbers page for a regularly updated list of winners. Poke around a little and you’ll find winning numbers going back the entire day, and you can download a CSV file of the day’s winners as well.

Our Final Thoughts on Keno 603

Keno 603 is expanding as more retailers are getting licensed due to customer demand and the temptation of that high retailer commission and bonus payments. The game is a new kind of game for the Granite State—one that’s drawn hundreds of times a day instead of just one or two.

Keno-style lottery games are spreading throughout the country, though New Hampshire’s is a good model for how they can be successful. The game has a loyal fanbase and loyal retailers and it has done wonders for the state’s education coffers, pumping about $12 million a year into kindergarten and early education budgets.

Check out the game and look for the Keno 603 winning numbers at your local bar or tavern where Keno 603 tickets are sold.