9 Ways Smart Gamblers Play Slot Machines Better Than You

Man With Head on Hand on Right People Playing at Slot Machines on Left

Slot machines are a tremendous revenue driver for the casinos. The games appeal to a vast majority of casino guests because they brilliantly combine the chance to win a considerable sum of money with what many consider to be exciting gameplay.

Plus, there’s no real need for skill. So, novice casino gamblers can play the games without too much fear of making costly mistakes that drain their bankroll.

Unfortunately, these games also have some of the highest house edges in the entire casino. That means the casinos have found a way to make the best game for the house, the most popular with players.

There are ways you can combat the inflated house advantage by being a better gambler. Let’s look at 9 ways smart gamblers play slot machines better than you.

1 – They Slow Everything Down

The rate of play is one of the significant downfalls of slots players. The average casino gambler will spin the reels 600 times per hour.

That equates to every six seconds. No wonder players lose their bankroll so quickly playing slot machines.

When you play slot machines or any game that fast, the effect of the house advantage intensifies drastically. Luckily, slot machines are designed to move at your pace.

Sure, you can merely engage the auto-spin feature and watch your money get sucked away a little at a time, but you shouldn’t.

Take your time with the spins, and your results will instantly improve. When you’re playing a game with a house edge of over 7% (on a good machine), diminishing your losses is a net win.

You can cut your losses by 33% by simply reducing the rate of play. If you cut your time down to one spin every nine seconds, your hourly spins drop to only 400.

Smart players know to not be in a hurry at the slot machines. Learn from them, and you’ll instantly see better results.

2 – Understand the True Cost of Playing

Slot machine setups can be tricky. For example, you may decide to play a penny slots game because you’re not keen on losing much money or you’ve got a weak bankroll.

That’s a solid plan; gamble for as long as possible with what you have. Except, the penny slots are rarely only $0.01 per spin.

These machines have a vast selection of available pay lines, and you could be in serious jeopardy of going bankrupt in a hurry. I see a lot of penny slots with 25 or more pay lines; when combined with the max credit of 5x-25x, the cost of the penny slots can quickly climb.

Penny Slot Machines

The same is true for nickel, quarter, dollar, and so on. The quarter slots are approaching high roller status for some of you.

I’m not suggesting that you don’t play max-lines, and if the game has a jackpot that requires max credits, you’d be foolish not to maximize your potential.

However, I want you to be aware of how the game is siphoning your money. Build a bankroll that can weather the ebb and flow of slots volatility before you go to the casino.

3 – Avoid the Volatility of the Massive Progressives

Speaking of volatility, it’s one of the most critical factors savvy slots players consider. Volatility is the frequency at which a game pays out.

The return to player determines how much of the money being paid into a machine is redistributed as wins for players. Volatility determines whether that pays in small regular intervals or more significant but less frequent prizes.

The problem with the massive progressive jackpots is that the million dollars plus prizes are calculated into the return to the player. That makes for a game with tremendously high volatility.

Players on these machines watch their money flow into the casino’s vault while hoping for a big score to put them in the black. It’s beautiful when a jackpot comes; the money could change your life.

Unfortunately, it’s likely that none of us or anyone we know will ever hit one of the gigantic jackpots.

Smart gamblers look for games with low volatility. That keeps them in the game for as long as possible, meaning they get the most value from their money.

4 – Don’t Play Games Based Solely on Location

There seems to be a prevailing casino myth that casino management places the loosest slots in higher traffic areas. The logic is that more players witness the wins and decide to gamble themselves.

That’s not how casinos operate. Yes, they use a complex methodology to layout every square inch of available space for maximum efficiency.

However, tossing a few loose slots on the endcaps doesn’t play into their strategy.

Column of Casino Slots

Smart gamblers understand that the games are entirely random, and the best strategy often lacks strategy. In this way, they’re able to focus on being entertained as much as possible.

Stop trying to outsmart the casino playing slot machines; it can’t be done.

5 – Earn Their Comps to Get the Most Value

It always amazes me how many rookie gamblers walk into the casino and completely ignore the player’s card kiosk. These kiosks are set up to get players enrolled in the casino’s rewards program and earning comps.

The casino is basically giving you money back on the wagers you make. These comps are based on how much you’re gambling per hour, and because the slot machines burn through so many spins, the freebies are earned quickly.

These comps come in the form of gifts, free meals, hotel stays, and even cash back at the upper tiers. Not taking advantage of the casino’s offer is like burning money.

Smart players understand that it’s vital to get the most from every dollar they spend in the casino. The player’s card is a fantastic way to get the most bang for your buck.

6 – Know the Games Before Playing for Real Money

Admittedly, there’s not a lot to know about slot machines. You put your money in, spin the reels, and leave when you’re broke or ready to cash out.

However, knowing what that process looks like can assist you in maximizing your fun in the casino. For example, you can use the pay-out stub from one machine to make a deposit in another.

High Limit Slots Room

As far as the casino is concerned, these are as good as cash. When you want to leave, merely take the stub to the cashier and get paid.

Streamlining this process will enable you to have the most fun with the time you have to spend in the casino. Savvy gamblers know that maximum entertainment is the most accurate metric for casino gambling.

7 – Keep a Detailed Gambling Journal

Smart gamblers keep detailed logs of everything they do relate to casino gambling. This allows them to spot trends, hot games where they get the most value, and overall wins and losses.

It’s also instrumental in helping them spot mistakes they’re making and learn to correct them. It’s hard to make a ton of errors playing slot machines, but bankroll management affects everyone.

Knowing how many spins you’re averaging an hour could be easily broken down by looking at your hourly losses. That’s a metric you can control.

Most importantly, keeping a detailed log will paint a realistic picture of what’s happening in the casino. It’s easy to have a few winning sessions and think you’re at or around even, but you can’t argue with the journal.

8 – Only Play with the Money They Have

Smart gamblers understand the unwavering importance of bankroll management. For starters, they know the difference between a gambling bankroll and grocery money.

It’s nothing short of reckless when gamblers start playing with money that’s been earmarked for other purposes. Head down this slippery slope, and you may soon find yourself hurdling towards problem gambling.

Slot Machines at Harrah's Reno

Still, intelligent gamblers never gamble with money they can’t afford to lose. That’s why building a separate gambling bankroll is essential.

Once you’ve built your gambling fund, be sure you incorporate the proper methods for protecting your money.

9 – Don’t Let the Natural Losses Discourage

Losses are a natural part of casino gambling. A vast majority of gamblers will lose far more often than they win throughout their gambling careers.

For slot machine enthusiasts, that percentage is even higher. That’s because the games are stacked heavily against you.

Unless you are the lucky winner of a rather sizable jackpot, you’ll never be able to overcome the house edge. That’s true for every player that walks through the door.

Smart gamblers know they’re going to lose more than they win. So, they focus on getting to most available enjoyment out of the wins.

It’s not worth your frustration to be upset every time you lose at the slot machines. If you’re not having fun, find another game to play.

There are plenty of casino games that give players a much higher chance of winning.

In Summary

If you want to improve the results you see in the casino, use this list to tighten up your game. The 9 ways smart gamblers play slot machines better than you won’t guarantee any long-term success.

However, you’ll be getting the most return from your investment. You’ll also be more likely to walk out of the casino as a winner more often.