9 Tips to Improve Your ROI With Casino Games

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Return on investment (ROI) is often used to describe traditional investments like stocks, property, and rental units. Those who take these chances are hoping to get a high ROI on their original investment.

When you’re playing casino games, though, you likely aren’t thinking about ROI. Instead, you may be hoping to just hang on long enough to get hot or win a jackpot.

But you should keep the ROI concept in mind as you gamble. After all, a higher return ensures that you can sustain your bankroll until a hot streak does come along. That said, here are 9 tips for boosting your ROI with casino gambling.

1 – Pick Games That Pay Well

The gaming community uses return to player (RTP) as a substitute for ROI. Return to player refers to how much money you can expect to win with any given casino game.

The fact is that nearly every game gives the house an advantage. Therefore, your ROI will be negative in all but a few instances (covered later).

But the goal is to choose games with high RTP so that you can at least minimize your losses. With any luck, you can even win profits with the best-paying games.

Here are the house-banked casino games that offer the highest RTP:

  • Video poker – 100.76% (full-pay Deuces Wild) to 99.17% RTP (full-pay Bonus Poker).
  • Blackjack – 99.5% to 98.0% RTP
  • Baccarat – 98.94% RTP (banker bet)
  • French roulette – 98.65% RTP (w/ even-money bets)
  • European roulette – 97.3% RTP

2 – Choose Casinos That Feature Great Odds

As you can see from the list above, certain games feature some variation in their RTP. The reason being is that casinos can alter rules to either give you stronger odds or improve their chances of taking your money.

Obviously you don’t want to choose casinos that specialize in the latter. Therefore, you should scout out gambling establishments ahead of time to see who offers the best deals.

For example, many downtown Las Vegas casinos boast player-friendly blackjack rules. You can use these rules to lower the house edge to just 0.5%.

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Vegas Strip casinos, on the other hand, include house-friendly rules. These changes can increase the casino’s advantage to 2% or more.

With real money online casinos, you can simply google games (e.g. “Bonanza slot RTP”) to figure out how much they pay back. This simple process allows you to quickly find the casinos/developers that feature the best odds.

3 – Learn Basic Strategy for Your Chosen Games

Some casino games offer you a solid chance to win with little strategy involved. Baccarat, French roulette, and European roulette are all perfect examples of this fact.

Other games, such as blackjack and video poker, force you to develop skills to lower the house edge.

That said, you want to study basic strategy for whatever blackjack or video poker variation you’re playing. If you’re on a 9/6 Jacks or Better machine, for example, then you want to learn specific strategy for this variant.

4 – Chase Profits with Skill Based Gambling

Up until now, I’ve only discussed house-banked casino games. However, you can explore another side to gambling through skill-based games.

Daily fantasy sports (DFS), esports betting, poker, sports betting, and video poker (certain variations) all give you a chance to win long-term profits.

In the case of DFS or poker, you’re competing directly against other gamblers. Assuming you’re more skilled than the competition and can overcome the rake, then you have a chance to win serious profits.

With esports and sports betting, you’re trying to outperform the odds and bookmaker’s “juice” when placing wagers. The hope is that you win enough bets to accomplish this task.

The only catch, though, is that each of these types of gambling is more difficult to win with. Texas hold’em, for example, isn’t like a slot machine where you place mindless bets and let luck do the rest.

That said, you must dedicate a lot of work to improving your skills. If you’re up this task, then you should definitely try skill-based gaming.

5 – Never Play When You Feel Like Crap

Whenever playing a complex skill-based or house-banked game, you don’t want to bet anything unless you feel fine physically and mentally.

Attempting to gamble in these situations can lead to bad decisions. Going further, you could blow your entire bankroll in one session if you’re not in the right mindset.

Many poker players experience this scenario through “tilt”. This term describes the state where frustrated gamblers make irrational decisions and lose more money.

Don’t let yourself tilt! Resist the urge and come back at a time when you feel better.

6 – Ignore Comps

You shouldn’t literally ignore comps, because you can pick up some nice rewards based on your play. However, you want to block the thought of comps during your gambling sessions.

You might feel like you’re getting something for free when a casino gives you a meal or even hotel stay. However, you truly earn these rewards via on your play.

Casinos know how much they can comp you and still make a theoretical profit.

At best, the amount of rewards they give you will only be worth one-tenth of your theoretical losses.

Would you gamble longer or bet bigger just to earn $0.10 on every dollar lost? Absolutely not! Just play your favorite games and let the rewards come naturally.

7 – Take Advantage of Promotions

This step may contradict the advice given above. However, promotions can add more value to your play than simple comps alone.

Casinos offer extra comp points, free spins (online), deposit bonuses (online), and more through promos. Of course, you can’t take advantage of these deals if you don’t know about them.

The first step to keeping tabs on promotions is to sign up for a casino’s newsletter or Twitter feed. This way, you’ll receive direct alerts on special deals.

You can also visit the promotions section of a casino’s website. Doing so may help you find promos that weren’t sent your inbox or tweeted.

8 – Practice Strict Bankroll Management

Bankroll management alone won’t help you improve your ROI. However, it can at least keep you from blowing your money too quickly.

For example, you may find yourself placing high slots bets. After coming up with a detailed bankroll management plan, you can stay more disciplined and be motivated to lower your bet sizes.

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In addition to keeping you from losing your bankroll, this concept will also help you avoid risking money that you can’t afford to lose.

Provided you have your bankroll mapped out, you’ll be less likely to dip into funds that are meant for rent, food, and other more-important expenses.

9 – Have a Stop Loss Limit

A stop-loss limit is an excellent addition to any bankroll management strategy. Stop-loss limits refer to predefined points where you quit gambling based on your amount of losses.

Your limit can be set in any manner you’d like. However, I suggest using a percentage of your bankroll as a measuring stick.

Here’s an example:

  • You have a $1,000 bankroll.
  • You set a stop-loss worth 20% of your bankroll.
  • 1,000 x 0.2 = 200
  • You’ll quit playing any session when you lose $200.

Of course, you don’t have to wait until losing $200 to quit playing. But a stop-loss will encourage you to quit when things aren’t going so well.


Casino games aren’t meant to offer you a positive ROI in the long run. However, you can at least give yourself a better chance of raising your ROI with the right approach.

Everything starts with choosing games that offer high return to player. Baccarat, blackjack, French roulette, and video poker are the best of the best in this category.

Next, you want to learn strategy (if applicable) to these games. Making the right decisions ensures that you get a higher ROI.

You can take things to another level with skill-based gaming. DFS, esports betting, poker, sports betting, and video poker can deliver long-term profits under the right circumstances.

Of course, you won’t be even close to profits if you play in the wrong mindset. You always want to come into sessions feeling good from a mental and physical standpoint.

Comps and rewards can boost your bottom line for any game. Just don’t get carried away with focusing on comps.

Bankroll management is the final piece of the puzzle when it comes to raising your ROI. The better you manage our bankroll, the stronger chance you have at staying in the game and, hopefully, making some money.