9 Sports Betting Facts You Need to Know to Win

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Do you have a system that you use every time you bet on a sporting event? Do you have certain things that you look at before placing a bet, or do you just guess which team is a better bet?

Don’t worry if you don’t use a system or if you’ve been guessing about the best team to bet on. You’re getting ready to learn several facts that are going to help you stop guessing and start winning more sports bets.

The nine facts about sports betting listed on this page are going to make sure you know how to stop guessing and taking chances and start winning.

1 – Value

Why do you bet on sports? This seems like a simple question, but the answer is important. If you answer it one way, there’s almost no chance that you’re ever going to be a winning sports bettor. If you answer it a different way, you have a chance to win. It’s not a big chance, but at least you have a chance.

The reason why I opened this section with that question is because the majority of sports gamblers say they want to win, but they don’t win because they never do anything that they need to do to give them a realistic chance to win.

In order to have a chance to win as a sports bettor, you have to attempt to find value before you bet on any game.

This means that you can’t bet on your favorite team, or on the most popular team. You have to look at games and teams in a way that helps you find value.

And to find value, you not only have to look at teams, but you also have to look at betting lines. You can’t find value without doing both. You have to look at the lines and then see if one team or the other offers value based on the line and the cost of making a wager.

2 – Moneyline Facts

Betting on the moneyline is the easiest way to get started, because you don’t have to worry about the final score. As long as you can pick the team that wins the game you win your bet. But just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it’s profitable.

In the first section you learned that value is the most important thing, and when you make a moneyline bet you have to compare the cost of placing a bet and the possible reward with the chance you have of winning.

Just because a team is heavily favored to win doesn’t mean that team is a value moneyline wager. Often the value on the moneyline is on teams in games with close lines. Learn how to find value on the moneylines instead of risking too much for too little return on high cost bets.

3 – Total Facts

Some people call these over under bets, because betting on the total is a bet on whether the combined scores of the two teams is going to higher or lower than the number set by the sportsbooks.

And just like what you learned in the last two sections, the total line doesn’t offer value by itself. It can only offer value once you evaluate the teams playing in the game.eee

If you’re new to sports betting, or aren’t winning as much as you want yet, I recommend staying away from the total. It’s one of the hardest betting options to make consistent money on for inexperienced gamblers.

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But I don’t want to leave you without a couple tips in this section. The two main tips want to share are that if the public looks at a total and thinks the good bet is on the over, the only value to be found is going to be on the under. And on the other side of this, if the public looks and thinks the value is on the under, the only possible value is on the over.

In simpler terms, if two teams that score a lot of points are playing, the public thinks the over is the best bet. But the truth is that if there’s any value on the game, it’s on the under.

4 – Run Line and Puck Line Facts

One mistake that many gamblers make is avoiding the run lines in MLB and the puck lines in the NHL. They avoid them because they don’t understand them.

The first thing you need to do is learn everything you can about how run lines and puck lines work. These lines offer a great deal of value once you understand them. Take the time to learn about them, and you’re going to be able to find value almost every day in the NHL and MLB.

5 – Point Spread Facts

The final type of bet you need to know about is a point spread wager. This are the most common form of betting line and one team gets points and the other gives points.

The key with betting on point spreads is the same as any other bet. The only bets you should make are the ones where the point spread offers value on one team or the other. Every line doesn’t offer value; so many games shouldn’t be wagered on.

Determine which team should win, and by how many points. Then look at the point spread to see if there’s value on one team.

6 – Pro and College

This is an important fact that many sports bettors miss. Professional and college sports are quite different. This is especially true for sports bettors.

You can’t evaluate college and pro teams the same way. Some things are similar, but not everything. If you’re betting on both college and pro games, you have to evaluate them alone. Just because something works betting on a pro team doesn’t mean it’s going to work betting on a college team.

7 – Handicapping and Evaluation

I keep stressing the importance of value when you bet on sports, but how do you identify value? The way to find value is to learn how to evaluate and handicap players, teams, and games. This takes quite a bit of work, but it’s the only way to find value.

The way to get started is to look at available statistics and start using them to help you predict scores of upcoming games. Keep working with different stats to develop ways to evaluate games consistently. Watch game to see things that the stats don’t show, and use this knowledge to adjust your evaluations. This is how you learn how to become a winning sports bettor.

8 – Specialists Win More

If you want the one secret fact that can instantly turn your sports betting results around, it’s this. If you want to win more you need to stop betting on everything and anything and start specializing.

Specialize in a small enough area that you can become a true expert. It’s not enough to pick a single sport. Pick a sport and then pick one conference or a small group of teams, and then become an expert.

Specialists make more money in every profession. Become a specialist sports bettor and you’re going to make more money too.

9 – The Truth About Sports Betting Systems

Here’s the cold hard truth about betting systems. You need a betting system of some type to be a consistent winner, but you can’t buy a system from someone else. You have to learn how to develop your own sports betting system.

The reason why you can’t buy a sports betting system is because they usually don’t work, and if they do they aren’t going to work for long.

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You need to learn how to handicap and evaluate games like I covered in an earlier section. When you build your own system you know what works and what doesn’t work, and why it works or doesn’t work. You keep building and adjusting and refining your system over time.

This is the only way to be a winning sports bettor. You use the same system every time you evaluate teams and games so you have consistent results that you can track.


Now that you know the most important nine facts about sports betting, you can start using them to improve your results starting today. Focus on value, which requires both proper game evaluation and the lines offered by the sportsbooks.

You need a system or model, but you don’t need on that someone is trying to sell you. Become a specialist if you want to make more money, and learn about every type of line and bet you can make. Use these nine facts to start winning more now, and keep using them to continue winning for the rest of your life.