9 Must-Visit Attractions Near Golden Eagle Casino

Golden Eagle Casino Logo and Nearby Attractions

Golden Eagle Casino brings a lot of fun with real money slot machines, blackjack, craps, and bingo. They also have a unique dining option, along with a great loyalty program and a few amenities. But it’s not the only place in the area to get excited over. Nor is it the only casino you need to know about.

Today’s post will cover a few attractions in the Horton, Kansas, area. The following attractions boast memorials, museums, and even natural scenery. Plus, we’ll discuss two more casinos close to Golden Eagle. If you’re looking to transform your time at one casino into a full getaway, then keep reading.

On this page, we are about to discover all of what Horton and the surrounding small towns offer.

Ready to go exploring? Let’s get after it.

1 – Sac & Fox Casino

You will find Sac & Fox Casino in nearby Powhattan. And it has a little more variety than Golden Eagle, with 600 slot machines and per outside sources, 10 table games. They also feature denominations up to $5, and you’ll find the newest slots around at Sac and Fox.

Sac & Fox also has two distinct dining options. You can opt for a sit down at The Lodge, or if you choose, you can get the grab ‘n go option over at Express Cafe. Casino Bar Lounge is a great place for the greatest local cocktails, and it also includes about 20 tabletop games for your enjoyment.

So, if you have a casino tour in mind during your trip to the area, give it a go at Sac & Fox Casino and experience even more casino thrills. However, Sac & Fox isn’t the only other must-visit casino attraction in the area near Golden Eagle. Skip to the third section for a briefing on Casino White Cloud.

2 – Davis Memorial

The Davis Memorial boasts quite a story. While John Milburn Davis received criticism for investing $200,000 into building the site during the Great Depression, many find the story moving since he built the historic location as a memorial to his wife who died in 1930.

The memorial depicts Davis and his wife, Sarah, with each marble casting showing them at different stages in their life. You will find it in nearby Hiawatha, Kansas, within the Mount Hope Cemetery. And it has since drawn visitors to the area by the thousands.

Davis Memorial Hiawatha, Kansas

If you’re into history or architecture, this attraction is more than a must-visit. And if you’re the kind of individual who would be interested in the inspiration behind the area’s finest piece of art, you’ll love what you will discover at the Davis Memorial. These life-sized busts are quite the sight to see.

3 – Casino White Cloud

Unlike Golden Eagle Casino and Sac & Fox, you won’t find live tables at Casino White Cloud. However, they have virtual table gaming. Calling all card chasers! This casino is definitely worth checking out. They also offer a fair number of slot machine and bingo games. If classics are your thing, you’ll love White Cloud.

While you won’t find any real accommodations at the casino, they have four country-style cabins near the site. If you’re lucky enough to rent one out, it makes for a fantastic getaway in the area. Plus, you’re still close to most of the attractions on today’s list, including Golden Eagle Casino.

You will find Casino White Cloud at Jackpot Drive in White Cloud, Kansas. It’s a great way to wrap up your casino tour of the area. And once you’ve gotten enough gaming in for the day, check out the other outstanding attractions below, along with the Davis Memorial listed above.

4 – International Forest of Friendship

Head 20 miles down the road and you’ll stumble upon the International Forest of Friendship in nearby Atchison. This five-acre plot of land has inducted those who contributed to aviation, and through the forested paths, you’ll find plaques naming each individual.

But you’ll find more than just a Walk of Fame here; the forest also contains trees native to all 50 states and over 35 countries around the world. Every time they induct an honoree, they plant a new set of trees either native to their state or country. A different one each time.

Mezomani Trail Through The Trees

You’ll also discover arguably the area’s most peaceful setting. The trees glow with color during the fall months, and their aesthetics are nothing short of an epic fantasy novel.

5 – The Haunted 1889 McInteer Villa

What’s a trip to a small town without at least one haunted attraction these days?

Stay in Atchison and you’ll find the Haunted 1889 McInteer Villa.

Here, you can plan your own paranormal overnight investigation. And per reviewers on TripAdvisor, they have revealed a few haunting experiences.

So, if you’re a paranormal enthusiast, book it. If you’re a skeptic, book it anyway.

Sure, a night here means you won’t be at the live dealer tables over in Golden Eagle Casino. But is there a better gamble around than placing a fun wager with friends on whether you’ll find a ghost? Instead of wagering money, you’re wagering your pride in who will remain in this haunted location the longest.

If you run away from the premises, your pride just took a hit. But if you can withstand the hauntings that take place here, your friends or travel group will look to you in a new light.

6 – Daily Trolley Tours

Alright, so far in Atchison, we’ve found peace in the International Friendship Forest and we made it through the night at the Haunted 1889 McInteer Villa. Now, we’re going on a sightseeing tour throughout the city.

Here, you will come across a few Victorian mansions, the Amelia Earhart Home, historical bridges, and even downtown.

Daily Trolley Tours Atchison Kansas

You’ll spend about an hour or two on this tour, so it won’t take too much time from the casino floor. Since you’re passing through many buildings, it’s a splendid choice if you’re an architecture enthusiast.

7 – Atchison Rail Museum

Also in Atchison, this rail museum features an outstanding array of outdoor exhibits, including the opportunity to climb into an old steam engine and discover what it’s like to control such a huge vehicle.

Once you’ve gotten your fill with the outdoor steam engines and rail cars, head inside and explore the collection of artifacts indoors. Besides the rail themes, one reviewer noted that you’ll find an interesting collection from the American Civil War, too. If you’re into transportation history, check it out.

Most reviewers have commended the place for its friendly staff and eclectic gift shop.

As with the Backroad Atlas and More Than Lemons Specialty Shop in the following sections, you will find an interesting selection of goods here.

8 – Backroad Atlas

Yet another good place to visit in Atchison, Backroad Atlas features heaps of vintage items. So, if that describes your flair, take a trip to this specialty antique shop and see what historical artifacts you can find.

The store specializes mainly in home decor, featuring wall pictures, knickknacks, lamps, crafts and other interesting items. It’s more of an antique shop than anything else. And as with a few attractions listed above, you’ll find a lot of history in the building itself.

Backroad Atlas Atchison Kansas

Reviewers agree that if you’re looking for a specific historical item, odds are that the Backroad Atlas has it. As for the artworks for sale, locals have done almost all of them. So, you’re getting a feel for local culture when you shop here.

While it’s an ideal shop for any antique fan, reviewers have also noted that guests of all ages and interest levels will find something of worth here.

9 – More Than Lemons

You’ll find More Than Lemons about 20 minutes away in the similarly named town of Holton, Kansas.

Reviewers on TripAdvisor love this eclectic store, and they insist you will find something that suits your interest level. It’s one of those odds and ends stores that epitomize small-town America.

Glass blowing has remained their primary draw, and their glass art has brought both tourists and locals in year after year.

They demonstrate the glass blowing process right in front of you, and per a few reviewers, you can even take a class on it and go through the process, yourself. Cool, right?

If you’re looking to learn a new skill, head over to More than Lemons. But if you’re just looking for a cool piece of art to commemorate your time in the area, this specialty shop has quite the selection.

Our Final Thoughts on the Golden Eagle Casino Area

Golden Eagle Casino is one of three casinos in the area. And while Horton is a small town with not much going on, you’ll still find plenty of attractions in the surrounding area, mainly in Atchison. All the above attractions are about 25 miles away or closer to Horton, so you won’t go too far out of your way.

If you’re a fan of history, then it’s more than worth venturing to some of these places. Or if you’re looking to broaden your scope on the casino scene, then make sure you visit the listed casinos.

Have you been to Golden Eagle Casino? If so, did you visit any of the other Kansas casinos or attractions on this list? Tell us about it in the comments. We’re looking forward to reading your stories.