9 Methods for Doubling Your Bankroll’s Lifespan

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When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck in the casino, few things can compare to the benefits of powerful bankroll management. By properly taking measures to extend how long you can gamble with what you’ve got, you significantly increase your overall enjoyment of the gambling experience.

Fortunately, extending the lifespan of your gambling bankroll can easily be accomplished. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first casino trip or your 100th; these tips and tricks will keep you gambling on the casino floor well after others have been forced to their rooms or to the pool.

Check out these nine methods for doubling your bankroll’s lifespan. Remember, the longer you’re in the casino gambling, the better your chances for something crazy to happen, like hitting a massive jackpot.

1 – Seek Out the Slot Machines With the Lowest Swings

Slot machine players face a tremendous climb when looking for ways to extend their casino bankroll. The games move incredibly fast, and there are no opportunities to impart strategy to extend your session.

So, the machine a player chooses is paramount for extending their bankroll. Return to player or RTP plays a significant role and will play an essential role in the player’s wins or losses.

The RTP is the theoretical payout of a slot machine. In other words, it determines how much the casino will be keeping from every dollar played on a device.

Volatility becomes a critical component that many players overlook when selecting a slot machine. Volatility determines how that theoretical payout is achieved.

High volatility machines will pay out sporadically with significant wins. This can be fun for the player looking to score big but won’t maintain a bankroll for extended periods.

If you’re looking to double the lifespan of your gambling bankroll, find the machines with low volatility. This machine will give you consistent smaller wins that can keep you afloat for extended periods.

2 – Don’t Skip Breaks

Many players get to the casino and are so excited to finally be gambling that they completely forget to take any breaks. I understand a casino is an exciting place, and when you’re having fun, the last thing you’ll want to do is stop the action from grabbing lunch or merely clearing your head.

Still, taking breaks in the casino is way to take care of yourself while gambling and a sly way of making your bankroll last twice as long.

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Set a reminder on your phone, take regular breaks for the bathroom, meals, check-in with friends, or get some fresh air. You’ll be amazed at the side effects of taking care of your body.

Your overall health and mood will be much better, leading to better decision-making in the casino. More impressive will be that all of the little breaks add up, and suddenly, your bankroll is lasting much longer than ever before.

3 – Play Solid Even Money Roulette

For players that walk into the casino and want to play a table game from dusk till dawn, real money roulette offers a great starting point.

The even-money bets have a relatively low house edge, which keeps things close to even. That’s assuming you don’t make wildly varied bet amounts or try employing any systems.

Merely betting on even/odd or red/black will keep you in the game for as long as possible. You may get lucky and catch a streak that allows you to win some money.

However, if you stay on the table long enough, you’ll permanently lose.

4 – Know the Best Odds on the Games You Play

Playing the suitable game will go miles for helping you extend the lifespan of your bankroll. So, look for casino games with the lowest house edge.

Baccarat is a popular game with the primary bets having a house edge below 1.3%. The player bet has a house edge of only 1.24%, making it one of the lowest in the casino.

The banker bet is even better with a house edge of 1.06%. That means for every $100 you wager on the banker bet, the casino is only expected to keep $1.06.

You can use this information to extend your bankroll further than ever before. If you go from playing a slot machine with an RTP of 93% to baccarat, you just increased the lifespan of your bankroll by over 6x.

Blackjack can provide an even lower house edge with the right combination of table rules and strategy. Craps pass line and don’t pass line also comes with a shallow house edge.

These games are fantastic for doubling your bankroll’s lifespan but stick with the bets I’ve mentioned above. The casino is full of sucker bets with a high edge.

5 – Play With a Crowd

Try to look for table games with many players when you’re deciding on a game to play. The more players you find at a table, the slower the pace.

By finding a game with as many players and slowing down the game, you may easily cut the number of hands per hour by double.

So, if you’re playing blackjack by yourself and burning through money, head for a full table. This should sufficiently slow the game enough to allow you to significantly extend your gambling bankroll.

6 – Split Your Cash Into Bite-Size Chunks

I see too many gamblers excitedly rush onto the casino floor with their entire bankroll in hand and exchange it all for chips. I don’t know if the psychology is to have the largest chip stack possible or merely a matter of convenience. This is a dangerous play regardless of their reasoning.

Casinos use chips for several reasons, but the most significant reason I’ve found is that it helps players stop viewing the losses as real money.

Casino Baccarat Table, cards facing up and poker chips on table

After all, the cashier took your money, so you’re just losing chips. These players will find a seat and burn through their entire bankroll in one session.

I suppose there’s not much harm in that if you’re only at the casino for the day. Suppose you’re on a three-day casino trip, then what?

You’ve got two days ahead of you with no money to gamble and presumably do much of anything. You need to break your bankroll into bite-size chunks that can accommodate your entire casino trip or gambling session.

I like to break it down by day. If I’m at the casino for five days, I’ll have a smaller bankroll for each day of the trip.

Breaking down your bankroll into smaller chunks will ensure that you’ve got money set aside for each day of your gambling trip.

7 – Break Out the Strategy Charts

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games on the planet. The combination of strategy and the low house edge is enough to get me excited every time I walk into the casino.

Depending on table rules, the house edge is typically around 1% to 2%. However, you can diminish the casino’s advantage even further by implementing a bit of strategy.

Basic blackjack strategy cards are widely available, and you’re welcome to use the cards at the tables. The caveat is that you don’t slow down play to a crawl, referring to your chart every hand.

Still, when playing the best strategy on every hand, the house edge will drop to as low as 0.5%. The only game in the casino that can beat that is video poker, which also incorporates a strategy chart to accomplish the feat.

Grab yourself a strategy chart, and you’ll easily double the lifespan of your gambling bankroll.

8 – Play in Tournaments

Playing in tournaments can be intimidating for first-timers. Still, there aren’t many better ways to get the most out of your bankroll.
Slot Machine
Casinos regularly host tournaments for slot machines, table games, and poker. These tournaments will allow you to potentially stay in the game for hours with a minimum buy-in.

Don’t be intimidated if you’ve never played a tournament before; the low entry fee will protect you from any significant loss.

Plus, you have the potential to get hot and win a substantial prize for your efforts.

9 – Set a Hard Win Limit

Setting a win limit is easy; you merely choose a reasonable number, and when you have won that amount, you walk away.

Sticking to a win limit can be much more difficult. Most casino gamblers are so accustomed to losing that it’s like torture to walk away when a winning session comes along.

Gamblers need to have self-control to walk away, because it feel like they’re leaving money on the table. However, you’re really sniffing the casino’s chance to take those wins back.

Sure, they’ll have other opportunities, but for now, the cash is yours. Having a win limit in mind is an excellent tool for adding to your bankroll.

Win enough small victories, and you’ll soon find that you’ve doubled your bankroll. That can have significant implications on how far your bankroll takes you.

In Summary

Having the most fun in the casino is often a matter of how long you can stay at the games. These nine methods for doubling your bankroll’s lifespan should keep you on the casino floor longer than you’ve ever imagined.

Combine these methods, and you’ll have your friends coming to you for advice on how to gamble. You’ll become a minor celebrity in your friends’ circle and a better gambler.