9 Fun Things to Do Near Bok Homa Casino

Two Attractions Near Bok Homa Casino in Mississippi

Bok Homa Casino provides a modest amount of casino gaming. And while you will have a good time playing all those adrenaline-pumping electronic machines, table games, and even enjoying the sportsbook, it’s more than worth carving out some time to visit the town of Laurel, itself.

One reason is because of all there is to do in this city of fewer than 20,000 residents. You’re getting a couple of museums listed below, along with a vibrant brewing company and a local theatre.

However, you will notice the number of specialty and antique shops listed. So, if you win big at Bok Homa Casino or even its sister casino, Pearl River Resort, then today’s post is more than worth checking out.

Are you ready to see what the surrounding region offers? Keep reading.

1 – Lauren Rogers Museum of Art

Check out the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art at 565 N 5th Avenue in Laurel, Mississippi. And for a small town like Laurel, you’re getting quite a stunning collection of art. Best yet, everyone in the venue, from the desk staff to the security guards love engaging in conversation both about the displays, and the area.

You can tell from meeting the employees they take a lot of pride in being from Laurel, and that his art museum is one of a few staples in the town that makes them proud of their heritage.

Also, local authors grace the place from time to time for book signings. So, if you’re someone who’d like to discover a set of unique reads, you may just meet a few local icons in the publishing industry.

Feel free to head on out. And if you plan on also visiting the Slowboat Brewing Company, Laurel Little Theatre, or Southern Antiques, you’re within three-tenths of a mile from this popular local venue.

2 – Landrum’s Homestead and Village

Landrum’s Homestead sits at 1356 Highway 15 S in Laurel, and it guarantees you a step back in time. In fact, some of the older residents in town state that it gave them a great idea of what life was like for their grandparents and those before them.

Other reviewers have stated that they decorate the area during the winter holidays. So, if you’re in town then it’s also more than worth taking a break from Bok Homa Casino to visit.

Landrum's Homestead and Village

They also boast a cool gift shop at the site that even carries authentic replicas of artifacts found in the homestead and village. It’s a great way to take a piece of history home with you. But the gift shop also contains items pertinent to the 21st century.

3 – Veterans Memorial Museum

Founded in 1996, prepare to spend at least one if not two hours at this budding historical venue at 920 Hillcrest Drive. If you’re into military history, especially local military history, the Veteran’s Memorial Museum is where you will find plenty of it.

They have an entire library stocked full of books, newspapers, documentaries, movies in the military genre, and more.

Okay, so if you’re a real military buff, odds are, you just found your ideal vacation destination in Laurel, not named Bok Homa Casino.

While the rest of your travel group returns to the casino floor, you can take full advantage of the library and all the knowledge that it offers. Plus, make sure you set up a tour when they’re available to gain insight on all those cool military artifacts the venue has collected over the years.

4 – Slowboat Brewing Company

Head over to 318 W 5th Laurel Street and you’ll find the Slowboat Brewing Company. Sure, local crafts are always a thing in casinos like Bok Homa, but you’re getting more of the best when you travel to these local breweries since they allow you to sample their most popular and latest creations.

It’s also a great location to hang out, as those on TripAdvisor will tell you. Besides great tasting beer, you’re getting live entertainment, bar games, and so much more when you visit. If the entertainment at the casino isn’t up to par for the evening, Slowboat makes for an excellent consolation.

5 – Laurel Little Theatre

At 408 N 5th Avenue, you will stumble across one of those small-town theatres, and they put on some unique productions. Think of some of your all-time favorite movies turned into stage productions and musicals, and it gives you an idea of what Laurel Little Theatre puts on.

They perform productions in several genres, too, including comedies, dramas, and more. If you’re not feeling the entertainment at Bok Homa and they’re putting a production on over at Laurel Little Theatre, it’s the perfect spot to catch family-friendly entertainment.

Laurel Little Theatre

Or, if you’re near the Slowboat Brewing Company or Lauren Rogers Museum of Art, it makes sense to swing over and check out the theatre when you’d like to witness a production featuring talented casts, convincing backdrops, and as mentioned, familiar stories with modern twists.

6 – Peddlers Junktion

One person’s junk is another’s treasure, right? It’s what you will find at Peddlers Junktion, except that odds are, you’ll find far more treasures here at this antique shop at 604 Carroll Gartin Boulevard. It’s especially a cool place to find a hidden treasure or two if you’ve won over at Bok Homa Casino.

Many who stumble across Peddlers Junktion come in to window shop, given the eclectic assortment of items. Some refer to it as a “junk store,” but even those who do cannot get over their clean and well-organized shelves.

It’s not one of those antique stores that just has random “stuff” thrown everywhere. Customers have also commended the place for its reasonable pricing.

7 – The Laurel Leaf

Head over to 305 Front Street and you will find Laurel Leaf. If you’re looking for perhaps the finest gift shop in town, Laurel Leaf is it, boasting a friendly staff willing to place any home decor item or craft in fancy gift wrap.

If you hit it big at Bok Homa Casino, Laurel Leaf is yet another place on this list where you may find a few popular items that carry a different flair. Much like Peddlers Junktion, they offer reasonable prices.

They also have a massive variety of items here, with many customers taking a few laps around the place before settling on a purchase. Not only will you uncover a diverse selection, but you’ll also probably end up choosing specific items over others given the quantity at Laurel Leaf.

The Laurel Leaf

So, if you won at Bok Homa Casino, or if you’d just like to find unique decor for your house, head on over and see what this specialty shop offers. But if you found nothing here at Laurel Leaf, check out the next item on our list.

8 – Southern Antiques

You will find Southern Antiques at 317 Central Avenue in Laurel and it’s yet another hotspot on today’s list, featuring a variety of old school home decor and craft items. It’s clean, but unlike Laurel Leaf and Peddlers Junktion, it’s jam-packed with items.

Therefore, it has more of that typical, random feel to it that is characteristic of so many antique shops.

Reviewers on TripAdvisor will tell you that if you’re looking for an even further interesting selection of items, make sure you visit their top floor. Unusual, is how one reviewer described the items on the top floor of Southern Antiques.

And prepare to spend a few hours here if you have time, given the vast selection. And also prepare to spend a few dollars, given the reasonable pricing they offer, much like the two stores listed above.

9 – Hand + Made

Head to 313 West Oak Drive in Laurel and you will find Hand + Made. It’s sort of like an antique shop, except you’re getting quite a selection of pottery items, signs, toys for kids, and more. So, there’s more of a modern twist here, as opposed to the above locations.

Even if you didn’t catch the address above or if you forget its location, odds are their window displays will draw you in, which reviewers on TripAdvisor rave about.

And since it’s a craft shop, you can also build your own decor and paint your own designs onto them. Obviously, it’s a fantastic place for the entire family, as it will entertain any kid present in your travel group.

So Come and See Everything Around the Bok Homa Casino

Bok Homa Casino and its sister over at Pearl River Resort offer an eclectic gaming experience. But as today’s post points out, you will find so much more to do in the area than just spin and win at the slots, chase cards, and dice.

Whenever you’re in Laurel or the surrounding area for an extended stay, make sure you circle a few items on your list in red. Embark on a tour of this small city before you return to the casino floor refreshed and rejuvenated.

Have you visited any of the fun things to do surrounding Bok Homa Casino? If so, let us know in the comments. Also, tell us if you visited any attractions near the casino not listed above.