9 Easy Ways to Have More Fun in the Casino

Casino Gamblers Having Fun At the Casino Tables

For the overwhelming majority of casino gamblers, having the most fun is the primary concern. Sure, the focus is on winning money or losing as little as possible. Still, at their core, most casino gamblers are looking to have as much fun as possible.

Getting the most entertainment for your buck is a solid goal when you’re heading into the casino. It will allow you to make unforgettable memories with loved ones and experience exciting adventures.

Sometimes, more advanced gamblers have difficulty looking for ways to have the most fun in the casino. They become preoccupied with strategy or cutting the house edge.

Novice gamblers may become frustrated with their lack of immediate success and think they’re somehow doing it wrong.

Whether you’re a grizzled casino veteran or a total newbie trying to navigate casino life, these 9 easy ways to have more fun in the casino offer something for everyone.

1 – Make A Splash

One of the most delightful gambling experiences I’ve had in Las Vegas was playing blackjack poolside under the beautiful Nevada sky. As you might imagine, Las Vegas is pretty heavy on light pollution.

So, if you’re into stargazing, you’ll need to head away from town. However, the desert air filling your lungs as your legs enjoy the crispness of the cool water is terrific.

My brother-in-law and I once kept one of these blackjack tables rocking until the sun began peeking over the horizon. We shared laughs, told funny stories, had a few beers, and lost track of the count sometime around midnight.

What a great time we had between the hours of 12 and 6. Of course, our wives were far less impressed with our adventure than we were.

If you want to crank the fun factor up, find a casino with poolside blackjack tables and enjoy the scenery.

2 – Play a Skill-Based Game

For a more direct approach and one that will keep you in the climate-controlled comfort of the casino, play a skill-based game.

Baccarat is a beautiful game, but it can become boring after an hours-long session. Some players may grow weary of the elementary gameplay long before an hour is up.

So, make your way to a game where skill can diminish the house edge and give you a chance to win. I prefer poker, but I’ve spent decades studying the game.

Multiple Blackjack Hands on a Table

That gives me a tremendous advantage when it comes to playing in most casino poker games. You may pick a game like a blackjack.

Blackjack will allow you to use skill to reduce the house edge to nearly nothing. You won’t win every time; not even card counters win every trip to the tables.

However, you’ll be much more entertained playing a game that challenges your mental acuity than merely spinning the slot machine’s reels over and over.

3 – Make Certain Your Finances are In Order

You can’t have much fun in a casino if you’re broke. So, before you ever leave for the casino, get your bankroll in order.

Having the most significant bankroll won’t always equate to having the most fun, but it’s a decent start. The more vital thing is to understand how to effectively manage your money in the casino.

Hundreds of online resources cover bankroll management, and they’ll all tell you basically the same thing. Stick to a flat bet amount, set strict win/loss limits, and only leverage about 2-3% of your bankroll on any given bet.

If you are in the casino for multiple days, I recommend splitting your bankroll into equal sections for each day. This way, even if you lose it all on day one, you can come back on day two ready to gamble.

4 – See One of the World Class Shows

Las Vegas is known as being the entertainment capital of the world. You won’t get a single argument from me that it delivers on that moniker 100%.

However, there are dozens of casinos outside of Sin City that offer world-class entertainment. A few of the most outstanding concerts I’ve ever been to were at WinStar World Casino in Oklahoma.

Outside View of Winstar World Casino and Resort

That’s not to take detract from the incredible acts in Las Vegas, merely pointing out that you can get the show of your life in casinos across the country.

For the ultimate day in the casino, finish it off with a beautiful show and drinks with friends. Getting out of the mindset that you’re at the casino, so you must gamble 24/7, will really open up the possibility for more fun activities.

5 – Try an Advantage Gambling Technique

In an effort to keep you on your toes, let’s immediately shift back to the casino floor. Many gamblers are curious if not intrigued by advantage gambling techniques.

These techniques allow players to gain a mathematical advantage over the casino and secure long-term profits. In my experience, anybody can learn to be an advantage gambler provided they’re willing to put in the required time and energy.

Sports betting and poker are where my advantage gambling efforts most commonly take me today. However, I find counting cards in blackjack to be the most entertaining of all the advantage techniques.

Card counting can be learned surprisingly quickly if you’re able to practice consistently. If you’re adequate, you may even begin winning money relatively quickly.

Card counting is also fun because, despite being perfectly legal, you can’t help feeling a sense of danger. Perhaps, I’ve watched too many movies.

Card counting is also a great activity when you have a partner. You can practice keeping a count together and even work as a team on the casino floor.

For a thrill on the casino floor, few have experienced give card counting a shot.

6 – Upgrade Your Experience Like a High Roller

I’m not huge on the fancier things. I can appreciate the finer things like a 30-year-old scotch as much as the next guy, but I’m also happy drinking rodeo cold PBR out of an igloo cooler.

I will admit that the suite experience at a Las Vegas casino resort is top-notch. My first stay in one of the opulent executive suites happened due to having friends who were older and had much higher-paying jobs than I did in my twenties.

Aria Sky Suites Living Room

I loved the pampering and luxury so much that I barely ventured out of the room. I’ve since had several special occasions that called for such an upgrade, and each trip provided something cherished and unique.

7 – Enjoy the Nightlife

You shouldn’t spend your nights hunched over your laptop reading up on the latest casino strategies if you’re trying to have the most fun.

Save that for when you’re grinding your way through a poker tournament one cut at a time. Better yet, do all of your homework before you ever leave for the airport.

Casinos in most areas have a vibrant nightlife full of exciting people and exciting parties. Get out there and fly, you social butterfly.

Remember to be responsible and make friends, so everyone can cover everyone else’s back.

8 – Take Full Advantage of the Luxurious Amenities

The casinos spare no expense when it comes to luring guests to their property and ensuring they make a return trip.

For me, nothing will get me excited to visit a casino for another stay like a stellar golf course. My wife prefers an exquisite spa experience followed by dinner at a world-renowned fine dining restaurant.

My mom loves to shop the retail stores in the casinos, and my daughter is always on the lookout for anything involving animals.

The Shops at Wynn and Encore

Each of us has our own tastes and opinions on what constitutes fun in the casino. While you’re at the casino, try and make the most out of every moment.

You may even learn to appreciate some different areas of the casino you hadn’t considered before.

9 – Get Out of your Comfort Zone

One of the most rewarding ways to have more fun in the casino is by exploring new things. Getting out of your casino comfort zone is easier said than done, but try it, and you may discover that you actually like more games than just the slot machines.

Trying out new games is exciting, and it may also allow you to take your bankroll farther than ever. If you’re going to approach new games in the casino, it’s critical that you learn to play them before leaving home.

Try practicing the games online for free. This will allow you to quickly become familiar with the rules and gameplay without leveraging any of your own money.


These 9 easy ways to have more fun in the casino will provide you with the perfect mix of gambling and non-gambling activities. Don’t be afraid to try out something new while you’re on the prowl for maximum entertainment.

However, if you find activities that you simply can’t get enough of, don’t resist the urge to go all-in. Casino trips don’t usually come as often as we’d like. So. it’s critical that you’re getting the most out of every minute you have in the casino.