9 Easy Money-Saving Tips for Your Next Casino Adventure

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Casino gambling is a rich and often rewarding hobby enjoyed by millions of people across the globe. Some gamblers prefer to stick to their local casino for convenience and familiarity, and others choose to do their casino gambling from home comfort via online casinos.

However, there’s another group that seeks excitement in parts unknown. This group of adventurous casino gamblers travels across countries, continents, and oceans to get their gambling fix.

As you can imagine, this can begin to add up to a costly vacation. Still, for the ability to see the world and gamble in style along the way, it’s a small price to pay.

Whether you’re making a 30-minute commute to the nearest casino or booking a 12-hour flight, you can save money once you arrive to help alleviate the costs. Check out these nine easy money-saving tips for your next casino adventure.

1 – Explore Several Sites When Booking

One of the most significant ways to spend less money on your next casino vacation is by getting to your destination for as little as possible. Luckily, there are dozens of reputable travel sites competing feverishly for your business.

By scouring the internet for the lowest price on airfare, you’ll leave hundreds in your vacation budget for other expenses. Adding $100 or more to your gambling bankroll will assuredly make your trip more enjoyable.

You don’t have to stop at how you get to your gambling destination when booking online. Frequently, you can find deals that will cut your accommodations tab by 33% or more.

I’ll usually check the casino’s website before I go to the specific travel sites. Booking through a third party will leave a sour taste in your mouth if the resort is offering a better room at a lower price point.

Shop around using several sites when booking your next casino adventure, and you could save hundreds on the total bill.

2 – Hoof It Whenever Possible

I’m a massive fan of rideshare services. I primarily have a fondness for the services because it makes going out for a night of drinks and live music or dinner with friends safer and more enjoyable.

I’ve also used rideshares when my truck has been in the shop, and no loaner vehicles were available. Apps are incredibly convenient, and that has led to their immense popularity.

However, they can be rather expensive when you rack up several trips a day. These services determine the pricing based on demand and location.

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If you’ve ever been on the Las Vegas Strip on a hot August day or into the wee hours of the morning, you understand how high the demand can be at times.

Save yourself some serious cash by hoofing it whenever possible. Many casinos are located in dense economic clusters that have everything you could need within walking distance.

3 – Find a Casino With Low Minimum Bets

Now that we’ve covered how to get to the casino and move around the destination as economically as possible, let’s get to what you really care about; gambling.

Making a bankroll last as long as possible is one of the simplest pleasures I get from casino gambling. The longer I can stay on the floor playing my favorite games, the better my experience.

One of the fastest ways to extend a bankroll and still play your preferred game is finding a casino with low minimum bets. You could find casino games with minimums down to $5.

That may be a tremendous undertaking in today’s climate, but not out of the question. Many casinos will also offer what they call a “happy hour” or something similar where table minimums are significantly reduced compared to peak casino hours.

Finding the times when the minimum bet drops and planning your casino hours around that can save you a vast sum of money on any casino trip.

4 – Leave Your Wealthy Friends at Home

One of my best friends is a retired NHL Hall of Famer. Over his career, he did exceptionally well for himself, and a dollar to him does not hold the same weight as a dollar to me.

Because of this, I try to avoid going to the casino with him. I prefer to play blackjack or even baccarat at what I’d call mid-stakes.

However, I’ve seen him playing craps for $5,000 plus per bet. I don’t have it like that, so I mostly watch in amazement.

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I don’t mind visiting the casino with him. But the problem is, I start raising my bets because I feel like I’m not getting enough. It’s a subconscious thing that can lead to significant losses.

Try to gamble with people that have a bankroll that’s in the same arena as yours. Gambling with friends that have a lot more disposable income could end up costing you considerably.

5 – Shop Smarter for Casino Entertainment

One of the biggest draws of the mega-casino is that they offer a total entertainment package. Obviously, you have the games, which are a primary source of entertainment, but that’s merely a drop in the bucket.

Casinos across the country grab the top headlining acts in music, comedy, and a variety of other genres to star in fabulous shows for their adoring guests.

Some of the shows can be high-dollar tickets. So, shopping around for the best value is in your best interest.

If you’re a casino regular, asking a familiar pit boss or the player’s card attendants for a hook-up on a show may not hurt. It rarely hurts to ask, and you may be able to see a fantastic performance for free.

6 – Build the Entire Trip Using a Comfortable Budget

If you’re not operating within the strict guidelines of a budget for your trip, it could spell disaster down the line. At the very least, you won’t be apt to save a dollar wherever you can by free-wheeling with your money. Just take look at how much a trip to Las Vegas could cost!

By budgeting for travel expenses, meals, accommodations, souvenirs, entertainment, and your gambling sessions, you may see many opportunities to cut the fat. Depending on the scale and magnitude of your trip, you could be shaving a few dollars at a time that really adds up to significant savings.

Las Vegas Holiday Weekend

For the more extravagant casino adventures, you could save yourself hundreds of dollars at a time. The money you save can then be added to the bankroll on your next casino getaway.

7 – Research and Find the Casinos With the Lowest Edge

All casino games are not created equal, nor are the casinos in which we play them. Casinos will often manipulate the RTP for slots or rules for table games to put the house edge precisely where they want it.

The house edge you’ll find in the casinos may differ based on several factors, but primarily, it’s the audience. Places like the casinos on the Las Vegas Strip will offer games with a higher house edge than casinos in Downtown Las Vegas because they have a captive audience.

Most casino patrons on the Strip are tourists. Many have no idea what the house edge is and rarely do they care.

Casinos in Reno, NV, are known for having a low house edge on games. The competition for gamblers is fierce. They must offer something to bring players in from neighboring California and steal patrons from Vegas.

Even on the Las Vegas Strip, some casinos will offer your favorite casino game with a house edge lower than other Strip-based casinos. Get online, find the casino with the lowest house edge on your games, and make it home base for your next casino adventure.

8 – Don’t Try to Impress as a Big Spender

You don’t need to waste your time or money trying to impress strangers as a big spender. The casino employees know who the whales are, and other guests simply don’t care.

If you’re strolling through the casino throwing money around carelessly, that’s on you. Waste all the money you can stand to burn.

However, if you’re merely trying to take care of the casino employees by tipping. Please, do so at your leisure, but you don’t need to overtip.

Cocktail Waitress With a Tray of Drinks

9 – Earn Your Comps

Casino comps are a fabulous way to earn freebies that can keep your money in your wallet while gambling. So, sign up for the casino’s rewards program as soon as you arrive.

Then, be sure to swipe your card every time you sit down to play a game. The comps you earn may start out as small trinkets or meals, but they may grow to be free trips or other unique gifts over time.

It’s important to not chase comps. Casino gambling is a marathon, not a sprint, and that’s just as true in the comp world as it is at the poker table.

In Summary

Use these nine easy money-saving tips for your next casino adventure and you’ll leave the casino with more money in your pocket. Win, lose, or draw, how much money you leave the casino with is mainly in your hands.